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I doubt many of us actually sit and watch the TV guide channel anymore, but they actually have some really good stuff on there, like interviews with Jeff P. and updates on where all of the winners of Survivor are and stuff... I watched a show on there the other day- it was called Survivor Millionares and it showed each of the winners and what they are doing now.... Sandra has a very nice house! Rupert is doing big things, still helping kids, and people who need help financially by building them houses, etc... I thought it was really cool....

I actually caught this Wendy .. (#) Speaking of Rupert ..I wonder what happened to his S9 promo's? They were building it up so much that I thought that we would see more  of he sorta dissappeared  ?:)?

Yeah, what did happen to Rupert? Richard atleast gets Survivor Live.

wonder what channel this would be here in Texas and if we get it.  sounds like a good show, too bad the do tno up date you on the 2nd place winner~ COLBY  ;;)

Yeah- that would be cool too... I would like to hear what happened with kelly..


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