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Is anyone watching this?  They are divided in teams and which ever team has the most weight loss wins each week and the other team has to eliminate a player.  I have watched part of this show  ~ not great but not really bad. It shows them workign out and doing a challenge.  They have lunch on the table and they pick what they eat ~ not jsut salad and slim fast   :)*  There is chicken, steak , potatoes and more.


It's a problem that most Americans struggle with: weight loss. And it's a problem that most television shows address with plastic surgery and "instant fix" solutions. The Biggest Loser is trying something different – old-fashioned hard work, diet and exercise. Twelve determined, overweight people arrived to face two trainers, two diets and two different approaches to weight loss. If they can survive the physical challenges, the mental anguish and the constant temptations – the Biggest Loser will be the biggest winner. Their reward? Not just a new lease on a healthy lifestyle, but also $250,000.

The twelve hopefuls started their experience by walking to their new home – a sprawling ranch set in the Malibu mountains. As they walked, we met some of them one by one. Lisa, a 26-year-old from Florida, hoped to never ever need the airplane seatbelt extender again. Matt, a cute 25-year-old, who feared that if he lost weight people would no longer see him for who he really is. Ryan, 36, wants to get healthy because food is such a negative force in his life. 40-year-old Gary has had some scary doctor visits recently and knows that if he wants to be around for his wife and kids he needs to get into better shape. California girl, Lizzeth, wants to be a role model for her overweight family – if she can lose the weight, hopefully it will motivate them to do the same. Kelly M., 28, wants to stop wondering if her weight has been the biggest factor in curtailing her love life. Confident Dana, 21, wanted to prove to herself (and folks watching at home) that she can live a healthy lifestyle.

Host Caroline Rhea greeted the 12 candidates to explain the ground rules. She told them there would be no stapling, sucking or cutting. There would, however, be plenty of temptations – just as in real life. With that, she revealed a huge display of scrumptious snack foods and declared, "This is some of the food that you all ate last week." The spread included French fries, donuts, ribs, pasta, chocolate, bread etc. Near each setting of food was one player's name. They were now face-to-face with their old eating habits. Ryan couldn't even hold out for one minute! He saw his food and started munching on a donut! Next, Caroline gave the group a tour of their new home away from home. The estate included a 24-Hour Fitness gym, with a large scale set up like a podium at one end of the space. Then Caroline told them all to change into their bathing suits to get weighed in!

Once changed, everyone returned to the gym painfully aware that America could now see their fat plain and simple. For starting weights, visit the Teams section. After the initial weigh in, everyone got measured and dunked in a water tank to measure their body fat percentage. The body's weightlessness in the tank gives the most accurate measurement of body fat. Once the somewhat depressing weigh & dunk was over, Caroline showed the players their Temptation Refrigerators. Each player had their very own fridge, filled with their specific favorites. For some, that meant pizza and beer. For others, cakes and pies. Whatever the craving, whatever the weakness, it was all there behind a clear glass door – just waiting to be eaten. The groups were divided into two teams of six: Red Team and Blue Team. Each week the teams would be weighed and the team that collectively lost the most weight would stay in the game. The team that didn't lose the most weight would have to vote out a team member. Caroline also mentioned that the "biggest loser" at the end of the competition would not only win a new body – but also $250,000. What's more motivating than that?

That night, the players settled into their lush surroundings and tried to get to know each other. Lisa, a new red team member, was quick to tell the others not to boss her around. "If you tell me I'm fat," she said, "I'm going to eat more." Over on the blue team, Maurice – who weighed in at 436 pounds – said that his weight compared to everyone else's makes them look skinny. "The overweight lover is in the house," Maurice declared. Aaron, a 29-year-old writer, was starting to realize he would never be able to lose as much weight as quickly as some of the others – specifically Maurice. He worried that this might get him eliminated early in the competition. Meanwhile, Dave, 39, pegged fellow Red Team member Ryan as the first to go. Ryan's donut dunk within the first few minutes of arrival said to Dave that Ryan likes food just a little too much to survive in this environment. Ryan, meanwhile, was strategizing that the person who loses the least amount of weight on the losing team should always be the one eliminated. His teammates didn't all agree. Andrea, 29, felt it boiled down to how much they each really wanted it. Perhaps the person who didn't lose the most weight, worked out the hardest and supported the others. Should that person still be eliminated? Before any of those decisions could be made there were two major obstacles: Trainer Bob and Trainer Jillian.

Trainer Bob would lead the Blue Team with his "Eat More" diet plan, while Trainer Jillian should rally the Red Team with her "Eat Less" diet plan. Jillian's philosophy was to push people very hard, similar to military training. Sure enough, she got her red team up and in the gym at the break of dawn. Trainer Bob, on the other hand, wanted to focus on fun and results. He had no interest in pushing the Blue Team beyond their limits. Jillian wasted no time in getting her red team huffing, puffing, sweating and swearing. Bob, meanwhile, sat the Blue Team down in a nearby garden and discussed why they were fat and why they wanted to stop being fat. The only sweat came from the morning sun beating down on their faces. Across the yard, the Red Team was doing sprints and choking back waves of nausea. As Jillian told a struggling Lisa, "You'll feel sick. You'll cry. You'll puke. We'll move on." Next Matt became a target when Jillian discovered a pack of cigarettes in his sweat pocket. Big no-no! She crumpled up the pack while Matt looked on in disbelief. Jillian warned him that if she found out Matt was smoking, everyone else would run a mile as punishment. The old "punish the team for one person" technique! Over on the Blue Team, therapy time had ended and the actual workout had begun. Even though the Blue workout seemed less strenuous than the Red workout, the mental impact was just as tough. Afterwards, Aaron excused himself from the gym and promptly threw up. The others were totally supportive and kept their spirits high.

After the exercise portion of the day, came the diet portion. Jillian gathered her Red Team in the kitchen and explained the "Eat Less" Diet. It was as simple as this:

Burn more calories than you take in
High protein, high fiber, low carb meals
Portion control

"If you cheat," Jillian warned, "don't lie to me."

Over in Bob's kitchen, he explained the "Eat More" diet.

The goals are:
Deal with hunger before it happens
4-6 planned meals a day
High-volume, low-calorie, low-carb eating

Bob assured the team that he would be doing the same thing they'd be doing. For Andrea, who usually only ate one big meal a day, the new plan would be a challenging change of pace. For Maurice, a self-described rib-eye guy, eating vegetables would be an entirely new experience. He called it the "eat quite not enough diet."

The next morning, the teams faced sore muscles and their first team challenge. Breakfast provided the first temptation of the day: bacon, French toast, sausage, pancakes, syrup and of course, butter. Maurice, couldn't resist the bacon, which disappointed his teammates. After breakfast, the teams met up at Irwindale Speedway. Caroline explained that the two race cars sitting on the track were running on empty. Each team would have to drag their cars across the finish line. At several predetermined spots on the track, the teams would have to switch out the driver with a new team member – and keep in mind doors on race cars don't open. Drivers must climb in and out of the window. The first team to successfully complete the challenge would get to add a 5 pound penalty to the opposite team's weigh in. Blue and Red took hold of their respective ropes. At the signal, they heaved until reaching the first "pit stop" and driver switch. The second driver switch went well, but on the way to the finish, the red team couldn't maintain steam. They lost to the Blue team by only a few seconds. The Red Team blamed it on the slight delay during Lizzeth's transition into the driver's seat.

Back at the house, both teams were physically and emotionally drained – which did not go unnoticed by Bob & Jillian. Lisa had a minor breakdown, with members of both teams consoling her. Later, Jillian told her team that the next three days would be hell – especially due to the 5-pound penalty. She told them they were facing at least 2 hours of cardio a day and round the clock exercise on little sleep. Matt contemplating quitting more than once, but stuck it out. Over on Blue Team, Bob continued to push with love – but push nonetheless. Both teams were determined to outdo each other, with weigh in less than 12 hours away.

The morning of weigh in, everyone was a little anxious. In the confessional (a large pantry stocked with goodies) players revealed their fears and anxieties. Lizzeth was scared to go home – and scared to stay, unsure if she could handle the challenges ahead.

Back in the gym, both teams regrouped for their first team weigh-in. Blue Team's starting weight was 1,537 pounds. Once everyone weighed in, they had achieved a total ONE WEEK weight loss of 69 pounds. For The Blue Team, Aaron had dropped the most weight, 20 pounds in one week, while Dana had lost the least by losing only 5 pounds. The Red Team's starting weight one week ago was 1,535 pounds. One by one they took to the scale, most shocked by the results. Each team member had lost at least 10 pounds, except for Lizzeth who only lost 3. Still, the Red Team's total loss of 74 pounds put them in the winner's circle for week one! The jubilation of losing so much weight so quickly was cut short when the Blue Team sat down to decide who to send home.

Soon Caroline regrouped the Blue Team in the dining room, with the Temptation Refrigerators in the background. Each team member had a covered silver platter in front of him or her. One by one, they lifted their covers to reveal which team member they voted for. Mo went first and said he decided that neither one of the two women who lost the least amount of weight (Dana & Andrea) deserved to leave. Mo voted for Gary instead. Aaron was next and voted for Dana, because he didn't think she had enough weight to lose. Andrea's choice came down to what was best for the team, so she also chose Dana. Dana, for her turn, said she feels like a hypocrite since her vote didn't go towards the person who lost the least amount (which would've been herself.) Instead, Dana chose Andrea, who lost only one pound more than Dana. If Dana got one more vote, she would be asked to leave. Gary chose Dana – and her refrigerator light was extinguished, along with any chance she had at becoming the Biggest Loser.

Week two of this weight loss competition picked up immediately following The Blue Team's elimination of Dana. The somber teammates headed back into the house and tried to stay motivated for the next day's competition. Andrea gave the group a pep talk, telling them that they were still a family and that they needed to stick together because things were not going to get easier any time soon. Soon The Red Team joined them and Ryan immediately said, "What the hell took so long?" Ryan, whose sense of humor was lost on most of the group from day one, felt that everyone was too serious. The others felt Ryan was too flippant. Gary took the comment particularly hard and lashed out at the entire Red Team. Tensions were high and it was only week two!

The next morning, Lizzeth was up early to go for a voluntary run. Her strategy was to stay in the game by working out harder than everyone else. Lizzeth was particularly motivated by her sister back home who had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery. While her sister was losing weight, she had none of the knowledge about eating right and exercise that Lizzeth was already acquiring. Later that morning, Trainer Bob arrived to learn that Dana had been sent home. Bob met with is dejected team and told them how proud he was of them before launching them into the day's workout. Meanwhile, over at camp Red Team, Jillian stepped up her game. Lisa said that every part of her body, including her lips, hurt. Kelly M. admitted that sometimes when Jillian is yelling at her during Kelly's umpteenth cardio routine, she "just wants to kick her in the face." Dave, the oldest member of The Red Team, worried about his lack of stamina. Even Jillian admitted that no matter how much she loved Dave as a person he needed to work extra hard if he wanted to stay in the game. She pulled Dave aside and told him that he was slacking off, and that his teammates were noticing. Overall, however, moral was high because The Red Team had won the previous weigh by a 10 pound advantage – despite a 5 pound penalty. Could they keep up the momentum?

Just like in real life, temptations existed around every corner. When the teams came in for lunch they found a table loaded with both good and bad foods. Salads sat next to mashed potatoes, barbecue chicken next to beef brisquet. The choices were up to each player; would they choose healthy or fat? While the others peeled the skin of pieces of chicken and picked the croutons out of their salads, Maurice chose beef. After lunch, it was time for dessert – or actually a dessert challenge. The teams met Caroline Rhea in an industrial-size kitchen, which was filled with sugar, sprinkles, eggs, flour and other baking goodies. Caroline explained that the teams would compete in an old-fashioned bake sale. Each team had two hours to make as many baked goods as possible. When they were done, they would head up to CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood to sell their yummy treats to the masses. The team that makes the most money won a relaxing spa day. Caroline also told The Red Team that since they now had an extra player, one person would "sit out" the impending weigh in. If The Red Team won the bake sale, they would choose which person sat out; however, if The Blue Team won, then they would decide for Red. The Red Team knew that if Blue won the challenge they'd have Ryan or Matt -- two of the "biggest losers" – sit out the weigh in. Let the baking begin!

Being surrounded by tasty baked goods was the ultimate in temptation; however, both teams tackled the challenge with their own strategies. Who wouldn't want to lick the bowl or at least their fingers? At the end of the two hours, both teams had piles of brownies, cookies and cakes. At CityWalk, both teams tried to outsell each other by attracting tourists of all ages with their various tactics. Dave (Red Team) used flattery to close Red Team deals. Gary (Blue Team), a salesman in real life, tried the humble approach. Some Red Team peanut butter bars sold for $20 a piece! The Blue Team cupcakes were sold out in less than two minutes! It would definitely be a tight race. Meanwhile, both teams had to deal with the torture of watching other people dive into the delicious treats. At the end of the sale, Caroline arrived to let teams in on one little caveat. If any team member took a lick, bite or taste during the cooking portion of the challenge, that person's would have 50% of their proceeds deducted! Did Maurice sneak a taste? Did Lisa have a lick? No! Neither team had cheated, much to their relief! So, the final tally was: Blue Team, $245 and Red Team, $362. The Red Team had finally won a challenge – and got to choose who on their team would sit out the weigh in. Next it was off to the spa for The Red Team, while The Blue Team was off to work out. Kelly Mac appreciated the irony of her sweating on a treadmill, while someone on The Red Team was sweating out toxins during a relaxing seaweed wrap!

Prior to the weigh in, everyone wondered how much more weight they'd lost. They'd worked just as hard, if not harder, and hoped to beat the previous week's amazing tallies. Soon they all gathered in the gym for the weigh in face off. The Red Team chose to have Lizzeth sit out the weigh in, so her weight would not count towards her teams total weight loss. Since she was exempt, she weighed in first. Her previous weight was 164. Her current weight…a disappointing 164! With zero pounds lost, Lizzeth was the perfect choice to sit out. The others were shocked that Lizzeth hadn't lost anything and Lizzeth burst in tears. But as the others stepped up to the scale, the shocks continued. Aaron, a big loser in the previous week, was only down seven pounds this week. It turned out that those seven pounds were a lot – no one else's weight loss came close. The biggest shockers were probably Dave (240lbs) and Maurice (423lbs) who each lost ZERO pounds. In fact, some wondered if they were secretly cheating. Matt actually GAINED three pounds, which brought tears to almost everyone's eyes. In the end, The Red Team had lost a total of only three pounds, while The Blue Team managed to lose a combined 13 pounds. Maybe it was that extra workout while The Red Team was at the spa? While both teams were disappointed in the disparity between the previous week and this week, The Blue Team was excited to win the weigh in by any margin. Meanwhile, The Red Team faced their first elimination.

Prior to the elimination, both teams met with their trainers to discuss the disappointing weigh in results. Bob explained that the first week was major water loss, while the second week was "real pounds." Jillian's take was that because her team had lost so much weight the first week, their bodies are in a state of shock. Both trainers encourage their teams to keep focused on their long-term goals, not short-term results. Ryan was the first to bring up the impending elimination and targeted Lizzeth. He said she was just too little. Dave had to agree with Ryan's logic. Matt, however, felt he should go home because he actually gained weight in the past week. But Matt also had a greater potential for future weight loss, so he ultimately felt Lizzeth should go home. Kelly M. disagreed. She thought Dave had the potential to lose a lot of weight, yet lost none that week. Plus, she added, Dave was slacking off in the gym. Ryan backed Kelly's logic, but told her to consider the big picture. Dave would be more of an asset than Lizzeth in the long run. Later, Kelly pulled Lisa aside and tried to convince her to keep Lizzeth citing girl power. Lisa agreed to see how Dave performed at the afternoon workout before making her decision.

That night, it was time to vote. While the team waited, Lizzeth could no longer contain her anger and confronted Dave. She emotionally told him that he knew he hadn't proved himself or worked out as hard as the others. Dave told her to relax, which didn't go over well. After Lizzeth's outburst, silence once again took over the group. Once the votes were in, The Red Team gathered with Caroline in the refrigerator room. Caroline asked Lizzeth why she should stay. Lizzeth responded that she honestly believed that she'd earned it. Dave revealed his choice first. Not surprisingly it was Lizzeth. Kelly M. was next, and chose Dave. Lizzeth also voted for Dave. When it got to Ryan, he said, "Dave, I'm sorry to tell you…" Which had the others on the edge of their seat. Prankster Ryan had actually voted for Lizzeth, and once again his unique sense of humor had angered some of his teammates. One by one, the other votes were revealed. It turned into men versus women, with all the men choosing Lizzeth. Caroline warned that if there was a tie, the opposing team would choose whom to eliminate. The vote came down to Lisa. Would she remain aligned with the girls and choose Dave or stick with Ryan's logic and choose Lizzeth? Lisa said it came down to weight loss, plain and simple. With that, she revealed her vote for Lizzeth. As Lizzeth's fridge light was extinguished and she left the table in tears, Kelly M. had to speak up. She expressed her total disgust for Ryan's inappropriate (she thought) light-hearted tone during the vote reveal. Through tears, she told Ryan she thought it was cruel. Ryan's response was "we're not curing cancer here."

In her exit interview, Lizzeth told Americans struggling with weight loss to never give up! An update informed viewers that since leaving the show, Lizzeth has lost an additional seven pounds and continues to inspire her family.

 Texan  ^:)^ thanks  for the updates, there is something else that I watch when this is on ..so I keep missing it..Thanks again  (#)

I saw part of the first episode and it looked pretty good but I don't like the idea of someone being eliminated each week.  I know they are doing that to get to a winner and get people watching and cheering someone on.  But I think they all should stay the entire time and work at changing their eating habits, working out and watching the pounds melt off and then the winner would be determined by which one lost the most weight.  But that would probably be boring tv.


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