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Amber and Rob getting married in Florida! and MB is paying for it!

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Brown Guy:
Amber and Rob getting married in Florida! ......and MB is paying for it!

This was on Access Hollywood:

May was one sweet month for Amber Brkich.

She not only won a million bucks on "Survivor: All Stars," but she also scored a fiancé out of the whole ordeal – fellow "Survivor" Rob Mariano.

The two TV lovebirds continued their romance off-screen after "Boston" Rob popped the question to Amber on the show's finale. While the happy couple has kept most of the details under wraps, there is one thing we now know for sure about their day at the altar.

"We don't want Jeff Probst to marry us!" Amber said.

But don't get the wrong idea about Amber, she's just trying to be courteous.

"Jeff is going to be a guest -- he's not going to have to work," she added.

And since the pair shared their love so openly – and successfully – on TV, the couple is considering letting fans in on the nuptials too.

As it turns out, their walk down the aisle may be a reality show of its own and reality guru Mark Burnett has already offered to foot the bill in order to get the wedding on the air.

"You can kind of get more of a dream wedding when it's on TV because it's going to be paid for, so I'll get more than I ever dreamed of getting," Amber admitted.

However, there's one aspect of Mark's track record that worries Amber.

He has a connection with the weather," she said. " It always rains on 'Survivor,' so he better make it be a beautiful day and not a rainy day."

But televised or not, the couple is planning on a simple affair.

"She wants to have it on the beach, I think," Ron revealed.

"I do," agreed Amber. "I want the guys to wear linen pants and untucked short-sleeved shirts and wear flip-flops."

As far as a date goes, Rob and Amber are pointing towards early summer 2005.

Blue Jean Baby:
Cool, thanks for finding that and posting it here.  i think they are a cute couple...


LOL Brownie..ya beat me to it
Thanks for posting the article  (#)

Blue Jean Baby:
You all find the best things... i searched yesterday and found nothing new to add, lol.


Thanks for posting Brown Guy.  I do hope they televise it.  Maybe they should get married on the Pearl Islands and have their reception in the house Rob built for their tribe.   :)_|


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