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Surreal Life 4, this January

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We watched part of  it last night when it was a rerun...Didn't it jsut start?  It showed alot of footage even talked about the goodbye dinner. 

The show was soooo funny.....I only saw the last 15 minutes but OMG this should be a good season. 

Peter Brady ~ MG he is soo good looking now.....and the muscles ~ who knew????   And he is taking everything in stride.

Okay for those who have nto seen it I will give you a snipit....Vern ~mini me `~ rides a scooter...getst really drunk then wakes up and is riding his scooter naked and then pees in the corner.!!!  Best Line  ~ Da Brat ~ Verne that is not the bathroom.  :)* :)*

Texan, the season just started this past Sunday. At the end of the ep, VH1 gave a glimpse of the season. They have to make an action movie and they go to a strip club, where Peter is taken on stage by the ladies. Lucky Bastard!

And Vern riding around naked on the scooter was hilarious, but you should have seen him in the bed beforehand. I still don't know how he was able to get his clothes off and start riding around. He was so wasted!  :()()

I am going to watch the first ep again! My co-workers and I couldn't stop talking about it.  It is worth seeing just for the dinner part! Everyone's true personality comes out!   :()() Go Vern!

 :()() it sounds like a good of those guilty pleasure shows that you can just lyao :D
Oh and I agree Texan..Peter Brady is simply yummy  ;)

Okay I rewatched the first ep and if I had to vote for my favorite line it would be from China (Joanie Laurer) when she says, "I wish I could get wood."  :()()

dang it I forgot about it on SUnday...anyone know when it replays during the week?


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