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Trevor's Survivor Recap 10-28
« on: October 29, 2004, 06:57:41 PM »
{ I brought this over from the News Page..As always excellent job by Trevor  :)() }

Survivor Recap 10-28
Posted on Friday, October 29 @ 10:43:39AM EDT
Topic: Survivor 
Would Rory survive another week? When your job is as a mechanical bull operator are your parents proud? Read here for a recap of this week's Survivor..........

by Trevor Freeman

Survivor started off with a brief look at the happenings in both tribes. On Lopevi, John K. (one of the bigger douchebags in Survivor history) was begging to get thrown off the team. Chris was wearing a look of disgust when he spoke of John K. You had to wonder what John K. was thinking. If you were him wouldn’t you be going out of your way to try and impress everyone? Over on the Yasur side, Rory went on a walk with Ami (I don’t want to wear out the nickname, but I will trot it out again at some point) and LeAnn. On this walk, Rory is informed by Ami……….screw it…..”The Man-Hating Lesbian” that he is next on the chopping block because they want to win with an all-female alliance (something that has never been done). Rory then announces to the camera if he does not have a chance to win that he will go into “Slash and Burn” mode. I think everybody in America wanted to see what Rory’s “Salt the Earth” policy entailed.

The reward challenge for this episode was to dip half a coconut into a barrel full of coconut juice and transport it from one end of an obstacle course to another. When they reached the other side the juice was poured into a jug. Whoever filled up the jug and then transported from one end of the obstacle course to the other would win. The winning tribe would get to spend the day at the “Vanuatu Café” which was serving different types of exotic coffee………..because there’s nothing better for your stomach than tossing down 5-6 cups of coffee when you haven’t eaten a full meal in days. Anyways the challenge came down to LeAnn and Julie and LeAnn prevailed. At the end of the race there was some drama as LeAnn almost tripped transporting the jug. Had she dropped the jug and Yasur lost, I’m not sure they would have recovered? However, Yasur won and got to enjoy the day at the café.

Yasur’s time at the café turned out to be one big crying festival as they all read cards from their relatives. Even Rory showed a softer side and started crying. After reading a letter from his wife he announces that “Slash and Burn” mode has been called off. That received a chorus of boos from the living room at the Freeman Estates. Over at Lopevi, Twila told Julie that Sarge had promised she would be in the Lopevi Final Four. Julie pulled her finest move on the show by telling Twila that she had also been made this promise. By doing this, Julie got Twila back on her side. However it is this Survivor expert’s opinion that Julie still desperately needs a tribal merger to survive.

The immunity challenge for this episode involved using a slingshot to shoot at 20 tiles. After you hit each tile you turn over a square tile corresponding with the one that is hit. The first team to hit 20 tiles would win. In this challenge, Rory showed me some heart. Knowing full well that he is on the chopping block, Rory responds with the performance of a lifetime, leading Yasur to the victory and saving himself for yet another week. Let me talk about this in my Dick Vitale voice, “OH MY GOD, LOOK AT RORY DRILLING THESE SHOTS……..YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT A KID WHO WAS COUNTED OUT…WHO HAD NO SHOT OF SURVIVING…AND LOOK AT HIM NOW…KNOCKING ON THAT ELITE EIGHT DOOR.”

A stunned Lopevi went back to camp and had to contemplate who was going to get voted off. It was at this point that John K. hatches what might be the worst game plan in Survivor history. John K. goes to Chris and tells him that he thinks they should vote Chad off the island. Yes, the same Chris who hates John K., the same Chris who has an alliance with Chad and the Sarge. John K. then repeats the same thing to Julie and Twila. The reason behind this was that John K. felt Chad would slide through the game and win with the sympathy vote because he has a fake leg. Wow. I think everybody in America took a look at John K. and wondered if there was a bigger a$$hole at that particular moment. With the smarts and likeability John K. has going for him it is no wonder that his occupation is as a “mechanical bull operator”. Following his assault on Chad, John K. is immediately voted off the island. This now made it 5 and 5 on each side with a merger looking to be on the horizon…………….

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Re: Trevor's Survivor Recap 10-28
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2004, 01:23:08 AM »
Trevor, great recap.   I agree John is a douchebag and he was so lazy.  He definitely deseerved to be voted off.  Why bother even trying out for survivor if you don't give it your 110 percent to stay on.  If I were on, I would work hard and know that when I got voted off that I gave it my best shot and had a good time starving to death doing it. :)_|

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Re: Trevor's Survivor Recap 10-28
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2004, 08:48:12 AM »
Exactly, if I were on Survivor competing for the million I would definitely be helping around the campsite so they couldn't hold that against me.  John K. was just a jerk up until the very end.  I guarantee he thought he could keep winning immunity since he was the youngest and most athletic left on the show.  I couldn't believe it when he was talking all that garbage about Chad (who teaches in Oakland, CA home of my beloved A's) having an edge because of his prosthetic limb.  Thinking it is one thing but saying it out loud for millions to hear is another.  Shocked and appalled was I sitting at home.  That and how did he think he could turn Chris.  Sarge, Chris and Chad are staying together no matter what just as Ami, Scout and LeAnn look to be a solid three person grouping.  Rory, Eliza and Julie I think can go either way.  Twila may be growing close with Sarge but I see her jumping back in with Ami/Scout/LeAnn the first chance she gets.
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Re: Trevor's Survivor Recap 10-28
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2004, 01:03:52 PM »
Hey, what about the fact that Rory dismissed an opportunity by Ami to align together? During the coffee, when she said she felt a bond with him and Rory just started talking about the coffee, not wanting anything to do with her. He was still pissed off about the earlier rejection, when he should have learned to get over stuff faster, even if he thought Ami was blowing smoke. Maybe Ami didn't want Leann in on a possible alliance with him. Rory should have kept all possibilities open. He might as well vote himself out.
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