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Our news site ( has been added to Google news (

What does this mean? It means that Google News will feature RFF News on thier website! We passed all the requirements for Google to be added to thier list of News sites that are on thier website! They take websites like RFF or the New York Times and put on thier news site!

If you go to and search for "Diane and Drew" (no quotes), RFFs first article to be taken by Google will show up!

Try it out, and keep looking at RFF News for your latest news on Reality TV and Google News for your General News needs!


Congratulations Rob , Great News  !! ^:)^  :)_|

 **:)** WTG!!!!! :)()  *()*

great news!  Keep up the articles, hopefully it will bring more people to the message board

This is fantastic ROB. :)() :)() :)() :)() :)() :)()  How did you make it happen?


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