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Gone.  I felt bad for her.  Julia looked totally stunned that she was not in the top 9.  

I never liked the image that Vanessa had! With her read hair, it is something that not many people can pull off. Only Kelly Osborn!

I thought Charles would be first to go, but after seing the recaps last night, I don't think Vanessa fit in with the rest of the group.

I wasn't surprised that Vanessa was the first to go.  She has a nice voice but she doesn't suit the American Idol image of appealing to lots of people.  She is very colorful and I can see her in a career in broadway.  I think as each week goes by, it will be heartbreaking to see who goes as they are all so talented.  This group of 12 is way better than the group of 10 from last year and I think the viewing public is voting based on good voice compared to looks, etc.  Next weeks show will be songs from movies I think.  That will be good.

This years group is much better overall than the first time around. There is no one that I don't like at all. It will be sad to see them go week to week.


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