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EP 8 Show Highlights
« on: November 04, 2004, 07:13:28 PM »
Trix and Company do a great play by play here ~
S9 Episode 8 Play By Play/Post Show Analysis

Me ?..I just post the highlights right here ..

First interview Julie
First animal Snake
Julie  Twila  Sarge bare Butt

Volcano (putting it in in the event eh sun) 

and yes, volcano it is.................. lots of lava now
Lopevi 18
Lea: now does everyone trust each other
Chris: we are solid
J conf: TC was a wonderful thing, psyched
Lea conf: Julie sits down between my legs, i was like whoa!
Chad conf: thought it was interesting snuggling close to lea

Lea: Did you see that??
Chad: snuggling up to ya? rmember ginger on GI, hellooo?
T connf: not much i can do, she is younger than me
Lea conf: she is hot, don't hang out with modles


Lea conf: Julie said hey show your body more, what the hell
She is an exhibitionisht, I'm comfortable with it since I've been in Europe
Chris: Sarge what are you doing
Chris conf: image that will never leave my memory
J conf: this is gonna keep me solid, if they want to keep me for visual stimulation, fine by me.

Yasur day 19
Rory conf: if me and scout stopped working this camp would stop, E/L/A should be disgusted with themselves, tired of it.
Leann gets up crabby, she's got everything here for her and she is crabby

Rory conf: what a worthless crew, stupid people irritate me, eliza is like a little kid, i taught her how to make a fire and she still struggles with boiling water, ami is taking advantage of everyone, liked to knock her ass down. ready to get out of yasur, wanna be around men, tired of these women.

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2004, 07:19:10 PM »


Yasur shocked at JK

Scout: so happy to see them here, had a dream that Twilla wasn't there and we were crying
Twilla just looks
Scout: they can think whatever they want, i'm just glad to see her.

Five stations, first gets water, toss bucket with water to second who will toss to third and fourth and that person will toss the water only to fifth person who will put on tower and fill it till bucket lowers and ignite tower fire. Playing for milk
Crhis: I'm a milk lover
and choclate chip cookies

Jeff: something else, for one tribe also chocolate cake

RC Starts
Lea/Eliza in water
Tossed to L and T
yasur loses almost everything
Scout taking her time and it doesn' thelp
Rory only drops
Chris still waiting for something
Ami goes high and gives rory a bath
Sarge getting irritated with his troops
Scout gets soaked
Eliza to Leann to Scout to Ami into Rory, He catches alot
Rory uses clothes too
Rory bounces it off his chest, every drop counts
Chad nice catch
Chad/Chris getting their act together
yasur slight lead
Lopevi getting closer
Yasur right behind
Chris: come on guys, we are close
Ami/Rory still struggling
Rory dumps from his shoe
Nice toss to Chad, Chris gets a lot if it
Rory not enough
Lopevi extended lead
Chris: Come on
Bucket starting to move for Lopevi, working together well
Rory gets in face
Chad and Chris: it is working
Julie: Chris way to climb
Lopevi is moving that baby up, and they win

All hug there
Yasur good effort it ends today, head back to camp...........
Lopevi you are back
Chris; we are back
All tasting cake and smiles

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2004, 07:32:21 PM »
Man Sarge wins the IIC



Lopevi 20
Lea: thought of thecake makes me sick
L conf: my body is not ready for sugar, made me feel awful
Chad conf: last night we kicked butt
T conf: scout made a few comment last night about me, i was like scout shut up i need guys to believe i am on their side
C/C: talking
Chad: twilla too stubborn to go with women
Chris: julie is with us
Chad conf: we decided to go one stope further
C/C: Sarge never said let's get to end,
Chris: I think both of you got a leg up on me, dude I didn't mean to say that lololol
Chris conf: covering my basis
C/C: shook hands on final two
Chris conf: have same agreement with sarge and julie
Chris: wanna stick together, if you don't trust me i understand
Chris conf: if we merge they all could go, need to watch my back

Challenge Beach
Jeff took back IC
Jeff: what happened to idol rory
ROry: got excited
Jeff: well II broken doesn't matter, drop yoru buffs

Everyone hugging
rory to chris: so happy to be outta there
Twilla: beach at lopevi is better guys
Wonen agree to go to Lopevi

Today's chalenge for II, start on beach to tower, climb up ladder walk balance beam grab flag, swim back, three flags to holder, two heats five person wins

First heat

Lea first to ladder, chris right behind, then Leann, Eliza, Julie
J and L in rear now
Lea back with one, Eliza then Crhis
Julie and Leann struggling
Lea got second flag, now Eliza, Chris coming
leann wearing down
Lea and Eliza go back to third flag
Crhis gets ahead of Eliza
Lea heading back - moving to final round
Eliza in lead over Chris
Eliza gets it!!! Sarge/Eliza moving onnnnnnnn

Second heat

Scout is practically walking
Rory first up
Ami now up
T/C right behind
Rory heading back, Ami heading back
Rory first flag, then Ami, then Chad
Scout giving effort
Rory big lead
Ami got second flag
Chad almost fell, Chad hanging on, didn't fall off!

Rory and Ami second flag
Can chad make up enuff time?
Rory third flag, Ami right behind
Neck and neck
Rory wants to win
Rory and Ami go on

R/A/E/L final round
Lea out to fast lead, Ami trying to stay close
Rory up ladder
Lea then Rory then Ami then Eliza heading back
Rory has to hustle
Lea goes for second flag
Twilla: come on sarge
Lea has second flag
Rory coming in with secon
Everyone worn out
Ami pushing
Lea back with third flag
Ami/R falling behind


Jeff: safe from next vote
Head back to former Lopevi, figure out new name and who is going home

Everyone worn out and walking back

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2004, 07:42:19 PM »
Chris: just gonna have fun right now
Scout conf: missed twilla so much, happy moment
Food everywhere

Eliza conf: big celebration for us, bunch of left over cake
Wine toasts going on
Lea conf: this place is off the chaing
Chad/Scout hug
Chad: Sarge you are going to take off like a rocket
Rory conf: so estactic to be ack with men
Lea: differnt when you left
Rory: so tired of women, ami is.........
Rory: bubba was trying to send a message and ami caught him
Lea: oh man
Lea conf: rory let me know bubba got caught
Rory: ami has to be first one to go
Lea: gotta talk to chad i guess and see where to go

Chad/Rory sitting togther and the others go away
Rory to Chad: Ami said men voted out, straight off bat
Chad: OMG
Chad: we knew she was on all female kick, how condescending
Chad to Lea: our five is family at lopevi, if there is any fragmention at Yasur we can take someone
Lea: Rory i said you weren't team player, behind us
Rory conf: they said our original alliance is still there are you wish us, cat swallowing canary, i don't have relationship thought with T/J, but i'm not worried my fortunes have changed, so happy right now

Day 21
Painting new flag
Scout: New tribe is Alinta - people of the fire?
Eliza conf: so excited, missed th girls, especially Julie
Ami paiting Julie stomach
lea conf: even though i have pact, i see julie with ami, i get nervous, sense that a male/female might happen, anything can happen

Ami showing Chad how to split a coconut


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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2004, 07:54:58 PM »
Sarge cooked
Scout: look at energy, sense the guys are feeling a little uneasy
Twilla: we want to take rory out to chad
Twilla: he is stronger
Chad: he is but it doesn' tmatter, itis the numbers
you got to get off the whole tihng
Eliza : who do you want
Ami: don't know but man
Eliza: numbers, 6-4
Ami conf: just want to vote off men, huge turning point
fChris to Twilla: voting off Rory?, he is guaranteed to give us numbers, vote off Ami, they are done
Chris conf: twilla scared, we have to strategize for her
Twilla: hard to talk toanyone
Chris; need to talk to sarge
Lea conf: Ami has control, they run around doing what she says and she sits back, dangerous, i want her away from julie
Lea to TWilla: i want her away from julie, i want her out of here and will turn charm on you
Twilla laughing: nah
Twilla: each to their own but no thank you
Lea conf: i feel confident about T/J, lot of faith/character, weh have a pact
Twilla to Chris: back and forht, don't like it
Twilla conf: just let me know
Chris conf: feel confident about Rory/Twila/Julie, we have numbers
Ami conf: i don't think T/J ever left women alliance, I don't see Twilla ever leaving

Julie: whate are we going to do?
Twilla: play the game
Twilla conf: womenn and men think we are with them, someone is going to be pissed, someone gonna get my vote before i get mine?

Julie: lot of day on body pain
Julie has JEFF on her chest
Jeff: don't waste flirting on me i can't help you any
Leann: merge getting furhter, all together, should get fun and interesting
Rory: i know for a fact got a second chance, wouldn't have gotten out of Yasur camp, prayed for merger
Ami: yeah i think i would make itthis far, i have good attitude got me this far in life
Rory looks wide eyed and yah right
Twilla: stuck in middle, enjoyed both tribes, form allaines with both sides but tonight it is gonna be tuff
Lea: II is mine tonight


Leann: Rory, unfortunate victim of master plan

Rory: Ami first time personal vote, last nine days horrible, like a bad rash hope you are gone

Rory shakes head
Twilla looks down
Eliza smiles

Chad now smiling like, damnit I knew it
Chad shaking head now
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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2004, 07:59:44 PM »
WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO Cheers to the Master of Spoilers SNEWSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See Ya grown-assed Wanky

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2004, 09:03:28 PM »
Next time on Survivor

Lea conf:: Camp sucks, just I love you, hugging, tired of hearing I love you, kissing hugging, makes me sick

(Shots of Ami hugging Leann, Eliza hugging Scout, Twilla hugging Ami) (get the picture?)

And Alinta gets a new pet

Eliza roping in a cute little pig
Lea: I can taste its fat back cooked up with my cabbage
Eliza: no no no you can't eatl it

Rory: victim of gender war, women got the men bamboozled but I will never forget island of fire, no one will enjoy this experience of being on this land more than me.

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2004, 09:17:42 PM »
Cheers to Snewser but, lets not forget wickchix  for posting  ( @ chatters) that was  not Julie this week , as the spoiler boards originally predicted !! She deserves Cheers  *()* and applause too  :)()  ^:)^

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Re: EP 8 Show Highlights
« Reply #8 on: November 05, 2004, 10:54:36 AM »
mised the show ~ sounds like I missed a good one