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:hello2: guys!

I made this spreadsheet, listing the positions of each team for each marker, for each leg. It notes Detour changes, transportation orders, penalties and where they were incurred, Roadblock count, and more. :)

I've finished 11 seasons so far (01, 10-11, 17-24).

Here are the links to the file in Google Docs:
Docs Spreadsheet form
.XLS File (download through 'File' tab)

I made the spreadsheet on a laptop using Excel 2003. Message me if there are technical problems. :D

Have a look and enjoy :waves:

Hey there Karpov! Wow, those are really impressive! They will definitely prove interesting and useful to others!

Not to undermine your work or anything, but I thought I'd let you know that some marker-by-marker statistics have already been created for races 1-13 (though not quite to your level of quality)

They're over on The Wiki!

Karpov, how about you work with GB on updating the wiki?? That would be AWESOME!!

What Karpov can do is add his work to the RFF Wiki. :tup:

Yeah, I was planning on adding more marker-by-marker tables at a later date, but if Karpov wants to help he certainly can :D


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