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Bachelor Bob Married!


Does everyone remember Bob Guiney?  He was in the group of Bachelors when Trista was the bachelorette, then he became the Bachelor where he met Estelle.  Him and Estelle broke up soon after the show aired.

Now he has married Rebecca Budig.  She is a cast member on my soap opera, All My Children.

They got married at a small ceremony!  I saw them on SoapNet special edition yesterday, and they looked so happy, it looked like real love, unlike alot of other relationships you see on TV!

Here is a link about the newly wed couple!

 *()* thanks for the news Pittgirl..she really is pretty.. :)_{}

I am happy for them. (#) Maybe that explains why he picked Estella over the perky one.  He was already falling for Rebeca.


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