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Mustang Club of Switzerland (MCS) speaks about TAR

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I'm glad to finally share with our members the ongoing correspondence I've been having with René Suter, the President of the Mustang Club of Switzerland.  Now that René is no longer bound by his non-disclosure agreement with TAR, he has kindly agreed to answer my questions regarding the behind the scenes activities he and his club members experienced during filming of TAR24 Leg 9 in Lucerne Switzerland.

Among the questions posed to René were "how was the Mustang Club approached to provide the classic cars for the show?  Did WRP contact you directly?"

His full response follows:


The first contact took place with Ford USA. From our side were my deputy and I present on site during filming.

There were many people on the spot. From the Productions Company as well as from Ford.

Generally I can say that we invariably had a very professional and very pleasant cooperation.

We are of course proud that we were able to attend such an important production.

We also made photos 'behind the scenes'. But until now I did not get permission to publish the Pictures on our Website.

Best  regards


Mustang Club of Switzerland (MCS) website (translated)

Looking forward to seeing the behind-the-scene TAR photos when they are posted on their site.  Thanks once again to René Suter and the fine folks at MCS.   :hoot:

:tu Boingo and René Suter!

Thanks for posting this and thanks to René Suter.


"Behind the scenes" TAR pix from Mustang Club of Switzerland

 :hoot:  Once again our new friend, René Suter, President of the Mustang Club of Swizerland, has delivered as promised and posted (on their website) many "behind the scenes" photos of the TAR24 task in Lucerne, Switzerland.

2014 Amazing Race pix or slideshow

Among the pix of the crew setting up the location are shots of Phil and even BVM.  Cool stuff.

Thanks once again to René and the fine folks at MCS.   :yess:

Awesome fun to see! Thanks Boingo!!


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