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Survivordude_JT's Survivor Review Ep.3
« on: October 01, 2004, 06:44:02 PM »
Alright my review this season will consist of this here:
1) Opening Remarks
2) Rate the key players
3) Rate the tribe
4) Rate the other tribe
5) Rate the Immunity & Reward challenges
6) Rate Tribal Council
7) Closing remarks

Ready??? Alright here it is.........
Survivordude_jt’s Survivor Review—Season Premire----Ep 3: WHY??

Opening Remarks:“Good luck finding a husband that will put up with you.”------Scout @ Tribal Council
   Well the Yessar tribe is so torn apart it is awful, I tell you.....When will these chicks get their story straight & stick to their guns.

Rating the players:
Eliza & Mia: Two words= shut up!!!!
-Eliza- When will we hear the end of this girl???  Probably never......I think she is trying to save herself, but I think she is just digging herself a deeper hole......
-Mia- Thank the good Lord she is gone!!!!!!!!!!

Twila & Mia: Ding round two!!!
-Twila- Here is someone who works her tail off, & what does she get in return??? A fight wit good old Mia. I tell you she could build 4 or 5 shelters before Mia could even get off her butt or work.
-Mia-Well I just have to say that everything that she said in that fight is totally bogus.

John: What??? Why??? Smart move......
What was the deal of separating the tribe when he got there...... If you ask me I think he had a thing for Dolly.....Although this may work with him later on in the merger, unless the tribe speaks!!!!!! And picking Amy at move my friend

Sarge & Rory: It’s because I’m black right???
-Sarge- Great man, keep it up BUT could he be racist???
-Rory- Get off your tail & work for cryin out loud!!!!! Quit taking ‘walks’ your on a freakin island you aint gettin off any time soon, unless at TC........

Julie & Eliza: Traders......
They will not stay in a complete closed alliance......

Rating the Tribes:
Yessar: Too many fights, if they stop & think about it & maybe solve some issues & work it out together as a tribe.....hummmmm.......They might just start winning challenges once again.

Lepevi: I love this tribe......They win as a tribe & lose as a tribe......& if they have some problems they work them out......Teamwork is a major factor for this tribe & I hope they never lose it.......

IC & RC:
What shockers!!!!! But it made it more interesting......See how well Lepevi worked together as a tribe & true family PLUS they even got their hook back when JP threw it waaaayyyy out there...GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Tribal Council: DA NA NA!!!
Lepevi I would have gotton rid of Rory, But I guess Sarge can put up with his 3 or more days, since he put JP ON THE CARD!!!!!!!!!!

Yessar, well well well John, once again smart move.....Amy wins the Immunity Necklace. And now Julie is the new talk of the town trader. Mia good riddens!!!!!!!!

Closing Remarks:“I’m a grown @$$ man & I don’t take orders very well.” Yeah we notice that Rory!!!!!!.............. Twila I hope that you can stand up to the whole hair thing.......Julie & Eliza...duke it out!!!......
Until next time RFF......................................

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Re: Survivordude_JT's Survivor Review Ep.3
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Thank JT, much appreciated   :)_{}
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Re: Survivordude_JT's Survivor Review Ep.3
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Thanks JT!