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No real interest in The Apprentice this time around ? kidding  :)* I caught the last half hour , really good ending ..The Donald can be a real  Bad Ass  ?:) !

Ep2 Recap thanks to Zinc :)_{}

Show Recap: Apprentice 2 - Episode 2 Recap
Posted by: Zinc on Sep 17, 2004 - 12:52 AM
If you love everything Donald, you will love this episode.  Episode 2 was supersized for the super fan! 

Last week it was all about toys -- this week it's a  food thing!  The 17 remaining contestants have to work under pressure to make and market a new ice cream and they have to bring a level of sophistication to the challenge to impress the Donald. 

Who will be fired this week? 

You will be shocked ... I was!

The show starts with the contestants waiting to see who gets fired. There seemed to be a general consensus that Andy would be fired.   As you know, Rob got fired.   However, Andy seems to realize that he has more pressure o要 him to prove himself and admits that he is a "marked man" because of his age.  (He's 22 and you have to admit, it is pretty young to be running a company.)   A couple of the women, in particular, Ivana, thought Bradford was the weakest link o要 the team o要 the last challenge.  (Do I detect a mutiny?)

The phone rings at 5:00 a.m. advising them to meet the Donald at 8:00 a.m.   Stacie J. felt the experience was like high school - the women are ready to attach themselves to each other like friends but also ready to cut each other's throat.  She said she doesn't want friends.

The challenge:   The teams are to develop their own flavour of ice cream and then go out and sell it.  The team that makes the most money will win.   The other team will go to the Board room.  Someone will be fired.  As usual, George and Carolyn will be Mr. Trump's eyes and ears.

Mosaic all volunteer to be project leader so they take a vote.  Kelly was voted as project leader.   Kelly turns out to be very authoritative (some past military experience showed through).  He divided Mosaic into two teams - a sales team and a flavour selection team.  Kelly tells Wes he is going to lead the sales team.    Wes, Raj, Kevin and John are o要 the sales team and the rest go with Kelly.

Apex chose Ivana as their project leader.   Ivana's style as Bradford put it is too much of the velvet glove and not enough iron fist.  He summed it up rather nicely I think.

Donald Trump made an interesting comment.  He said lack of organization is lack of leadership and you cannot succeed with a lack of leadership.  Foreshadowing perhaps?

Mosaic Corporation:
Wes, leading the sales team, tries selling over the phone and really lays it o要 thick   actually making things up to make a sale.  i.e. talking about focus groups that love it (and the focus groups don't even exist!)  While the sales side of Mosaic are making their phone calls, the flavour team, meet with the chef at Ciao Bello.   They decided to make doughnut ice cream with real doughnuts.  Problem is, they don't have any doughnuts.   So they hop in a van and crash two Duncan Donuts, cleaning out all their doughnut.  In 14 minutes, they got over 300 donuts.   

Apex Corporation:
Meanwhile, Apex is tossing ideas out left, right and centre.  Stacie J. was not impressed with the chaos.  No decisions are made.  Four o'clock is the deadline to come up with their idea and ingredients.  At 3:45, they still did not have a decision. Then, just in the nick of time,  they came up with Red Velvet.  Lucky for them, Ciao Bello had all the ingredients in house.  Next they started their sales strategy.  While the team is talking strategy, Stacey J. gets o要 the phone to hired 5 temps  -  but didn't tell the rest of the people.  Needless to say, the temps were not hired.

Mosaic Corporation:
The guy's Sales and Flavour teams finally get together and the Flavour team were disappointed with the sales side, in particular Wes, as they were not able to sell the ice cream  to any restaurants.  What to do? They decided o要 a new approach.  Kevin's brother had a long battle with leukemia so they decided to sell it o要 the street and part of their sales pitch will be that they will be donating some of their profit to charity.  They decided they would sell in front o要 Toys R Us in Times Square (smart move - kids/ice cream - get it?).

When Apex arrived back at the apartment later that day, Mosaic Corporation leave all their information out.  Apex loses no time in reading Mosaics business plan/agenda including the plan to go to Time's Square.   Apex promptly adopt Mosaic's plan to sell o要 Times Square.

That night, Bradford hollers to o要e of the Mosaic team member, "you grow a set of boobies, you will be able to outsell my girls" seems like he watched last season's episodes, eh? 

Mosaic Corporation:
The next day, Mosaic arrived early at Times Square.  They want to be there to sell ice cream at 8:00 a.m.  Raj had enough bow ties for the entire team so they had that old fashioned uniform look.  Initially there was a fight between Raj and John about spending cash for something to eat because it came out of profit but they soon got into the spirit of things.  They had two carts to use.  They put both carts together.  For a sales pitch, they called their ice cream the "breakfast ice cream" because it had doughnuts in it and it was early in the day.  (Too smart!)   They aggressively sold the ice cream (well with the exception of Pamela who added a whole new definition to "monotone".  The guys even got a "Scooper" (Definition of Scooper: a really cute girl to scoop ice cream to help sell ice cream to guys).   Andy even got the phone number of o要e of the girl they tried to get to help them out? (Does this show his age or what!).  It should be noted that cash spent buying the doughnuts and the money they give to charity will be deducted from profits.  Therefore, the Mosaic team had a big decision at the end of the day - how much should they give to charity?  It could be the difference between winning and losing.

Apex Corporation:
Bradford got the team moving bright and early encouraging them to win.  If it took using their sex appeal, well, he had no problem with that!  Ivana said she would not play the sex card as strong intelligent women did not have to play that card.

They got to Time Square and started to set up to sell Red Velvet ice cream. Unfortunately, they had a run in with a vendor who had a permit for the spot.  That put a real wrench in their plans.  They decided to move.  They moved the cart (with the umbrella open).  They seemed just too disorganized - valuable selling time was wasted moving carts and then trying to find the second cart.  The second cart somehow ended up where it shouldn't be and they didn't know where they were.  However, when they finally got set up, Bradford really got into it, trying to "create a buzz" around their group.  He really went all out as a hustler.  Jennifer C actually got some of the restaurateurs to come to the cart to see their ice cream being sold/sample and hopefully buy (brilliant idea!) 

The day ends and it's back to the Board Room for the verdict:
$2,472.29 Apex
$2,707.85 Mosaic wins!

So Donald asks who the Apex team leader is and they say "Ivana" and Donald reacts,  " every time I hear that name"

Mosaic wins and gets to go out for caviar. 

Donald said from the Apex team has to go to the Board Room.  The o要ly o要e who can't be fired is Bradford because he is protected.  As for the rest

As all the contestants leave the Board Room, the Mosaic team stops to ask if the entire amount they made could be donated to charity. Trump agreed. (Way to go, guys!)

Mosaic Corporation:
At the restaurant, the Mosaic team enjoyed some very expensive caviar.  They had five different types of caviar.    I have to give them credit, they all tried it. Pamela loved it I'm not so sure about the rest. 

Apex Corporate:
A few of the girls got together o要ce they reeturned to the apartment.  They decided that Ivana was the weakest link ( remember high school - talking behind other's back - very similar).  Ivana says they should all get together to hash out what went wrong. The women (with the exception of Stacie J) get together and start to blame Stacie J for the mix-up with the lost cart.  Stacie J. walks in during the middle of it and they all stop talking  (again - kinda like high school).  Stacey J. challenges them.   Bradford said it's an all out knife fight and I don't think he's too far off. 

Anyway, the women and Bradford head to the Board Room.  There is still over a half an hour left of the show.   However, if you removed the commercials, it probably about five minutes.  (Yes, we are at yet another set of commercials).

Finally - they are in the Board Room.  Ivana started by defending their stradegy rather unsuccessfully.  She is no match for Donald Trump.

Carolyn said that, basically, if she gave the task to a 10 year child, the child could do it.

Mr. Trump pointed out a number of strategic errors.  For instance, he noted that the men looked better, in terms of dress.  Brad said they didn't sell sex.    Ivana said that she didn't want to sell ice cream by selling themselves. Donald said there is a difference between selling sex and "selling sex".

At the table, the following comments were made:
Bradford felt Ivana was average. Bradford also said he felt he performed well and, very surprisingly, he said was willing to waive his exemption.
Jennifer felt Ivana could have been more decisive; she was "not great".
Sandy said that she would have known where her people were all the time.

Then they got in a catfight over whose fault it was that the lost cart was lost.

Maria felt Ivana was not as strong as she could have been.
Stacie J. felt Ivana was disorganized; didn't take control of the team.
Ivana said that Stacie J. required a lot of supervision. She was a liability.

Sandy, Bradford, Stacy, Jennifer and Maria thought Donald should fire Stacie J.

Ivana was asked to pick two or three people to go into the Board Room with her. She picked two people to take in and then changed it to three. Mr. Trump pointed out she was very indecisive.

Stacie, Bradford and Jennifer were picked to go back to the Board Room by Ivana.

More commercials - love those commercials (NOT!).

Prior to the contestants going back into the Board Room, Mr. Trump asked his advisors, Carolyn and George, who he should fire.  Carol leaned toward Ivana and George felt Stacie J. should be fired. 

They came back in.  Donald said that Bradford should not be there and was so "stupid".  Donald said he gave Ivana the choice of who should be there.  As Donald is speaking, Jennifer tries to interrupt him to speak and he stops her immediately.   

Donald asked Bradford if he should be fired because what he did was stupid. Should it be him that goes?  Donald said that Bradford was the best o要e in the room. Again, Jennifer blurts out that "that's insane" and, again, Donald shuts her up.  (What is that girl thinking? He definitely runs the show in the Board Room.) 

Donald sums up why the four of them are there:
Ivana was a lousy leader, didn't have respect of team.
Stacie J was hated by all.
Jennifer really has got to keep her mouth shut because she opens it at the wrong time.
Bradford made a stupid, impulsive decision. 

He fired Bradford.

WOW!  I didn't see that o要e coming at all! 

And then there were 16!


I thought for sure it'd be Ivana or Stacy, not Bradford, even after Trump reprimanded him for giving up "Immunity".

I was hoping The Donald wouldn't fire Bradford, but had a feeling he would. The reason Donald gave for firing him was a HUGE lesson...not only to Brad, but to the others. "Dont' blow it while you're ahead..."is what he was saying. In the real world, a if a businessman has a big reward dropped in his lap, but tosses it only b/c he wants to be a "good guy" & show everyone his heart is in the right place? Puhleezz...gimme a break. I could not believe Brad was so stupid!! He was waaay overconfident that one of the girls would be fired. Wow, did he get the surprise of his life. What a costly which he may never live down. :\/ 88)) **0 :(*8

I don't think Trump really WANTED to fire Bradford.. I think he was just trying to bost his ratings and teach people a lesson. B:)


The Apprentice
No, he didn't! The Donald fired Bradford just because he got cocky and ran his mouth. That's so hypocritical. The billionaire Trump does that all the time, claiming his show was the highest-rated series of last season, overstating his personal worth and exaggerating the success of his projects. Yet when Bradford does the same thing he gets punished for it. Come on. I mean, yeah, it was stupid of Bradford to give up his exempt status. But to fire him for it... that's harsh.

And another thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, The Apprentice is one of he best reality shows with the worst prizes ever. The Mosaic men worked like dogs selling ice cream and their just reward was $4000 caviar dinners. What. Ever. Caviar is just fish eggs. Personally, I think it's random that in the days of fish farms it's still a coveted delicacy. Now if the Donald had sent Mosaic to Russia for that dinner or given them the cash equivalent of their overpriced raw eggs and fancy bread meal, then I would have been impressed. I'm just saying.

Oh, and Stacie J., girl. You probably suspected it before, but you know it now: Your curly-topped self is marked for takedown. (BTW: Where do you get your hair done?) So you need to chill on the acting cracked-out crazy and make nice with the Apex divas. If Ivana can survive this, so can you. For real.


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