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SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 7
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SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 7
 Welcome to Survivor Insider!

SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 7
 Welcome to Survivor Insider!

DC Notes: Finished! Worship me.

Lopevi Tribal Council
John Jousted

Sarge (Votes John K.): This isnít about trust. Youíre next in line. I consider you a friend. But youíre next in line. Sorry.

John K. (Votes Chad): Iím afraid you might sneak by some more, and I need you to go.

DC Notes: No, what you needed was to stay in the game. Dumbass. And he forgets to fold his vote before putting it in the urn.

Chris (Votes John): I have to play the game. I have to stay the course. I just donít trust you!

Julie (Votes John): My vote is for John and it was going to be me, so itís better off to be you. Youíre all right.

DC Notes: She actually shows a facial expression here!

Chad (Votes John): Youíre 22, and a little naive and wide-eyed, and you need a little bit more work-ethic. But youíre a cool guy, and weíll miss your personality around camp.

DC Notes: No wonder he looked so surprised when he saw the vote for him.

Twila (Votes John): John, Iím voting for you because I canít trust you for one, and I think youíre a young kid that has a lot of growing up to do. But I wish you the very best in life.

DC Notes: Twila doesnít walk. She lumbers.

John K.
Final Words

John: This experience was cool, solely because I got to live somewhere with no food (YEAH, THATíS REAL COOL). No anything. I walk away with a better sense of smell, because I havenít smelled anything in the past 2 weeks besides body odor. I walk away with better taste buds. Iíll eat probably anything you put in front of me right now. Before, I was really picky. I walk away with no craving for manioc because itís horrible and Iíve been eating it for the past two weeks (I GUESS BY ĎANYTHING,í HE REALLY DOESNíT MEAN ANYTHING

Other things I donít think John would really eat:
-† † † † Anything from Red Lobster Ė except the biscuits of course, because they are so addicting due to the crack cocaine that they put in them
-† † † † One of the Fat Five ... Four
-† † † † Monkeys
-† † † † The bean soup my university cafeteria served today
-† † † † Spam
-† † † † A horse Ė heís not that hungry, har har har)

And I also walk away with - I donít know. I guess regret. Iíd love to say I walked out of here with no regrets, but Iím a little bummed, I have to say. I never thought Iíd get emotional in this game, but Iím a little fired up, because I really, really wanted to win this, and I really, really needed the cash (I THOUGHT MODELING PAID. DID YOU SPEND IT ALL ON THE GIRL MODELS?). So, what are you going to do. I lost. I tried. I donít know. Iím kind of happy with everything (HEíS BUMMED BUT HAPPY. SPEAK COHERENTLY, DUMBASS). Itís cool.

The only thing I learned about myself in this game is that Iím me. I thought I could manipulate the way the camera saw me or I could manipulate that way the tribe could see me, but I canít do that. If I get in an argument, itís cause I get in an argument. I canít change the way I act. Iím kind of cool with that. I have no problem with the way I acted on this game. Donít regret that sense of it. Just regret choosing the path that I did to get voted off.


The thing that surprised me the most was how good of liars people are. I always thought I could read people pretty well, but man, Chris had me. We looked at each other in the eye and said, ďHey bud. I got your back, you got mine,Ē and he just flat out lied to my face. But thatís the game. I wouldnít have done the same to him, but thatís only because Iím not as good at this game as he is. Itís a million bucks. I give him credit. Thatís why I want him to win Ė because heís that good of a liar. Iíll drink a beer with you when we get back, man. Oh well.

John K.
The Day After

John K.: My Survivor experience was - it was fun. It was better than not doing it. I canít say I enjoyed my time there, but it was definitely something that was different and something that Iíll take with me for a while. It was interesting and I learned a lot about myself and how other people are. Money changes things when thereís a million bucks involved.


I learned that Iím pretty much me regardless of if Iím on TV or not. I really wanted to just sit back and not argue with people a lot of the times, but I couldnít help it because half the things the people were talking about just bothered me. So I learned I canít really hide how I act. Itís just me.


When Jeff put out that torch, I was pissed. I really wanted to get far in this game. I didnít want to just get far. I really wanted to win this game. I went in thinking I didnít even want to do this unless I came in the top 3. It didnít intrigue me to be on Survivor. I just really wanted some cash, in all honesty. And when he put that torch out, halfway through the game, I was just pretty frustrated. Pretty mad. Because at that point everyone that I was friends with was already voted off. Everyone that I found interesting had been voted off. I canít believe I was voted off and they were left there! The people that still remained, I could not believe that they were actually remained. I was just pretty mad, but I wasnít mad at anyone and I wasnít mad at myself. I was just kind of frustrated.


My only regret is not forming an alliance as soon as I got there. I thought that IĎd have time to just do well in the challenges and get to meet everyone and figure out who would be best to strategize with, but people from the first minute already started an alliance, and theyíre the people that are still there, so itís kind of tricky, this game. The only thing I would have changed is forming an alliance as soon as I got there with the younger guys.


Me and Brook hit it off great. We lived around the same area when I lived in Boston. He lives in Boston now. He works where I used to live. We hit it off great. He was only there for three days, but in the time that we hung out, it went great, and Iím sure weíll probably meet up and chill later on. Same with J.P. Me and J.P. really bonded and just hung out while we were there. Heís from where I live now. Iím sure Iíll run into him.


My worst day in the game has to be the day when I was voted off. I didnít want to be voted off, and I was. I didnít really have any bad days when I was mad at anyone, and hopefully nobody was really mad at me. I donít care that much. What it all boiled down to was, I did not want to be voted off when I was voted off. So that was definitely my worst day.


My best day was probably the day when the teams were switched and we instantly won our first challenge. Afterwards, we got to go to a waterfall and have beer and pringles, and that was definitely my best day. It was a good victory for a new team, and I had beer and pringles underneath a waterfall. You canít really beat that. It was a big opportunity for me to just see what Vanuatu has to offer, and I got to see some pretty cool sights.


To anyone who wonders what itís like to be on Survivor, (PLEASE DONíT TELL US Ė WE KNOW! YOUíRE COLD AND YOUíRE HUNGRY. WEíVE HEARD IT SEVEN TIMES BY NOW), itís got to be different from every person. The bottom line is, it all depends on whoís in your group with you (OH?). Youíre hanging out with people youíve never met before and youíre with them 24 hours a day (THANK YOU! I LOVE JOHN, EVEN IF HE IS A DUMBASS). Thereís no breaks. Youíre with that person, youíre building a fort with that person (FORT? APPARENTLY YOU PRETEND TO BE PIRATES WITH THEM TOO), youíre eating with that person, youíre eating food you donít like with that person. Youíre forced to be with that person and get along, and if you donít get along Ė you have to get along. And you also kind of have to watch your back and make sure you always know what theyíre thinking. And the thing is, you never know what anyone else is thinking. So itís all a guessing game. The thing with Survivor is, itís just as much luck as it is skill, and itís no more either or. Itís definitely 50-50, skill and luck. And thatís about it.

Iím extremely disappointed. I did not want to go home this early. I did not want to go home until the end. Thereís really nothing I can do about that right now. So even though I am disappointed, I donít have any regrets, because thereís really nothing I can do about it.


The one thing Iíll take with me that I learned in the game was probably my eating habits. Because I wasnít able to have much to eat, I ate basically the same thing every day. I learned that Iíll eat about anything if Iím hungry. But Iím pretty picky at home, but I think I probably wonít be picky anymore once I get back.

Tender Moment with Twila

Description: After losing the Reward Challenge, Lopevi returns to camp, where Chris consoles a homesick Twila.

(Lopevi tribe walking back from challenge)

Chris: No matter what, whatís important is immunity. Thatís for damn sure.

Everyone: Yep!

Chris (Confessional): Lopevi lost our challenge today. The reward wouldíve been nice. I mean, you know, I miss my family, so. More than I ever would have dreamed!

(Everyoneís around the fire)

John K.: We almost came back. It was pretty good. We only lost by a little bit.

Chris: We lost by one cup.

Chris (Confessional): Weíve been coming off a lot of highs. Weíve won four in a row. And today, maybe we needed that.

(Twila walks off by herself)

Chris (Confessional): Twila, after the challenge, was extremely upset. We got back to camp. She didnít say much to nobody. She took off for a walk. I was keeping track. I would say she was gone for a good 45 minutes, it seemed like.

Twila (Confessional): This probably wouldíve been the best one to win, for me, anyway. Miss my son the most. I could do without the coffee or croissants. That donít mean (beep) to me. Yeah, I was looking forward to getting something from my son. Thatíve been nice. But that didnít happen. Iíll be alright.

(Chris joins Twila at the beach)

Chris: Wouldíve been nice.

Twila: Yeah, wouldíve been nice.

Chris: Itíd be better to see him in person.

Twila: Yeah.

Chris (Confessional): She was down there, cleaning a bowl. I walked down and consoled her. Told her itís okay, just wait and youíll get to see your son. Itíll be that much better than reading a letter. You know, Twilaís got a tough exterior, but I think Twilaís pretty soft on inside when it comes to family and her son.

Chris: Everythingís good.

(He and Twila hug)

Weíll Be Together Again

Description: See the sweet side of Lopevi tough guys Chris & Sarge, who get real about how much they miss their families.

(Lopevi, Day 17. Julie and John are napping. Twilaís wiping her eyes. Chris is standing alone by the ocean.)

Chris (Confessional): Mornings are pretty hard. Just thinking about my family. I got to finish the game, but Iíd like to see my family (sniffles). Game takes a lot out of you. Itíll be worth it.

(Julie, John, Chris, and Sarge are staring at the fire)

Chris: Day 17. Been away from home 23 days.

Sarge (Confessional): Being out here and not having anyone close to me for a very long time is real hard for me, because I canít handle emotions very well. Out here, I donít think about my wife or my kid. If I did, Iíd cry every day. And I donít want to, because Iím hard. Iím solid. Iím the Sarge. Iím the drill sergeant. Iím in the army. I canít let emotions get in the way. So I donít think about my wife. Or my kid. I donít have a kid and a wife right now. Theyíre their own family. My mom and dad donít matter no more (Cries). When I go back home, weíll be together again.

Scramblin' John

Description: In this private chat, Julie notes that John is suddenly desperate, scrambling to ingratiate himself with his tribemates. Apparently, itís not working with Julie.

Julie (Confessional): I think John is scrambling around, because his whole demeanor and attitude has changed at camp. I think he asked me something about my personal life 10 minutes ago, and I was like, ďJohn, you donít talk, ever. You donít get into things.Ē And heís been hauling wood and what not. I held some more wood myself too (laughs). So heís definitely changed in the past three hours. John is scrambling and thatís why I think he came up to us and trying to throw this new idea. But itís completely in left field from my perspective.


I wonít go with John. Iím going to put Johnís name down on the parchment tonight. I donít trust John at all, so I wonít go with him. Iíll use him: ďSure, John, Iíll vote for Chad.Ē Just to keep him off my back.


I donít trust any of the other guys, but itís a chance Iím going to take. Iím just going to put Johnís name down, and Iím going to hope itís John and not myself


Twila mentioned that maybe theyíre screwing us and maybe we should approach John and do something, and I just feel itís such a bad web if we start doing that. I know Iím putting Johnís name down. I donít know. Maybe I should venture out and go to John, but I donít trust him at all. More so than any of the other guys.


Now I am just wallowing in sorrow (laughs). I just feel completely drained and it sucks. Today sucks. And if Iím going to go home, it just sucks. Thereís nothing positive going on right now, and Iím just sitting around, really. We hauled some wood. We ate a really huge, nice papaya though. That was definitely a plus. But other than that, itís just really somber. Iím kind of just at the end of things. Iím not into like Ė Johnís completely like, oh, kissing up to everybody, and Iím not even going there. Not by any means.


The tribe would vote me out because they think I am going to flip-flop to the women, and I just think itís so ironic because out of Twila or I, she would be the one to flip, because sheís got the loyalty going on. So I donít know where somewhere along the line that I got targeted that way.


I think Sarge, Chris, and Chad are really wondering whoís going to be more loyal: Julie or John? And I think theyíre weighing out those possibilities, pros and cons. And hopefully they pick John? To be unloyal? I donít really know what theyíre thinking. They got something great cooking, and Sarge is like, ďWell, if weíre pulling the wool over your eyes and just laugh it off,Ē and Iím like, ďIím not laughing, and itís not going to be funny!Ē Itís just a game, but weíre here to win. And if he thinks itís so funny, why doesnít he go?


He told me that about an hour ago, saying cause we were like, ďWhatís going on? We donít feel too safe over here.Ē And heís like, ďWhat I know is Johnís going, but if Iím being played or youíre being played, then just laugh it off.Ē And Iím like ďRight.Ē Itís hilarious.


Well, Johnís actually ruffling our feathers. I guess he pissed off Chad by saying something about, or just kind of putting him down in a way. Everyone really complains about him, and unless people are complaining about me the way they are about him and I donít know about it, then that would be one reason to get him off. He just seems more schemier. If we go in with the numbers, Iíll stay faithful to Lopevi.


Right now, Twila can trust me. Thatís pretty much the only one because I know sheís giving it back. So thatís the only one Iím feeling right now.


Apart from Twila, no, Iím not trusting any of these people at all. And itís reciprocal. I can feel it. And thatís why itís not working.


Before we go to Tribal Council, Iím just looking forward to it, because I know the decisionís already made. It was show on the road. These hours in between are driving me nuts and I just want it over with.

Theyíre Gonna Keep Me

Description: Having read the Reward Challenge Tree Mail, Eliza speculates about whatís ahead in the Challenge & its Reward. Then, she weighs in on Roryís chances of staying in the game.

Eliza (Confessional): Well, we received treemail today saying we had a challenge that encompasses speed, balance and agility. To that me, that hints something like bringing flags across a balance beam quickly, seeing who can do it the fastest. The reward seems to be the tastes, smells, and sounds of home. Come to the ďHome CafeĒ. If itís food and something from home, itís all just like, weíre blown away and it would be the best reward yet. And since weíve lost 4 straight challenges, weíre really, really hoping to pull this one out.


I would love to see the video of my family and my boyfriend because I miss them so much. Iíve been trying to not think about it because I donít want to focus on it and be homesick all the time, but Iím really miss everyone from home a lot


We canít stop talking about cheeseburgers (laughs). And french fries, or hot dogs, hamburgers, steak. I mean, I would eat anything right now.


You know, Rory, I guess is upset that heís going to be the next one voted off if we lose the immunity challenge. Which I donít understand why heís focusing on that already anyhow, since we havenít lost the immunity challenge. We havenít even been told about the immunity challenge yet. But heís focusing on the fact that the four women here are going to stick together and vote him off, and he doesnít think itís fair, and he thinks they should vote someone else off instead. I donít know. I understand his position because I wouldnít want to be voted off either, and Iíd be doing everything I could to not be voted off if I were in the same situation that he was in. But itís been 17 days and weíre all Ė the four of us have been together since day 1. I donít know if he really thought heíd be able to infiltrate our alliance or what. I think heís just upset because he realizes itís not going to happen.


Um, I think he was trying to convince Ami and Leann to vote me off. But they told him not a chance in hell, so I donít think he has a chance for anyone.


He thinks I work the least hard of anyone at camp. I think, yeah, I do agree with that. I think of the five of us, I do work the least hard of everyone. I donít know if itís because Iím the weakest or I think itís stupid to drag logs around all morning when you have a challenge in the afternoon that youíd like to win. I donít know. Heís probably right, but Scout, Leann, and Ami all believe that loyalty is more important.


They know Iím loyal to them to the end and they trust me completely. And with him, theyíve known him a few days but they canít guarantee that he would stay on their side or anything like that.

An Alliance of One

Despite his best efforts, Rory seems unable to ingratiate himself with Ami and the women.

Rory (Confessional): So today is a new stage, and my new objective is to work on Leann and Ami and wrap myself into their relationship, and hopefully Iíll be able to get an alliance. Because otherwise, Iím still an alliance of one right now.

Rory: Ami, can I ask you a question?
Ami: Yeah, sure honey.
Rory: Whatís the deal with you guys and Eliza?
Ami: Why? You about ready to choke her?
Rory: No. I just wonder about her value to yaíll.
Ami: Oh. Sheís stuck by what she said since day one.
Rory: But arenít you ready to do another stage of the game now?
Ami: What else are you at? What else are you at? What do you mean? Explain.
Rory: What do I mean?
Ami: Yeah. Throw down.
Rory: What I mean is, I want in with you and Leann.
Ami: Really?
Rory: Yes. Very much so. You know, Iím kind of flying solo here.
Ami: I donít know if youíre flying solo.
Rory: Well, all I know is Ė
Ami: - Youíre still here. Lisaís back at home enjoying pancakes.
Rory: I know that, and Iím grateful about that. The fact of the matter is, youíre sharp and youíre good in the challenges, and Iím both of those. I know you guys question my loyalties Ė
Ami: - Yeah, itís kind of tough. You know what I mean?
Rory: Yeah. I completely, entirely, 110% understand.

Ami (Confessional): Rory kind of shocked me. He pulled me aside and said, ďHey. I want to join you and Leannís team.Ē Which kind of caught me a little off guard. I was like, ďOh wow. All right. Thatís interesting.Ē

Rory: With a word from you, I would back you and Leann literally to the very end. Literally. And Iíve already told you, if I was going to give somebody a million dollars, itíd be somebody in Yasur. Iíve made no bones about that at all. Make it be what you want. But Iím just telling you, if I was going to back two horses, itíd be you and Leann.

Rory's Wriggly Friends

Description: In this exclusive interview, Rory describes what life on the island is like for him. Find out what animals have him worried.

Rory (Confessional): You know, Iím on my second walkabout of the morning. I usually come out and I hit the cold pretty hard. I got the boots for it. Iím starting to get a little bit an eye for crab movement. I really donít know nothiní about wandering around on no coral. Iím from Iowa. Here I am in the South Pacific wandering around on coral, and that (beep)ís dangerous, man. This stuff is dangerous.

I saw at least five coral snakes today. Sea snakes, coral snakes, I donít know what the hell theyíre called. All I know is theyíre black-and-white banded and they move pretty damn fast. And most of them Ė actually, today is the first day I felt kind of calloused about them. Not really calloused, but I was saying to myself as I saw them, I saw them up ahead of me, and I looked down and I looked forward, and I saw them up ahead of me, and theyíre swimming. And you kind of cut them a wide berth. Normally, Iíd be like, as soon as I saw one, Iíd be like ďThatís it.Ē Today I cut them a wide birth. Iíll go over to the next pool entirely. Give them at least 15, 20 feet.

One of them, the closest that I came was about two feet away. Maybe three feet away. Down in a pool. And he was trying to go into a hole he couldnít get into. It looked like a hole, but it wasnít. He sat there with about an inch of his head in the coral and the rest of his head wriggling out, wriggling out, wriggling, wriggling, trying to get into this hole. So I take my eye off of him to take a step, and I look back and heís gone. And at that point, Iím like ďAw man. You cannot take your eyes off a snake like that, man. You canít take your eyes off a snake like that.Ē

So then I pack up over there, and I come over here and Iím looking for crabs on my second walkabout of the morning. And I walk all the way down this coral build here. I see a couple of the snakes. Saw a blue ringed octopus, which are also very, very dangerous.

And then Iím thinking about my strategy for the day. What Iím going to do to ensure I remain a member of Yasur. So Iím walking along, and Iím thinking about what my strategy is going to be for the day, and I feel something squirm under my foot. Underneath my boot. And I look down, and Iím standing on a (beep) seasnake. It was a little one. Probably about a foot. But I jimmy-legged it. My leg jumped up. And he shot off. Thatís the end of my day. I canít Ė thatís scary.

And I canít keep going out there, feeding these women of Yasur if I not gettin no love. If Iím not going to continue to be a member of Yasur, Iím not going to Ė Iíll go out and catch my crab and eat my crab and build my energy up So I win an immunity challenge. Itís all Iím going to do for today, because Iím not going out there today. Iíve already pressed my luck. I did get breakfast, but thatís done a job on my head.
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