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Episode 3

Episode 03 Summary:

While the Roadies and the Real Worlders party in the pool, some of the people notice Coral and Abe getting a little cozy and most agree that no one saw that match-up coming.

When the competitors show up to the mission site, they see a whole lotta snakes and learn they will be playing Snake Pit Poker. Oh, by the way, the 120 snakes inside the pit do bite. They aren't venomous, but we're sure the biting isn't pleasant.

The object of the game is to get into the pit and retrieve poker chips and then get them to the pit boss, who will put them in the poker chip holder. They can only take five chips out of the pit at a time and they must get 175 chips into the poker chip holder. The winner of the mission will receive Stiletto Bikes by Giant.

Theo, Frank and Brad volunteer to be team leaders and start concocting a Snake Pit strategy. On the girls' side, fun-lovin' Cameran appears to be bullied into volunteering for a leadership position, while Coral and Arissa also step up. BTW, Cameran thinks the girls take this game way to seriously. That kind of attitude wonít keep her around the ranch too long.

With most cast members quivering and saying they are deathly afraid of snakes, the mission begins. During the competition, the girls are lightening fast, so the guys decide to pick it up. Meanwhile, Tonya receives two penalties and Katie receives one. Cameran receives a penalty and so does Ace. Then, Abe gets a penalty before the challenge is over. The girls end up with four minutes of penalty time and they have 176 chips, which is one chip to many. The guys have two minutes of penalties, but they retrieved the correct amount of chips, so they emerge as the winners. "It sucks to lose to these cocky dudes who think they are always going to beat us," Coral says.

All the girls decide to vote out Cameran and Katie has no sympathy for the San Diego Real Worlder and notes it's easier to vote the newer people off because they donít haven any emotional attachment to them. While Katie flies under the radar for now, she has no shame in dissing other teammates.

The men in the Inner Circle have a difficult time coming up with a fair way to vote someone off since none of the guys performed that poorly. Theo steps up on Elimination hill and sends Ace home because his performances on the first two challenges weren't that stellar. They are sad to see the life of the party go, so, in tribute to him, all the guys break out the champagne and spray the Ace-man, who loves every minute of it. Ace narrates that he is pleased that he lasted two challenges this time and hopes he can make it to three next time.

After the mission, Abe and Coral play footsy at dinner and are looking too cute together. "The relationship me and Coral have gives me hope and a whole lot of joy to," Abe narrates. "And there is no person that I've ever met before that feels that they are as much my equal and my match that Coral is. It's very challenging, but I like challenges."

Episode 04 Summary:

Theo and Tonya make out on the dance floor, in the street, in the car...Dontcha just love The Challenge? Theo describes their hanky panky as "Two kids at summer camp sneaking across the lake in the middle of the night to go play crazy games with each other's body parts."

The Miz tries to give newbie Kina a heads up about these funny little things called alliances. He notes that if the new kids don't prove themselves, they will probably be the first people gone. The information he gives her doesn't seem to make an impact though.

As they are about to go to their third mission, Tonya makes a comment to Tina about how she's been on the phone a lot. Tina yells back that Tonya is on the phone just as much. Tonya remains calm while Tina decides this is the time to pull out the can of whup ass. Coral narrates that it's nice that she is not "the first bitch to cuss somebody out." "The fighting has begun ladies and gentleman; it can only go down from here," Coral observes.

Their next challenge is a team challenge called Melt With You. Inside each block of ice are Verizon Wireless cell phones. The team to melt the ice the fastest and then use one of the cell phones to make a call to a central cell phone wins. BTW, they can melt the ice any way they want, but no urinating! The winning team will go home with a PlayStation 2 and two games.

Dan, Shane and Shawn step up as team leaders and Ibis, Kina and Aneesa volunteer to be team leaders. Coral narrates that it's a risky, er, stupid move to volunteer as a team leader if you are one of the newer people. "You're probably going to end up going home," she sniffs.

Once the mission begins, it "kind of turns into a B grade prison video," Mark astutely notes. Crazy Tonya puts rocks in her mouth because, as Angela says, she doesn't "care what goes in her mouth." Tonya takes the hot rock out of her mouth and then licks the ice with her warmed tongue. She is clearly trying hard to redeem herself and clearly has gone nuts. The girls look like they are making a bad rap video, while the guys look like they are shooting some gay porn. "They [the girls] are doing everything to get it melted and I kind wish I was their cell phone," Dan cracks.

Despite Tonya and her team's best efforts, the guys come out on top. Yes, that's a pun. In the guys' meeting, they discuss voting off Mike, Abram, and Adam because they have all received penalties or DQs. In the girls meeting, they note Kina was working hard, but not leading hard. Katie narrates that she cannot believe how easily the new girls are intimidated and thinks about forming an alliance with them because some of the old girls still "piss her off."

At Elimination Hill, Adam gets the boot and this ladies man is not pleased, while Arissa lets everyone know that Kina will be headed home. Kina takes the news well and wishes her team the best.

Finally putting two-and-two together, Katie, Adam and Brad discuss how it seems all the newbie guys are being picked off, while Tina and Aneesa talk about how the cliques are forming. Angela says it best, "The girls who have done this for the last six years of their lives think they have control of the house and think they can bully people around." Cynthia tries to give the gals a pep talk, "Stop allowing yourself to bullied. Don't let nobody punk you. Don't be afraid to confront, even if that means you gotta go home. You need to go home with your self dignity. You gotta make it how you want to be, guys."

Coral offers a different view, "I really just want to win this money...I play the game the way I play the game and everybody can kiss my ass."

Episode 5

Episode 05 Summary:

Aneesa notes that while Ayanna had some major drama on her last challenge, it's "all love" this time around.

The next challenge is called Bombs Away, which involves strong puzzle solving skills and a strong stomach. Two people from each team will go head to head in an eating contest. Teams will have to eat everything from Wasabe to Cow Brains. If either one of the teammates pukes at their table, that team will be eliminated from the competition. The second part of the competition involves a series of puzzles. The more people they have at the end of the eating competition, the more people who can help solve the puzzles. The winners will receive a Viseon video phone. Woo hoo!

Mark, Steven and Chris will serve as team leaders for the guys, while Ayanna, Sophia and Coral decide to step up. Wearing a boybeater t-shirt, Tonya eats Wasabe like it's chocolate. In Abe's heat, he pukes and gets his team eliminated. This is his second disqualification so far this trip. During the puzzle portion, the guys have nine people, while the girls only have six. Ayanna tries to step up and help her team regroup when they are struggling during the puzzle, but Coral believes Ayanna was actually distracting her team with her yelling, rather than helping. The guys once again emerge as victorious.

In the guys Inner Circle Abe and Mike's names are thrown out. In the girls Inner Circle, Aneesa says Ayanna doesn't have a good understanding of how to express herself when she is being a leader and the other women agree she has got to go. Aneesa knows Ayanna will probably "flip out" and is willing to take the heat.

At Elimination Hill, the guys send home Abe and Coral is not happy that her honey will be leaving. Abe takes the news well and says he respects the decision and has no ill will. Aneesa has the difficult job of telling Ayanna that she is going home. After hearing the news, Ayanna takes the floor and wonders why her team didn't have her back. "I slept in my uniform last night because I wanted to win today and nobody stepped up today," she tearfully and angrily spews.

Back at the ranch, Ayanna puts her cardboard cut out on Aneesa's bed to make a point and Aneesa is not happy that her friend is failing to understand the situation. "Don't call me after this thing is over, because if you wanted to talk to me, you would have kept me here," Ayanna narrates before she leaves the dessert.

While maybe a few years ago Abe might not have dated a black woman, he does not see "color" as an issue in his relationship with Coral. "The concept of color has never even come into my mind," he says. ďThe only color I see with Coral is beauty." Coral narrates that Abe has brought out a kinder side to her and she just wants to be around him. Awww, these reformed bad asses are too cute together.

Coral and Abe have a tearful goodbye, where Abe tells Coral, "I've been missing you, just being a few yards away from you." "If I had to choose one friend for life, Abram would be it," Coral says. With the sun setting in the background, it's a super cheesy moment, but somehow, it's kinda cute too.

thanks for doing these recaps texan!!!
i only watch it during the commercials of csi miami, so its nice to read all i miss!!! :)_|

No Problem ~ glad someone is reading them


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