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The biggest Loser

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Q: I might have missed it...but is “The Biggest Loser” coming back?   —Elizabeth

A: Yes, this summer. And then again, this fall.

NBC's goofy weight-loss take on the reality genre was a bit of a surprise hit, and no one can stand to walk away from a hit. Look for "The Biggest Loser 2" to premiere Aug. 9 at 8 p.m. ET, with a 90-minute show.

Despite being criticized for the fact that she could stand to drop some pounds herself, Caroline Rhea will return as host. Fourteen new contestants will be divided by gender into two teams. Seven women make up the red team, while seven men make up the blue team. The team trainers from last season return as well, with Jillian Michael coaching the women and Bob Harper the men. The grand prize is once again $250,000. No word on whether there will be an additional $100,000 handed out, as there was last season, a decision that sparked much controversy.

Last year's winner, Ryan, dropped 122 pounds, and we expect to see updates on many of the past participants when the new show kicks off.   

Just can't get enough "Losers"? After "Biggest Loser 2" completes its run, look for yet another edition of the show. This one will pit different groups against each other in weight-loss and fitness challenges — families against families, Navy wives against Marine wives, and engaged couples against other engaged couples.  An NBC spokeswoman says the earliest that edition of the show will air is November. —G.F.C.


looks interesting, I am surprised that they are going to do so many more.


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