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Episode 15 Summary:

Ruthie worries that she or Sophia might be sent home unfairly today. The guys have their own problems and will have to begin finding reasons to vote each other off since they all are about on the same level.

Their next challenge is something called Car-Go. Using pulleys, each team must lift a car full of luggage 10 feet off the ground. The catch is, packing the car with the luggage is part of the challenge. The team that wins receives a nice assortment of exercise equipment.

Since there are only five people left on each team, Jonny informs them that they must only choose two team leaders. Eric and Dan are quickly chosen as leaders, and Brad worries that there was no discussion about the fact that only three people make it to the $180,000 and right now there are five guys left. Brad asks that they all discuss this and the other guys reluctantly gather to talk. Brad makes a speech about how he has a bunch of friends and he doesn't want to be the guy that gets burned. Basically, Brad knows he and Eric are the two guys most likely to be sent home, but if the guys win this mission, Eric receive immunity this time around. Meanwhile, a savvy Eric is fully aware that the only way he can survive is to be a leader and win today's challenge.

The girls bicker about choosing team leaders as well and Coral calls out Arissa and Ruthie out for not stepping up to be leaders. Finally, Tina and Ruthie decide to lead the women. Before the mission begins, Tina and Ruthie disagree on how the luggage should be packed in the car. They decide to use Ruthie's method and hope it will work.

When all was said and done, the guys win the mission. Surprised? Neither are we. As per their usual post-mission demeanor, the girls argue about why they lost the mission. Tina appears to be blaming Ruthie for their loss. How dare she!

Back at the ranch, Brad knows now he should have stepped up and said it wasn't fair for Eric to be a leader for today's challenge, while the other guys wonder how Arissa continues to avoid being a leader. Tina tells Ruthie that she would gladly pack her bags if it was between her and Coral or Sophia to go home. Tina feels it will be a difficult decision for the Inner Circle to choose between Ruthie and Tina. Poor Ruthie is just tired of hearing Tina toot her own horn after every frickin' mission. In the Inner Circle discussion, Coral complains that Sophia is trying to keep her friend Ruthie in the game when other people deserve to be in the game more.

It's a tense meeting at elimination hill when Eric and Dan let Brad know that he's going home. Brad is seriously bummed and looks like he is about to cry, but, thankfully, he holds it together.

Coral goes up to let the girls know that Ruthie will be going home, but a tearful Sophia takes her place on the hill and gives an emotional speech about Ruthie. Ruthie is a good sport about the vote-off and later narrates that she decided to play the game fairly because she never wants to sell her soul for money.

"You're not really playing an honest game even though everybody says that they are," Eric astutely observes.

The recap is not up yet....but I can tell you the girls will have a difficult time in the final.....they have to jump out of an airplane and Arissa squeaked by and it in the final 3 thanks to the guys throwing the challenge.

Mark explains that he and Eric made a pack in the beginning of the challenge that they would try and bring each other to the finals. Apparently, they have had a change of heart, though, and believe Dan and Theo have earned a position in the finals, which means either Eric or Mark will gracefully bow out of the competition. Both Eric and Mark are okay if only one of them is in the final mission? That's big of them, but come on' there's $60,000 at stake here.

Meanwhile, Arissa is freaking out once she finds out the next mission will involve being on top of a high building. This challenge is called Vertigo. Each team has to walk out onto a beam, high atop a building, and then stand on a pedestal. The team who stands on each pedestal the longest wins. The winners today will win Todd Oldham furniture.

Here's the guys' plan: Mark and Theo will be leaders. When they win, they will send Eric home. Arissa and Coral are team leaders today for the gals. Arissa is no dummy and knows she'll be going home if the women lose. Meanwhile, the guys have a little chit-chat and note that it would be valuable for them to have Arissa stay and have one of the stronger women go home. Hmmm, you thinkin' what they are thinkin'? Let's see what happens.

With the challenge barely underway, Arissa says she gives up, but Coral attempts to encourage her to keep trying. Meanwhile, Dan and Theo drop quickly. It's not your day, dude," Mark teases Theo. The girls seriously try hard while, Mark and Eric fall. The ladies have no idea what just happened, but it appears they have won the mission.

Coral wonders why Sophia doesn't look happy after the win. Referring to the fact that she might get sent home, Sophia explains that her battle isn't over just yet. "The only fault against me is that they are intimidated by my intensity," Tina chirps hoping she won't be the one sent home. Tina's ego is certain the girls won't win if she isn't on the final team.

Meanwhile, the boys cackle about their Oscar award-winning performance during today's mission. Mark is more than happy to sacrifice himself since he has already been to a Challenge final mission.

Coral and Arissa discuss who they should vote off and note that Sophia's puzzle solving ability could be useful. On elimination hill, Tina is shocked to learn that she will be going home. Tina curses a lot in her final speech, and says something to the effect that she deserves to be in the final mission, but hopes the girls win it any way. With jump rope in hand, Eric tells Mark he will be headed home. As Tina leaves, she still is talking about how great she is.


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