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SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 3
« on: October 01, 2004, 01:07:54 AM »
SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 3

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WOW, what an episode. I stayed away from spoilers for the most part and had no idea what twists were coming. I was really impressed. It wasn't the surprise of who was voted off that amazed me; it was the story that told the journey to that point.

There were 2 clips I was really looking forward to: Voting at TC, and John K. at the women's camp. Unfortunately, only the voting footage is available.

Lopevi Tribal Council
John P. Jousted

DC Notes: If Brady, John K., and John P. had thought with their heads instead of the butts, they could have forced a tie by demogauging Rory into voting with them, just as Ami did to Eliza. I have no pity for John P. because he is stupid for not seeing the way out.

John K. (Votes Roory ): (Mutters Ė ďMan, I donít want to go firstĒ ?) I guess because youíve never been gone before (??????), youíre not going to be going tonight. Pretty sure of it.

Chris (Votes J.P.): Iím voting for you. You must have forgot. You told me you thought I was weak. I might be weaker than you physically, but Iím stronger than you mentally. Itís just a game.

Brady (Votes Rory): Hey, nothing personal man. Iím just being consistent.

John P. (Votes Rory): Iím voting for Rory tonight because you are the weakest guy in the tribe. Hopefully it will be 4 votes to get you out, or tied with me.

Chad (Votes J.P.): This is kind of a combination of your actions around camp and our strategy. Sorry, my friend.

Bubba (Votes John P.): I know you probably donít believe me, but I really did try to help you. But I wonít come to Tribal Council with my heart on my shoulder no more. And for the rest of the people in the game: game on.

Rory (Votes J.P.): J.P, the fact of the matter is, your apology is just very veil (???) and thin. I think youíre the most dangerous person at camp because you bring a very poisonous attitude to the camp. Peace

DC Notes: No Zion this time. I think the signal idea (signaling to the rest of the Fat 5 that he is in the alliance) might have been right-on.

Sarge (Votes J.P.): Once again, your encountering a moral (????). My strategy goes on. Got nothing against you.

Yasur Tribal Council
Mia Muscled Out

DC Notes: Oh WOW. The voting is so different from TV. Lisa was the betrayer?!?! Mia wanted to quit? Scout's a bitch? Julie's taking Dolly's boot really personally even though she said she wasn't? Leann doesn't like her alliance? Eliza's a pampered princess who doesn't like to be bossed around? Oh, wait, we already knew that one. Why didn't we see any of this???

Lisa (Votes Mia): I really donít want to vote for you, but one of the reasons I am is because I donít think youíre getting voted off, so I just donít want my vote to go to anyone else. In fact, I hope youíre still in the game and youíre not mad that I put your name down. See ya.
{ this is the one I really wanted to didn't† Does it make sense to anyone or am I not reading it right ? puddin scratches her head }

Scout (Votes Mia): Mia, I nicknamed you cool, and it has 2 meanings. Youíre cool, and youíre cool. Your volcano erupts a little more than Iíd like. Good luck with finding a husband that will put up with you.

DC Notes: No bright lights here. She looks normal today. She also doesnít bother to whisper. But OUCH! Mia must be one of those ice volcanoes, like the ones in... uh... nevermind.

Ami (Votes Mia): Mia, I just have to tell you that this morning I wasnít mad, and I was sitting there calmly, and the first thing I heard was you saying, ďI donít care, just vote me off. Iíll go home. I want to go home.Ē So thatís the only reason Iím casting this vote. Because you donít say stuff like that in the game. You gotta play hard the entire time. You canít give up at any moment in frustration, anger, or whatever, love. You canít do it, honey. Sorry.

Mia (Votes Twila): Twila, Iím voting for you. Itís either me or you tonight. Iím hoping you have a warm bed tonight and a good meal because I donít want to go home. You said you canít relate to women, and unfortunately, you got stuck on an all-womans tribe. I just donít want to spend another day on the island with you, so hopefully this is your last night with us.

DC Notes: Interesting contrast to Amiís vote. Plus, she STORMS up to the voting booth, just like an ice ... volcano.

Eliza (Votes Twila): Twila, tonightís my vote for you because youíre the only person here whoís ever yelled at me. Had Dolly not been playing both sides, I have to say my vote at the first Tribal Council would have been for you. I think you have an amazing work ethic, but you canít be here anymore. Sorry.

Julie (Votes Twyla): I donít know how to spell Twilaís name. Thatís how much weíve talked. Twi... la. Let me count the ways. Ha. Um, I think you are manipulative in the sense that you are an emotional light switch, pawing people. You never made an effort to talk to me in any sense. Dolly should be here instead of you. Thatís about it.

Twila (Votes Mia): I think youíre a young woman whoís got a big chip on her shoulder. I think you got a mouth and a half, and I think you need to go. Thatís all.

Leann (Votes Mia): I guess at Tribal Council I am confused, but I gave my word to some people as to who to vote for. And if you happen to still be around tonight, then I hope you can chalk it up to both of us making a bad decision.

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Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 3
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2004, 09:08:29 AM »
Thanks for the update

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Re: SURVIVOR INSIDER, Vanuatu: Episode 3
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2004, 11:35:57 AM »
your welcome Texan , I love reading these ..lots of clues as to what is going on behind the scenes , I still dont understand Lisa's reasoning for voting for Mia . Does anyone else think that she is setting up Eliza? Like making Yasur think that it was Eliza , not her that voted for Mia and went against her word† ?:)? We see in the previews that they argue about trust ...meow

thats funny I copied and pasted from sucks and these little dudes popped up ???:)*