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American Idol 2, February 26: Gotcha!
by Sting7 -- 02/27/2003

In the most surprising "results show" of the season, a few finalists found themselves on an emotional rollercoaster, like Nasheka (right). Here's a hint, she didn't advance to the Top Ten. Here's another hint. That's not the end of the story!

The final group of eight performed for the judges and there were more misses than hits. Surprisingly, the judges seemed in good humor, where a week ago they seemed distressed by a better group of singers. Tonight, I smell something big, but more that later.

Ryan welcomes us to the show. He introduces the judges and explains what “bling-bling” is and, sorry Paula, it is not your breasts.

Ryan now goes to the couch and chats a bit with the more controversial contestants of last night. He asks Juanita Barber if she got it all out. She says she loves Simon, but she didn’t like his comments. Ryan reminds Patrick Lake that Simon basically called him a fake. Patrick says Simon is entitled to his opinion, it’s wrong, but he’s entitled. Ryan asks Chip if he found his personality. Chip doesn’t really dignify it with an answer. Inexplicably, Nasheka gives Chip her cough drop. It was all very inside-y.

Now, Ryan announces that he will tell the contestants one by one if they were among the first three vote getters.

But, first, this is what I predicted after Tuesday night’s show:

Who I thought should advance:

1. Corey Clark

2. Joshua Gracin

Who I thought would advance:

1. Corey Clark

2. Joshua Gracin

I thought Patrick Lake would round out the top three, based on personality and the fact that he was put in a position to defend rock and roll. The rock-friendly crowd out there would vote for him.

But, that was yesterday (Patrick should have sung that!). Now, the results:

Nasheka - who shared her cough drop with Chip Days, did not make the Top 3.

Joshua Gracin - looks very nervous, but he’s in Top 3!

Ashley Hartman - has a wry sort of smile on her face, did not make Top 3. She actually looks surprised.

Corey Clark - looks extremely nervous, cool party boy? Could he have grown up that quickly? He’s in the Top 3!

Sylia Chibiliti - looks like she knows a secret! She’s not in the Top 3.

Juanita Barber - her ego had to wait backstage. She’s not in Top 3. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Patrick Lake and Chip Days have to wait for the commercial break to see if they are in the Top 3. Poor Patrick looks like he may faint! He’s hyperventilating and seems to be swooning! Back from commercial, Patrick Lake is in the Top 3!

And, I am three for three, baby! Are you surprised? Are the judges surprised? Who did they predict?

Randy predicted Joshua Gracin and Corey Clark

Paula predicted Corey Clark and Joshua Gracin

Simon predicted (he said “I know”) Joshua Gracin and Corey Clark

Three males sitting on the IKEA stools for the first time. Ryan says it’s time to announce the highest vote getter. He is... Joshua Gracin!

Joshua sings "I'll Be" again and we go to commercial.

And we’re back! That was quick, huh?

Patrick and Corey shake hands as Ryan blathers. The second highest vote-getter, and the next with a guaranteed spot in the Top Ten is... Corey Clark!

So, that’s eight seats filled. Ryan reminds us next week is Wildcard week. Simon, how does this work? (What, explanation is needed?) Simon says that they have reviewed tapes, and they have complete autonomy to put anyone they want in the Wildcard round. Not necessarily from the Top 32! And, there is a twist! Paula and Randy don’t even know what it is!

Ryan announces the contestants for next week’s Wildcard round! They are:

Aliceyn Cooney - was on one of the Good, Bad, and Ugly specials

Janine Falsone - she was prettier half of the boyfriend battling friends from the premeire

Olivia Mojica - never seen her

Carmen Rasmussen - never seen her

Kimberly Caldwell - slam dunk, I predicted her as the most likely in my ”Handicapping the Wildcard” article.

Trenyce - props to RNO staffer Phil Kural, who trumpeted for Trenyce!

Clay Aiken - also a given, I predicted him right behind Kimberly Caldwell.

Ryan asks if there is anyone else from this group who is going to the Wildcard round. The judges say yes! (Patrick?) It’s Chip Days! Wow!

But, wait! There’s more! They couldn’t take decide between two. There’s one more from this group! It’s Nasheka! (Who found the one negative comment from Simon among like five positive ones to fight about!)

For those of you who email me and stomp that the contestants have a right to defend themselves, you see more proof why it doesn’t pay. Juanita fought tooth and nail, and turned on Randy who was encouraging her to fight! She isn’t advancing, is she? Nasheka gets one more shot, but that was not because of what she did before last night. America chose not to give her a guaranteed seat! Fighting only makes you look immature, and why would someone vote for that? Patrick may have made the Top Ten if he handled Simon’s low-blow better.

It does not pay.

Corey Clark sings us through the credits and so ends the rounds of eight. The Wildcard round is next week. And it will be Aliceyn Cooney, Janine Falsone, Olivia Mojica, Carmen Rasmussen , Kimberly Caldwell, Trenyce, Clay Aiken, Chip Days, and Nasheka. That’s nine. That’s an odd number... and what is Simon’s twist? Remember when he was in New York a couple of weeks ago, mysteriously? Right while the Frenchie Davis fire was brewing? I bet there will be a tenth entrant! And, it will be FRENCHIE! FRENCHIE IS COMING BACK! I’m as sure as there is a nose on my face!

I can’t wait til next Tuesday!

Sting7 can be reached at

Great article.  Some of the people chosen for the wildcard show were not a surprise to me either.  I am looking forward to seeing the new ones that were picked from the Hollywood one.  I knew Josh and Corey would get through.  They had the better voices and deserve to be part of the final 10.  And I am sick of all the contestants arguing back at the judges especially Simon, it does show that they cannot take criticism and they act too cocky -- it might get cheers from their own group but it is a turnoff for me.  Just listen to what the judges say and take it for what it is, it is just a critique of their performance that night.  I love the authors idea of the twist of having Frenchie come back in.  I saw on ET that there was a huge petition signed in the thousands asking for Frenchie to be reinstated.   I am definitely tuning in to next weeks show. :)

Oh boy do I hope Frenchie is coming back ;)  Can't wait til the show!  I know what you mean about them arguing.  One of the girls who argued with him said something like "I made it here" but actually, looking back at the last auditions she was in the room that did not get to move on.  I remember her crying distinctively.  She was probably one of the replacements.  One of them couldn't even pronounce some of the words.  She had a lisp or something.  

Your right Mama, the girl that was mouthing off to Simon about making it this far.  She was the replacement for Frenchie and she did not sing very well or in tune.

I hope the "twist" is Frenchie coming back. I didn't think it was fair of them to have dropped her out of the competition. I really like the Marine, Joshua Gracin. He's my favorite so far.


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