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Insider Transcripts EP1
« on: September 19, 2004, 08:47:51 PM »
has put together some of the CBS insider transcipts, some alliance clues.... :)()

S9 Insider: Episode 1
by James Le
September 18, 2004

Chapter One

"Chad and His Foot"
Chad discusses his preparations for the challenge and what he does with his artificial foot. He explains that he needs to get all of the sand out of it. Meanwhile, John Paylok watches and states that this challenge determines who is ready to play.

"Yasur's First Night"
In order to keep warm on the first night, Twila steps up and helps to bring a tree down by walking on it. The women snuggle together and use the pawn fronds for warth. They cheer on Twila, and Twila says how she is worried about coming on too strong, but that it is in her nature.

"Brady's Hungry"
Brady discusses the little food he has eaten, mostly coconut. He is optomistic about the fire, saying that they will eventually get it. He believes it is a difficult thing to do, he says he is more hungry than thirsty.

Chapter Two

"Lopevi's New Camp"
The Lopevi tribe prepares their camp on the first morning. Lea discusses the importance of a shelter and is show building it with Chad and Chris.


"Ami Speculates"
After receiving the treemail, Ami believes the challenge involves individuals performing separate tasks.  She hopes they win Immunity, in addition to fire. Ami doesn't want to see a tribemate go and mentions that there has already been talk of who is possibly leaving.

"Yasur Needs Fire"
Lisa discusses that they need fire, she says noone has had any water yet. Mia mentions that some women were already broken down and that fire will help them out a lot.

Chapter Three

"Yasur's Perfect Day"
The tribe is very happy after winning Immunity and flint. They get fire and everyone is excited to drink some clean water. Ami and Scout chant on the beach in excitement, possibly indicating a bond. The tribe is happy and united.

"Bubba's First Impressions"
Travis talks about how great this experience is. He says the welcome ceremony was very inspirational and touching to him. He says the experience was overwhelming and that the Vanuatu people welcomed them in a very kind way
Chapter Four

"Tribal Council Voting"
JOHN K - votes CHRIS
You did not do well in the game today. I'm looking out for the future of this team. We really need to win on those balance beams, because I know they're gonna come again. Take it easy.

RORY - votes BROOK
Brook buddy, you've got a fantastic sense of humor. You were not my first choice, but I'm voting my strategy. Just to follow the unit of the elders, you gotta go. And nothing personal, it's just business.

Chris, you made me laugh harder in the last three days than ten to twenty of my closest friends who made me laugh. Ten to fifteen guys, you know.  But, I'm making this vote to save my own butt and it's definatly strategy.  Good luck, bud.

Just playing the game. I started playing it when I got to the beach. It's all part of the game man.

LEA - votes BROOK
You're a casulaty of war. You put me in charge, have everybody listen to me. I'm gonna tell them how to vote.

BRADY - votes RORY
Rory, if you get voted off tonight we're gonna miss your sage comments around camp. Right now man, it's all about team, we gotta win. Take care.

JOHN P - votes CHRIS
My vote's vote Chris tonight because part of this game is surviving challenges. And Chris, right now your the weakest link on the team.

CHAD - votes BROOK
You're a good guy, but I think you need to be a little bit more focused for what you're doing around camp.

This is a very heavy, hard time. You're a great friend, but I was asked to be in an alliance with person 'A'. Wish you had come to me first.

Chapter Five

"Brook's Final Words"

Chapter Six

"Brook the Day After"
Brook is happy about the chance to have played the game. He is upset because Survivor is such a big thing in his life, and he wishes he could have tested himself by staying longer. Brook says he got along well with a lot of people and that he doesn't have any hard feelings. Brook says getting on the show was a very cool experience, he says different strategies of the game don't always work or don't work. He said he wanted to be under the radar, he says that John and Travis were his friends and that if he did play more agressive that he would have lost quickly as well.

Sensitive Information (Alliances, Strategy)

- Reaction to the boot: Brady's idea to vote off Chris initially
- Brook thought he had 'Bubba' on his side
- Fat guy alliance - "Fat Five" Brook likes to call them (Chad, Chris, Lea, Rory, Travis)
- Brady worked for the first three days and did not start talking until they lost the challenge
- Brook had an unspoken alliance with the Johns way before they got to the island, Brook mentions continuously throughout the interview that he and John P. had a bond
- Travis wanted to vote out Rory but as the Insider reveals, he was committed to his alliance and had no other choice but to go along with voting out Brook
- Brook let John K. do the work in rallying votes for Chris
- Everyone praises Brady for climbing the pole
- The girls are fierce competitors, more so than most of the men
- Brook wanted to stick with the young, fit guys to prevent getting gained up on, previous seasons did not have that advantage
- Brady tried to cover up the fact that he liked Survivor but Brook picked up on that, all the men are fans of the show

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