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I copied this from blows...

It can be viewed here. A great site that has episodes of each RW/RR Challenge of every season.

In case you don't want to view the site, here's the final cast list:

Host- Jonny Moseley

1) Eric (New York)
8) Mike (Back 2 New York)
8) Frank (Las Vegas)
8) Steven (Las Vegas)
8) Ace (Paris)
8) Adam (Paris)
8) Brad (San Diego)
8) Jacquese (San Diego)
8) Randy (San Diego)
8) Mark (USA 1)
11) Dan (Northern Trail)
12) Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
8) Shane (Campus Crawl)
8) Abe (South Pacific)
8) Chris (South Pacific)
8) Derrick (X-treme)
8) Nick (X-treme)
8) Shawn (Campus crawl)

8) Ayanna (Semester at Sea)
8) Genesis (Boston)
8) Ruthie (Hawaii)
4) Coral (Back 2 New York)
8) Aneesa (Chicago)
8) Tonya (Chicago)
7) Arissa (Las Vegas)
8) Cameran (San Diego)
8) Robin (San Diego)
8) Veronica (Semester at Sea)
8)  Cynthia (Miami)
8) Katie (The Quest)
13) Sophia (The Quest)
8) Rachel (Campus Crawl)
8) Tina (South Pacific)
8) Angela (X-treme)
8) Ibis (X-treme)
8) Kina (X-treme)

8) ~ voted off
Final 3

Okay I watched part of this show last night.  Not bad ~ not great yet  :)*  Looks like they will be kicking off all the new players.  The old timers (the ones that have played the game 100 times) have not repsect or want to get to know any of the new players.

Looks like COral and Abe maybe hooking up.  Most of the girls (oldtimers) have sayings on their shirts each challenge ~ boy beater ~ vote Kerry  ~ Got Hos?and more.  Like people are not already looking at their chest  ;;)

Any one else watching this?

Nope..I'm not watching it but, if you keep me updated ..I would read it everyweek.
Thanks Texan..smooches

Episode 01 Summary:

Game On
Thirty-six Real World and Road Rules men and women gather at a resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico for Battle of the Sexes, part deux to settle some old scores and start some new drama. Ski-boy Jonny Moseley has returned to host this gender showdown.

A few quick words about the rules...Every mission, three team leaders will be chosen. The team that wins the mission will have the three leaders choose someone outside of that "inner circle" to go home. The team that loses the mission will have to choose one of the three team leaders to go home. That should make things very interesting.

Upon arriving, Jacquese says it's time for the new kids on the block to step up and show the old guys what they can do. Meanwhile, Cameran is surprised that a lot of people don't know who she is. Katie is back for more and Veronica states that they "don't actively hate each other" like before. As for Ace, he's going "balls to the wall" this time. None of this getting-sent-home first stuff like on The Inferno. Of course, Coral is here to win all the cash, all the prizes and when she is bored, she promises to cuss a "couple bitches out." Mark Long who is also a veteran of these shows says that "unless the missions are like to dust the house or do laundry, I think we're probably going to win every mission." Huh. Heh. Huh. Let the trash-talking begin!

Bad Impressions
Right off the bat, Derrick is walking around like a drunken college student and leaving a bad impression with his teammates while he's at it. Apparently nothing Chris from Road Rules said to him during the X-TREME Face Off made an impact on him. Old-timer Eric sees Derrick's constant drinking as a sign of weakness. On the girls' team, it looks like Angela is being branded the outcast by a lot of the women who have done the Challenge before.

Dangle Drop Mission
The guys and girls learn their first mission is called Dangle Drop. Everyone must hang on to punching bags while they dangle over the lake. There will be four heats and the winners of each heat compete in the final heat. Abe, Adam and Eric step up and decide to be leaders for this mission. Genesis, Tina and Rachel serve as the girl team leaders. Coral likes this grouping because if they lose they can "vote Tina off."

Episode 2
Dangle Drop Mission
In the first heat of the Dangle Drop mission, the girls drop like flies. The same thing happens in the second heat and soon it's just Tina versus Abe, but Abe wins the heat. Rachel wins the third heat for her team and Coral beats Dan out to win the fourth heat. The winner of all the heats compete in the final heat, but Coral has had no time to rest and the girls worry that she won't do well. BTW, during the final heat, Angela and Cameran splash in the water while the rest of the team supports Rachel and Coral. Bad idea, girls.

The Vote Off
The women end up losing the mission and now the two teams must decide who they will vote off the resort. Tina and Genesis know that one of them will be headed home, while the guys have no trouble giving Jacquese his walking papers. He dropped from the bag quicker than all of the other guys. In a tearful speech, Sophia tells everyone they will be sending Genesis home. Genesis is sad to go and second guesses her choice to step up as team leader. As we expected, though, Jacquese has a good attitude about his departure. Besides, he has write his Bootyology thesis.

Feeling a little giddy, Ayanna and Tonya decide to steal one of the boys' massage chairs, meanwhile, Abe takes care of stealing the toilet seat off the latrine from the girls' powder room. The Battle of the Sexes has begun!


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