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With The Surreal Life 3 nearing the end of its successful jump to VH1, the network has announced that a fourth edition of the series began taping earlier this week and will premiere on Sunday, January 9, 2005 at 9PM ET/PT.

While the third edition of the former The WB reality series has proven to be a ratings boom for the music and pop culture network, The Surreal Life 4 will differ from the inaugural VH1 edition in one respect -- unlike Surreal Life 3, the fourth edition will not feature a "music centric" cast and will instead return to the more varied casting approach of the show's first two seasons.

The seven D-list celebrities appearing in The Surreal Life 4 will be:
former wrestler Chyna Doll,

former The Go-Gos member Jane Wiedlin

Christopher Knight (the actor who played Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch)

Verne Troyer (the actor who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers)

male model Marcus Schenkenberg

rapper Da Brat

and Adrianne Curry (the winner of the inaugural season of UPN's America's Next Top Model -- apparently that modelling career isn't going very well).
Also premiering in January will be Strange Love, a new ten episode reality series starring current Surreal Life 3 odd couple Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav. Looking to determine whether the two made a lasting love connection during their time on the show, Strange Love will follow Flavor and Brigitte as they travel to each other's hometowns and meet each other's families -- before travelling to Las Vegas to determine whether they will "get hitched or ditched."

Besides Flavor and Brigitte, other Surreal Life 3 castmembers included Dave Coulier, Jordan Knight, Ryan Starr and Charo.

The first season of The Surreal Life featured housemates Gabrielle Carteris, M.C. Hammer, Vince Neil, Corey Feldman, Emmanuel Lewis, Jeri Manthey and Brande Roderick; while the second season featured Traci Bingham, Ron Jeremy, Tammy Faye Baker, Trishelle Cannatella, Erik Estrada and Vanilla Ice.

Thanks Texan ..all I could say is" I hope its better than 3"  :()()  MMMM Peter first TV Star crush ..I had to have him because my older sister already clamed Greg for her self  :)*


sorry... i know he's an  88)) but its so fun to say that... a few random thiughts about next season:

i think mini-me alone should make this season more fun, especially if he follows in flavs footsteps and hooks up with someone (chyna and vern would be AWESOME)

lets hope that no one at vh1 gets the bright idea to bring in cousin oliver to piss off peter brady

has anyone seen da brat since 1994?

that german model guy should be as unintentionally funny as jessica simpson

Did anyone watch this?  :()() This is the best season. I wanted to watch all the eps.

styx, wanted to let you know Da Brat calls everyone else on the show has-beens.  :()() I'm not even sure I remember her.

I forgot it was on , so its pretty good chakeeta? I'll have to catch it when it reairs .. *()*


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