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The biggest Loser

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After an early morning wakeup, the two teams gathered for breakfast. The Red Team was feeling the loss of Lizzeth, while The Blue Team's confidence remained high. During the workout, Kelly Mac detailed what was hurting - pretty much everything. Her back, her knees, her hips, ankles, shins and calves were all sore. Dave, on the other hand, said the monotony - not the physical pain - was getting tough to take. He missed being home. Gary agreed, saying he missed his wife and kids - especially the moral support they could provide.

Later, Dave entered the house to find a little surprise in the foyer. On the table were a gift-wrapped present and a telephone. Two signs in front of the objects read "Eat This Andů" "Get a Two Minute Call". Dave gathered the rest of the group and lifted the gift box to reveal a scrumptious looking piece of cinnamon roll/coffee cake. A lot of people really wanted the opportunity to talk to a loved one back home. The group weighed their options - so to speak. They determined that the cinnamon roll was probably between 800 and 1,100 calories. Ryan said there were two temptations: the food and the phone call. He wondered aloud that if his wife knew the choice he faced, would she want him to eat the treat in order to call her? When Gary learned that Maurice was seriously considering cheating on the diet to call home he said, "You're gonna have to go through me to get to that piece of cake." Maurice laughed, but Gary was totally serious. Before they could wrestle for it, there was a knock on the door. Gary answered to discover a picnic basket. Inside was a note that read: "You have 15 minutes to make your decision. Your phone call has been upped to 10 minutes." Now Lisa was in the game, as were many of the others. As they circled round temptation, another knock revealed yet another picnic basket. This time, Dave opened it to reveal a third note, which read: "Congratulations! You resisted temptation. Everyone receives a 5 minute phone call." The group cheered and Ryan became overwhelmed with emotion! He cried and hugged Maurice as he thanked him for not giving in.

Lisa's phone call was first and she too shed tears upon hearing her husband's voice. One by one, the players placed their calls - and shed their tears. Aaron unfortunately got the answering machine at his house, but while he was leaving his disappointed message someone picked up! Finally, it was Ryan's turn. He was thrilled to speak to his wife and his tears caused her to cry. Gary had a similar experience with his wife. After the emotionally draining afternoon, it was time for another training meeting. Jillian gathered the Red Team for a surprising change in her strategy. She told her team that they weren't getting enough calories. She worried that their bodies had been tricked into thinking they were starving and consequently started shutting down. Matt was worried about Jillian's new plan because he had gained weight the previous week - and felt responsible for his team's loss at the weigh in ceremony. Now, if forced to eat more, would he gain more? Jillian, meanwhile, wanted to add both fruit and protein to the "Eat Less" plan.

Later, Dave discovered another surprise in the house. A large poster declaring "Coming Soon! Oversize Pop Star!" The team challenge for the week would be a performance competition in front of judges. Singing! Dancing! One Night Only! Each team was given a cd with three pieces of music on it. They were to choose one piece of music per team and create a song and dance routine to accompany it. The song had to fit the "weight loss" theme. Lisa was a little freaked out about singing about "being fat" and embarrassing herself; however, Matt was excited and said the challenge

Both teams worked all evening on their two-minute routines. The next day, they arrived at Universal Studios to unveil their song and dance performances. A special theater had been set up and Caroline Rhea informed the players that the theater would be filled with audience members for the team challenge. The audience would then vote on which team wins the competition. The winning team would enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by celebrity chef Juan Carlos Cruz: The Calorie Counter. The losers had to make their own dinner, and they would lose their trainer until after the next weigh in. That night, before a live audience that included both Trainer Bob and Trainer Jillian, Caroline introduced "The Blue Crew" first. The team wore matching denim outfits and "Blue Crew" baseball hats and started by getting the crowd clapping in time to the music. Mo's opening rap went like this:

 They call me Mo, but Maurice is my name
I'm overweight, but I'm to blame
Mickey Ds and Burger King
All added pounds to my frame
Now I'm eating right
And working my ass off
And the pounds are coming right off
Showing America, it can be done
Losing weight is healthy and fun!

The rest of The Blue Crew followed with freestyle raps, capped by a solid solo note by Kelly Mac. The crowd was on their feet cheering for The Blue Crew. Could the Red Team top their upbeat performance?

The Red Team started out in a dance formation. Matt was center stage in full Elton John regalia - complete with feather boa and large sunglasses. Each team member also performed a rap-style song, but included some fancy moves including cartwheels! Another standing ovation followed The Red Team's performance. Afterwards, Lisa said it was nice not be thinking about skinny people or fat people, just to come together as a team and do something fun. "I have nothing to be afraid of anymore," she said. Kelly M. agreed saying that it was nice to laugh instead of worrying about being laughed at. The audience voted and soon both teams joined Caroline on stage to hear the results. The Red Team nailed it with 77% of the votes. Backstage, Bob met with his team to congratulate them on their outstanding performance. Because "The Blue Crew" lost, Bob wouldn't see them again until after the weigh in. He told them they had the tools to have a successful workout and he would be there in spirit. He also told them he wasn't ready to say goodbye to any of them, so they had to beat The Red Team at weigh in. The pressure got to Gary, and he teared up as Bob said goodbye.

Meanwhile, The Red Team returned to the stage - which had been transformed into a candlelit dining area. Juan Carlos Cruz greeted them and told them he knew what they were going through. He showed them a picture of himself 70 pounds heavier. The team dined on tuna tartar with Sake-soaked mangos. Ryan said it was a welcome change to egg whites and chicken breasts!

The next day, both teams endured tough workouts - but The Red Team had their trainer breathing down their necks. Lisa thought Jillian should ease up, but each time Lisa complained Jillian upped the reps on whatever exercise they were working on. Before long it was time for the dreaded weigh in. Last week's results had been disappointing with some people not losing any weight - and others, like Matt, actually gaining. This time, however, the results were much more encouraging. One of the Red Teams biggest victories came when Ryan stepped up to the scale. He lost 14 pounds, bringing his weight down to 294 - the first time in 5 years he had weighed less than 300 pounds. For the Blue Team, Kelly Mac summed things up after losing five pounds for the week. She said, "In the real world when you lose five pounds it would be this amazing moment. But when you're here at The Dude Ranch of Fat, five pounds is a failure."

Before the final two players for each team weighed in, Caroline summed up the results so far. The Blue Team had lost 27 pounds compared to The Red Team's 43-pound loss. It was up to Maurice (Blue Team) and Matt (Red Team) to decide the winner. Matt, who gained three pounds the previous week, stepped up first. He went from 291 to 274, a loss of 17 pounds! Maurice would had to have lost over 33 pounds to bring his team to victory. Mo's previous weight was 423 pounds. He lost eight pounds, bringing him down to 415 pounds. It was a huge personal victory, but not enough for The Blue Team to avoid another elimination.

Kelly Mac felt she would be the one to go home and even packed her bags in preparation. She had the lowest weight loss for that week and was trying to come to terms with the possibility of leaving. Andrea, however, felt that Aaron should go. Andrea's logic was that Aaron, who had already lost 36 pounds, could continue to reach his goals on his own. She and Kelly, however, needed the structured environment for a while longer because their goals were further away. The guys on The Blue Team, meanwhile, had all gotten together and decided to vote for Kelly Mac. But Gary had a bad feeling about it and went to speak with Kelly directly.

In the elimination room, the votes were revealed. It was time to cut the fat! Aaron revealed a surprising vote for Andrea - so much for the guys' alliance. Andrea, in turn, voted for Aaron. Now it was Gary's turn. He said he felt the "utmost respect and love" for this person - and revealed his vote for Andrea! Kelly admitted that the voting wasn't going at all how she expected it to. She also admitted that her vote was "solely vindictive" because she thought the person she voted for would've cast his vote for her to leave. She voted for Aaron. Andrea had two votes and Aaron had two votes. Who had Maurice voted for? The person he voted for, he said, was the person he felt was the most ready to go into the real world. He revealed his vote for Aaron. Aaron had been eliminated - despite having been the "biggest loser" for his team for three weeks in a row.

Aaron, in his exit interview, felt the Blue Team was headed for a breakdown without him. An update at the end of the show revealed that Aaron has lost an additional 27 pounds since appearing on the show and is down to 198 pounds. He hasn't weighed under 200 pounds in six years.

Week Four began just as The Blue Team was leaving the elimination ceremony and getting hugs from Red Team players. Gary told Dave that Aaron had lied to him and stabbed him in the back by voting for Andrea. Kelly M.ac was still in amazement over the fact that she wasn't eliminated. The next morning, Bob arrived to discover that his team's biggest loser had been sent home. Bob was shocked to see Kelly, but even more shocked not to see Aaron. He gathered his team and asked what happened. Andrea explained to Bob that prior to the elimination the team had focused on constant communication. However, once it came time to vote, she said, no one wanted to talk. Bob explained that while he had everyone's best interests at heart, if he were playing the game that they are, Aaron would never have been the one voted out. The Red Team, he went on to say, was "in it to win it." Bob's tirade continued as he singled out Maurice as the one person who was not a team player. Maurice stopped eating his pancakes long enough to pay attention. Bob told Maurice, in front of his teammates, that he just didn't see Maurice's commitment. Maurice, in Bob's opinion, kept taking the easy way out when it came to food which wasn't going to help him later in the real world. The fact that Maurice continued eating while Bob scolded him didn't win him any extra points. Maurice later said that he didn't understand Bob's reasoning and that the speech was "kind of hurtful." After the meeting, Bob turned his frustration into an especially grueling workout for The Blue Team. They went to a school football field to run the stairs - over and over. Gary's knee conked out after one trip up the steep stairs. Maurice couldn't participate at all because of his bum ankle. Basically, Kelly and Andrea were the ones doing all the work. By the time the team finished stairs, sprints and pushups, the girls had collapsed onto the field. But Bob wasn't finished with them. He pulled the girls aside, and as they cried tears of exhaustion and frustration, he told them again what a huge mistake they had made by voting out Aaron. The girls were crushed and Gary did his best to console a desolate Andrea. Maurice said in an interview that even if The Blue Team IS in shambles, they'll go down fighting.

Back at the house, both teams arrived to find a mountain of cupcakes in the living room. A card in front said: "Whoever eats the most cupcakes in 15 minutes gets dinner at the beach with a loved one from home." Ryan immediately said, "In 15 minutes, I could eat two dozen, minimum." Lisa quickly tabulated the amount she could eat, and how many extra calories that would be (about 4,000) and surmised that Jillian would kill her and it wasn't worth it. For Gary, however, knowing his wife was only an hour away, it was a temptation he was willing to consider.

With time running out, almost everyone was considering taking a bite. "Cake is my thing," said Kelly M.ac. Matt suggested they all eat one and then let someone eat a second one - that way they all get a taste and have equal calories added. Ryan and Gary took control by telling those who absolutely did not want to participate to step away from the cupcake mountain. There were five players remaining: Ryan, Dave, Maurice, Lisa and Gary. Ryan suggested they put five pieces of paper into a hat, with one piece containing a black dot. Whoever draws the black dot, eats a cupcake and wins. Everyone agreed that this was a brilliant solution since the "winner" only had to eat one cupcake, which was probably 200 calories at most. Dave drew the dot, and ate his cupcake before the other competitors. This got Maurice to thinking how much he missed his girlfriend...and how much he loved cupcakes. Just as time was running out, Maurice approached cupcake mountain and sniffed one of the delicious mini-treats. Kelly M.ac told him to put it down, while the rest of The Blue Team looked on in horror. Maurice said he was "just messing" with everyone and put it down.

That night, Dave was anxious to see his wife, Tina. He met her at Moonshadows restaurant on the Malibu coast. Seeing his wife for the first time in a month was more emotional for Dave than he had imagined. Her positive feedback about his appearance was just the encouragement and confidence boost that Dave needed to keep going.

The next day, both teams were shuttled to the tallest building west of the Mississippi - the library building in downtown Los Angeles. Caroline greeted them to explain their next challenge. The teams would have to race to the top of the 74-story building. The team that completed the 1,500 steps the fastest would win "the ride of a lifetime" and also got to decide who on The Red Team would sit out the next weigh in. Gary and Maurice were not medically cleared for the challenge due to their injuries, so Kelly M.ac and Andrea had to step it up (so to speak) for The Blue Team. For The Red Team, Kelly M. and Dave were also injured, so they had to pick two players to compete against Kelly M.ac and Andrea. The Red Team randomly chose Lisa and Matt to compete.

The two teams literally raced into the building and began their grueling climb to the top in two separate stairwells. By the 14th floor, Kelly M.ac and Andrea had slowed considerably and were wishing for water. Lisa, meanwhile, had slowed to a crawl with Matt shouting encouragements at her. The 25th Floor landing offered a water reward and both teams paused to savor it. Red pushed on, while their teammates enjoyed a cushy elevator ride to the top. By the 34th floor, Lisa was crying and saying that she needed air. She begged for producers to open the door so she could breathe. Matt tried to calm her down and coach her through some breathing exercises. Matt could tell it was an anxiety attack. Finally, the door was opened and Lisa hugged the wall saying she didn't think she could do it. While a doctor checked Lisa's blood pressure, Kelly M.ac and Andrea soldiered on in their stairwell past the 48th floor. The doctor decided that Lisa needed to stop the challenge and escorted her to a nearby ambulance. Kelly and Andrea had the finish in their sights, oblivious to the drama down below. Their joy fueled their adrenaline and they ran to meet their teammates on top of the building! The Red Team, also clueless to Lisa's emergency exit, was crushed by the loss. The Blue Team's reward started immediately. A helicopter landed on top of the building and whisked them away for a scenic tour of Los Angeles. Maurice decided to abstain from the helicopter ride. Obviously, fear was a factor for him.

Back at the ranch, The Blue Team was thrilled to tell Bob of their victory. Kelly M.ac and Andrea explained that the key to their climbing win was that they used intervals, just as Bob had taught them. A fast climb alternated with a slow climb gave their bodies time to transfer more oxygen, thereby allowing them to climb longer and with less trouble than The Red Team. Speaking of The Red Team, they were clueing Jillian in to what happened with Lisa. Jillian and The Red Team were working out in the gym when Lisa arrived back from the hospital. Lisa immediately began apologizing but Jillian silenced her with a hug; however, Lisa needed to talk. She said Matt was the hare and she was the tortoise. Lisa explained their was nothing she could do. No matter how much Matt and the others tried to reassure her that they weren't mad at her, Lisa wasn't buying it. Then she started to complain that she was on the treadmill when she had just returned from the hospital. Finally, Jillian had had enough.

Shut up!," she yelled, "He is not insulting you. I am not insulting you. Honest to God, Lisa." In a later interview, Jillian said it was one thing to not be able to complete a challenge, but quite another to not accept responsibility for your own issues. Lisa, in a later confessional, said the game had changed. Now, she said, it was about personalities and everyone's gotten a lot more edgy. Friction wasn't just happening between Lisa and the others, but with Matt as well. Matt, according to his teammates, needed to be the constant center of attention which was getting on everyone's nerves. According to Matt, Dave was the one bringing the team down. The Red Team wasn't sounding much like a team.

Things erupted further when Dave confronted Jillian over what he felt was unfair treatment. Dave explained that he was almost 40 years old and knew when his body needed him to stop. He wasn't being lazy, he argued, he was being smart. This was a marathon, not a sprint. Jillian listened then told Dave that he was not giving it his all. Gary was injured. Maurice was injured. Kelly M. was injured. All three of them still found ways to work out. Dave, she said, was hurting the team by not working out. Dave told her to "chill out." But even his teammates wondered how Dave's hurt ankle prevented him from doing an ab workout or an arm workout. When Jillian implied that Dave was making the injury seem worse than it was, Dave flipped out and said "Don't ever accuse me of lying!" Jillian started to explain her position but Dave walked away.

At the weigh in, The Blue Team decided to have Matt sit out for The Red Team. His weight loss wouldn't count for the team, but Matt stepped up to the scale to see how he did. He had dropped an additional 10 pounds! Ryan stepped up next to begin the "official" weigh in for The Red Team. Much to The Blue Team's chagrin, Ryan had dropped 13 pounds! Gary was up first for The Blue Team. Gary had lost 11 pounds, and for the first time in 20 years weighed under 200 pounds! Lisa was up for The Red Team and happy to learn she'd lost 6 pounds. For Blue, Andrea was thrilled that she lost 8 pounds and was now down to 192 pounds. Dave, who had definitely had a rough week, lost 8 pounds despite his injury. Stairclimber extraordinaire Kelly M.ac lost an encouraging 10 pounds! The teams were neck and neck. Red Team had lost 27 pounds, while Blue Team had lost 29. Kelly M., who lost 10 pounds the previous week, had only lost 4 pounds this week. That left The Blue Team plenty of room to win. Maurice only had to have lost more than 2 pounds to bring his team victory. While both teams anxiously watched, Maurice stepped on the scale. He had lost an amazing 14 pounds, giving Blue Team a much-needed win!

The Red Team spent the next day plotting their elimination. Dave seemed to work both the women and the men in an attempt to save his skin. Matt turned to Maurice for advice and Maurice told him it was time to fight. Maurice recommended getting rid of Lisa. When the group finally gathered around the elimination table, Caroline got to the heart of the team's turmoil. She asked Lisa if the others blamed her for losing the challenge. Lisa said she didn't think that they did. Then it was time to cut the fat. The voting kicked off with Lisa saying that there was one person on the team only concerned with their own personal weight loss, not the team's goals. That person, according to Lisa, was Matt. Matt revealed his vote next. He said that recently he found out that a person he used to be close to had been stabbing him in the back. His vote was for Lisa. Ryan spared the team his usual jokes and revealed his vote for Matt. One more vote and Matt would be eliminated. It was down to Dave. Dave also voted for Matt, much to Matt's surprise. The guys had lied to Matt about the vote and sent him home. In fact, everyone had voted for Matt except Matt himself. Despite his disappointment , Matt gave everyone a hug goodbye.

Since leaving the show, Matt stuck to his diet and exercise plan and also continued to not smoke. He's lost an additional 22 pounds!


Reactions to Matt's elimination were mixed. The remaining players realized there were only eight people left in the competition. Maurice thought the Blue Crew's four remaining players were a lot more unified than the Red Team's four remaining players. Dave and Lisa, according to Maurice, tended to do their own thing and could cause an uproar at any time. Lisa, in one of her interviews, said the game had definitely intensified. Would the challenges also intensify?

The next day, Ryan confronted Dave about his lies, saying that Dave had gone behind Ryan's back to the girls more than once. In an interview, Ryan said that there was definitely an alliance between Lisa and Kelly M., but since he and Dave would never form a bond they were both competing for the girls' partnership. Dave, for his part, didn't exactly deny that he's lied to stay in the game. Over at the Blue Team's training session, Bob's goal was to keep his remaining players strong - to keep their heads' in the game. His team members were motivated by the changes in their bodies and the changes in their attitudes. Meanwhile, Jillian stressed the need for her team members to take responsibility for themselves. This wasn't a "blame game," it was a life changing game. Her team, she felt, had trust issues with her and as long as those issues existed, they wouldn't be doing themselves any good. Dave's foot injury continued to plague him and the team. Once again, he wasn't able to participate in the group activity - a fast-paced hike. His team didn't seem to miss him as they ran and laughed throughout the activity.

The next task facing both the trainers and the teams was trying to gauge how the players would do back in the "real world" of temptations and take-out. Jillian gave her team members take-out menus and had them select meals that they thought fit into 800 - 900 calories. Everyone faced the challenge well, which gave them all a confidence boost. Back at the house, the four girls (Kelly Mac, Kelly M., Andrea and Lisa) had a bonding session. Andrea discussed how her self-worth had improved through the Biggest Loser experience, while the others nodded in agreement. Kelly Mac admitted that going to the gym used to be personal torture. Weight loss goals that had previously seemed unattainable were now within their reach. For Lisa and Kelly M., that was an especially huge accomplishment.

On Challenge Day, Caroline greeted the players on an empty stage. She pushed aside a curtain to reveal a massive display of food. Everything from sweets to carbs were represented. Breads, cheeses, pizza, candy - it was all there, piled onto tables. The challenge? The teams had to move as much of the food as possible into a giant tower, using only their mouths! The winning team would win $5,000 worth of CompUSA state-of-the-art equipment. The teams were ready and dove into the challenge. The team that stacked the food the highest would win, so Dave's construction background actually came in handy. The Red Team went in with a clear plan for a foundation. The Blue Team, meanwhile, was winging it. Red focused mainly on baguettes to build their tower; while Blue used a combination of bread and giant rice krispy treats. Kelly Mac was a bit frustrated at her team's lack of communication. At the two-minute warning, the towers seemed evenly stacked and the competition to claim the remaining morsels of food was fierce. Gary thought if the Blue team could stick a giant lollipop in a block of cheese and somehow plant it atop their tower, they would undoubtedly win. It was a good idea in theory, but as time ticked down and Gary frantically tried to stick it in - the lollipop slipped and fell to the floor. The Red Team had stacked its way to victory. They were immediately whisked away to CompUSA and met by the company CEO. In addition to the thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment, the team got a special surprise: Messages from home. As they watched a flat screen monitor in amazement, one-by-one their loved ones appeared with heartfelt words of encouragement. And one-by-one each team member was brought to tears. Lisa felt that the emotional experience coupled with the challenge victory had brought the Red Team much closer together and given them the mental edge they needed.

Back at the house, the Blue Team suffered another blow once they heard about the messages from home that the Red Team had received. Maurice was especially crushed and Kelly Mac started to cry when she heard the news. The more the Red Team talked about it, the more the Blue Team started to get annoyed. The Blue Team was down, but not out. There was still the weigh in. In the gym, Dave got the weigh in started and had lost six pounds. For the Blue Team, Gary was up first and had lost five pounds. Red Team was ahead by one pound. Lisa (Red) faced Kelly Mac (Blue). Lisa lost two pounds to Kelly's four pounds. Advantage, Blue! The heavyhitters - Ryan and Maurice - were next. Ryan lost only three pounds. Could Maurice beat that? No. Maurice only lost one pound. Things at this point were looking good for the Red Team. Unless Andrea could top Kelly M's weight loss, the Blue Team would be sending someone home. Shockingly, Kelly M had lost zero pounds! The pressure was now on Andrea to win it for the Blue Team. If she had lost two pounds, the Blue Team would be spared an elimination. Andrea feared that she had actually gained weight. However, she had actually lost the most weight of all! Andrea was down seven pounds which made her the Biggest Loser - and her team big winners!

The next day, Jillian learned the tough news that another of her team member's would have to be eliminated. Was the "Eat Less" program working? Jillian admitted that as a trainer, there is always self-doubt. However, she maintained faith in the process - despite Lisa's frustrated tears. As the day wore on, Dave and Ryan continued to strategize against each other - even dragging members of the Blue Team into their conflict. Finally, it was time for the Red Team to gather and reveal their votes. Caroline began by asking Dave if he'd lied to anyone during the competition. His answer was "the only thing that hasn't lied is that scale out there." When it came time to cut the fat, Ryan spoke up first. He said that as time has progressed his attitude has changed. He started the process only looking out for himself, and now he was looking out for the team. Dave rolled his eyes during Ryan's speech, perhaps knowing what was about to happen. Ryan voted for Dave. Then it was time for Dave's rebuttal, and not surprisingly he voted for Ryan. Who would the girls send home? Kelly M said there were many layers of truth, but ultimately it was survival of the fittest and she wanted the strongest team members around her. For that reason, she said, she voted for Dave. If Lisa voted for Ryan, thus creating a tie, the Blue Team would have the deciding vote. Lisa said this was the hardest vote so far for her, but she had to play the game. Lisa voted for Dave. Dave was surprised by Lisa's vote, because he felt they had an alliance from day one. In the follow-up, viewers learned that Dave has lost 19 more pounds since appearing on the show.

Total weight lose to date (show airing date) 343lbs!!!  WOW  *()*


Following Dave's elimination, Kelly M. confronted Ryan about his plan to "get rid of the girls." While he denied ever having a "plan," Kelly Mac jumped in to tell Ryan that he's not the only guy to strategize against the women. Gary got annoyed by Kelly Mac's interference, saying that she has to "push every single issue to the wall." The back-and-forth continued and escalated until Kelly Mac told Gary to "calm the *&@# down." The next morning, the Red Team took out their frustrations in the gym. Jillian came up with the idea to do 500 pushups, 500 sit-ups, 500 squats and 500 lunges. The variety in which the teammates accomplished this goal was up to them individually. Ryan thought it was insane, while Kelly M. understood that it was more a psychological challenge than a physical one. Lisa was soon in tears, saying, "I need a break," to which Jillian replied, "No way!" Naturally, once the task was accomplished, the players were incredibly proud of themselves - which gave them just the mental boost that Jillian had intended!

Later, three members of the Blue Crew had a talk about eliminations. Kelly Mac and Andrea tried to reassure Gary that he shouldn't be so paranoid. Kelly Mac said it wasn't that she was out to get Mo, but he wasn't being as disciplined about the program as Gary. Maurice, meanwhile, was not feeling well and wanted to take a break from training. He told Bob he wouldn't be participating in the day's activity - a run. Bob thought Mo was discouraged by his low weight loss at the last weigh in (1 pound), and pulled him aside to chat. Maurice wasn't trying to disrespect Bob, but he just couldn't exercise right now. Bob told him that "can't" shouldn't all of sudden be what Maurice is about. Maurice started to walk away, which obviously ticked Bob off. They both went their separate ways. In an interview, Maurice admitted he felt like Bob pushed him harder than the others because Mo had the potential to lose the most weight. The other members of the Blue Team regrouped in the gym, but Bob had a hard time focusing. Even after Kelly Mac gave him a pep talk, Bob couldn't help his feelings of failure. Bob left the group to seek out Maurice and resolve the issue. The two men sat down and Bob started to apologize. Maurice interrupted him, saying he had nothing to apologize for. During their heartfelt conversation, Bob reassured Maurice that his #1 priority was to help Maurice. For his part, Maurice confessed that he got himself into his current "health situation" and knew that Bob was only there to help him out of it. The two parted with a hug and a much better outlook.

Over on the Red Team, Jillian was giving a lesson on reading food labels. She started with a popular beverage, handing the bottle to Lisa. She asked Lisa to tell her how many calories were in the tea drink. The calories on the label said "15", but that was per 8 ounces. The container was actually 16 ounces, meaning if you drank the whole thing you'd consume 30 calories. Jillian's point was to always check the serving size on the label against the actual serving size of the entire product and calculate the total calories accordingly. Many people make the mistake of underestimating TOTAL calories per TOTAL servings. The next lesson was fiber vs. carbs. If a product has 20 grams of carbs but 8 grams of fiber, you can subtract the fiber from the carbs to get an accurate carbohydrate count. According to Jillian, this is because dietary fiber is not an actual carb due to the fact that your body doesn't digest it. Food for thought!

For the day's challenge, the teams met Caroline at the beach. The challenge was set up to mimic lifeguard training, complete with running and water tasks. First, the teams had to move weighted medicine balls down a stretch of beach, then grab life preservers and snake through a water course (on foot). Finally, teams would return to the sand to stack their life preservers on a pole before sprinting to the finish line. The winning team would be treated to a complete makeover courtesy of Umberto's Salon in Beverly Hills. An added bonus was that the winning team would choose who from the Blue team sat out the next weigh in. Since the Red Team was down by one player, the Blue Team randomly chose Kelly Mac to sit out the challenge, which greatly disappointed Gary and Andrea. As the challenge began, both teams raced into action - except Mo who sort of walked quickly into action. All team members had to complete each task before they could move to the next task, so Maurice's slowness was really affecting the team's ability to keep up. Kelly Mac cheered her Blue Team from the sidelines, while the Red Team moved to the shoreline obstacle course. Ryan said he felt like "freakin' David Hasselhoff" running down the shore carrying life preservers, wearing his Baywatch red! As the Red Team reached the finish and Lisa plucked the finish flag from the sand, she burst into tears of relief and happiness. It was a much-needed win for the Red Team! Andrea, meanwhile, was livid at the Blue Team's loss - and Mo's lack of energy.

At the Umberto Salon, Umberto himself greeted the Red Team before their makeovers. While Lisa was thrilled at the makeover opportunity and Ryan had a "do whatever you want" attitude, Kelly M. cringed as Umberto cut layers into her long, straight hair. That night, they returned to the ranch with glamorous new looks, but dreaded seeing the Blue Team. Kelly M. and Lisa knew Kelly Mac would be handing out backhanded compliments, which is exactly what happened. Kelly Mac looked at Lisa's new haircut and said, "Oh, you got The Rachel." Lisa later commented that "The Rachel" came out in 1991, so obviously Kelly Mac was implying that the look was outdated. Kelly M. was tired of the negativity in the house and felt that Kelly Mac was the main source of that negativity. The next task for the Red Team was deciding who from the Blue Team would sit out at the weigh in.

When the teams met up at the gym for the weigh in, the Red Team announced their decision. They chose Maurice because of his small weight loss the previous week. They figured he was due for a bigger loss this week. Maurice stepped up to the scale and proved the Red Team right. He had lost 11 pounds! His total weight was now under 400 pounds, a huge accomplishment for him. Unfortunately, the 11-pound loss wouldn't count towards the Blue Team's weekly tally. Kelly Mac was up next and had lost 9 pounds! Ryan stepped up for the Red Team. He was thrilled to discover that he had lost 16 pounds, bringing his total weight loss since day one to an astonishing 68 pounds! For the Blue Team, Andrea was down 7 pounds since the previous week. Lisa, who only lost 2 pounds the previous week, was up next for Red. She weighed less than 200 pounds for the first time in a long time, with a weekly weight loss of 9 pounds. The Blue Team was behind in total weekly weight loss by 9 pounds at this point. It was up to Gary to "out lose" Kelly M. in order for the Blue Team to pull out a win. As the pounds ticked down on the giant scale, they all soon learned that Gary had lost 4 pounds, which meant the Red Team was assured a victory. Kelly M.'s weight loss wouldn't matter for the team's status, but it surely mattered to her. She had lost an amazing 14 pounds!

As the elimination loomed, the Red Team approached Gary about getting the Blue Team to tie - letting the Red Team play "bad guy" and choose who got eliminated. The Red Team's thinking, so they told Gary, was that they could break up any alliances on the Blue Team. Of course, their real strategy was to try and keep Maurice in the house - not only because they enjoyed his company, but because he "weighed" the Blue Team down during the challenges. Gary considered the Red Team's offer, but knew it was hard to trust anything anybody was saying to him. Later, the trainers returned to learn the outcome of the weigh in. Bob was disappointed that one of his team members would be leaving, but was absolutely proud of his team for accomplishing such great weight loss during the past week. He told his team that no matter who went home, they could use the temptations in the house as a metaphor for life's temptations. He totally believed that each of them could continue their healthy lifestyles outside of the house and therefore, continue reaching their goals.

That night, the Blue Team met Caroline at the elimination table armed with their elimination platters. Kelly Mac spoke first and was teary-eyed as she explained that her choice was based on what was going to be best for the team and was in no way personal. She revealed her vote for Maurice. Maurice spoke next and said that these were friends sitting with him around the table. He said he had made a pact with two teammates early on and that he was abiding by it. He revealed his vote for Kelly M.. Andrea was up next and was also very emotional as she revealed her vote for Maurice. Now, if Gary voted for Kelly M. there would be a tie that the Red Team would break. Gary didn't give too much explanation for his vote other than knowing it would force a tiebreaker. Yes, he had voted for Kelly M.. The Red Team's manipulations had worked! Kelly M. actually laughed and commended Gary's cleverness at playing the game. Caroline explained that now the Red Team held the Blue Team's fate. They could eliminate anyone, not just Kelly M. or Maurice. The Red Team joined the group carrying one single platter, with one single name inside. Ryan spoke on behalf of the team and revealed their vote for someone who had the potential to lose a lot of weight. But it was Kelly M.'s name, not Maurice's! A shocking blow to the Blue Team! Afterwards, Kelly M. said she would've preferred to have been voted out by her own team rather than the opponent. Kelly M. said her tearful goodbyes and left the show. We soon learned that she has maintained her weight loss strategy and has continued to lose weight! See Kelly M.'s before and after pictures, click here.


Kelly Mac's unconventional elimination by the opposing team boosted the Red Team and had the Blue Team feeling, well, blue. Andrea saw Kelly and Lisa's true colors and realized that the only one looking out for her was herself. When Bob and Jillian arrived at the house, Lisa couldn't wait to tell Jillian about the Red Team's power during the elimination. Meanwhile, Bob was upstairs learning the bad news about Kelly Mac. He said Kelly Mac had learned the most throughout the competition, "hands down." He also felt bad that he didn't have the chance to say goodbye. Then he told his remaining three players that he had no tolerance for complaints at this point. They absolutely had to have the biggest weight loss in order to beat the Red Team at the next weigh in. Bob told them he would demand their best in the coming week.

After a grueling day of workouts, the teams arrived back at the house to find a scrumptious spread on the exquisitely decorated dining room table. Temptations were everywhere - from Chinese food, to fried chicken to a giant chocolate cake on a loaded dessert table. Maurice said that despite the yummy temptations he had an automatic calorie counter in his head that he used to survey every dish. He and the others wound up choosing the healthiest items possible - grilled chicken, vegetables, etc. Kelly said it was like being at a family gathering and having to navigate your way through the bad food to get to the good food. Ryan admitted that he used to get angry by all the temptations thrown in his path at the house. But now, he said, when he's back at work and there's a box of donuts out on someone's desk, he'll have no problem avoiding them. Following the temptation dinner, both teams were called into the gym.

Caroline greeted the six remaining players and told them that from now on, there would be no teams. It was every Loser for him or herself! Also, to even the playing field, the weight loss wouldn't just be based on weekly pounds lost. Each player's tally would now be calculated by the percentage of weight lost since day one - not since the previous week. A graph above the scale illustrated that players above the yellow line were "safe," while the two players below the yellow line were up for elimination. Caroline explained that the results of the next weigh-in would determine the two players with the least amount of total weight lost. Those two players would be nominated for elimination. The remaining four players had to vote for one of those two players. The player with the most votes would be eliminated. Then Caroline had everyone weigh in so they could see where they stood.

The rankings were: Ryan 20.6% of total weight lost
Kelly 18.6%
Gary 18.1%
Andrea 17.2%
Lisa 16.9%
Maurice 10.8%

At this point, Lisa and Maurice were in the danger zone (ie: below the yellow line) as the lowest two players. Could they make up the difference before the weigh in? Back at the house, Lisa was once again in tears. Not only was she upset at being in second-to-last place, but she was mad at Ryan. When Lisa's score was announced, Ryan said, "I guess you won't be voting me off now." Lisa thought that was really insensitive, while Ryan thought it was just an extension of their running joke. Ryan and Kelly both tried to reassure Lisa that they can all still work out together and decide how to vote together. In a later interview, Lisa said she was used to calling the shots on her team and was sure Ryan would be the next to go. Now that Ryan was in the top spot, however, the tables had turned.

The next day, Bob and Jillian were surprised that they no longer had "teams". However, the former Blue Team members worked out with Bob and the former Red Team members worked out with Jillian - just as before. They all wore their team colors - just as before. Gary put it into perspective. He said that despite the changes in the format the concept remained the same: "Work your ass off, stick to your diet, lose as much weight as you can." On challenge night, it was the first time everyone was competing as individuals. The challenge took place in the gym and involved spinning. Lots and lots of spinning. Caroline instructed the players to get on the spinning bikes and ride. The player with the most mileage at the end of four hours would win. Four HOURS! The prize was a new wardrobe shopping spree and, more importantly, immunity from that week's elimination. The players had their own strategies for the task. Gary kept a steady pace punctuated with bursts of fast pedaling. Lisa wanted to keep a consistent pace over the course of the four hours. Andrea used her first hour judiciously, then cranked up the pace in the second hour. Maurice seemed to take things slowly.

At midnight, Caroline returned and everyone stopped to catch his or her breath. Mo, who had never been on a spinning bike before, managed to clock 36.8 miles. That wasn't enough to beat Gary though! Gary logged 79 miles - which had earned him a new wardrobe and immunity. The next day, while the others continued to workout, Gary met up with two stylists for his wardrobe makeover. The two stylists, much to Gary's delight, were his two kids! The three embraced in a tearful hug and hung on for dear life. Then the threesome headed to a boutique aptly named "Gary's Island" for their shopping excursion. Gary was thrilled to be able to wear 34 waist jeans and medium and small size shirts! Waiting for them when they returned to the house was yet another surprise - Gary's wife! Her look showed how shocked she was at Gary's trim new self. More tears and more hugs followed, with Gary's wife saying "you're gorgeous!" She asked him how is asthma was, and when he told her it was gone - she burst into more tears of joy.

At the weigh in, everyone was keenly aware of what was at stake. Ryan was very confident because he had been in the top spot earlier in the week. Gary was also confident since he had secured immunity. Gary weighed in first and had lost three pounds bringing his total to 19.4%. Kelly was next and had also lost three pounds. Her total percentage of weight lost was 19.8% putting her in first place. For Maurice, he hit a milestone. With this week's three-pound weight loss, Maurice had now lost a total of 50 pounds! However, this was still only 11.5% of his starting weight, which meant he could still face elimination. Ryan lost a satisfying nine pounds, pushing his total percentage to 23.3%. Ryan had kept his lead. Andrea lost only two pounds, which put her in fourth place with an 18.1% total. Maurice was definitely up for elimination and Lisa was gunning to knock Andrea down to fifth place. Lisa accomplished her goal because she had lost five pounds during the week, bringing her percentage to 19.1%. Andrea and Mo would face elimination. Week after week, the former Blue Team was being wiped out!

While everyone considered the pending vote, Andrea appealed to Kelly and Lisa to keep her in the house. Lisa felt that Andrea definitely deserved to stay, but she also knew it probably wasn't in her own best interest to keep Andrea around. Kelly shared Lisa's feelings. She knew Andrea was a strong competitor, but she'd always felt that if she kept Maurice around it would somehow mess up her chances later. Both women seemed a bit undecided. Later, Bob decided not to take any chances and went to say goodbye to Andrea, just in case she was voted out. He got very emotional when he approached her. Through tears, he told her how much she affected him and inspired him. The two shared a long, heartfelt hug. Meanwhile, Maurice said that if he was voted out he was determined to keep up the hard work "on the outside."

That night, all six players arrived at the elimination table. Andrea and Maurice were not allowed to vote - the thought being that they would vote for each other and cancel each other out anyway. Their fellow Blue Team member, Gary, spoke first. He said nothing was personal, but he was voting out who he thought was the toughest competitor: Andrea. Ryan revealed his vote for Andrea next. And so it went. Lisa also voted for Andrea, which meant that Kelly's vote wouldn't matter. Andrea was out. To see Kelly's vote, click here.

Before she left, Andrea was sure to point out that her sexy red dress had special meaning. The size 8 dress was her favorite - and she had been unable to fit into it when the competition began! The follow-up told viewers that Andrea had hired a personal trainer and was sticking to her healthy eating habits. She had lost an additional six pounds since leaving the show! See Andrea's before and after pictures, click here



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