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Two items to update:

1. The post-production staff and editors, who aren't under a union contract, have gone on strike as of this morning (Wednesday) and the expanded premiere episode (90 minutes) announced last week along with the shift of the Big Brother finale as 90 minutes on the same night, has not been completed.
2. As referenced in 1, the premiere is now 90 minutes, as CBS moved the final episodes of Extant out of premiere week, as well as the September sweeps period.

In other news, Planetbuff has released the two tribe buffs for this season: COYOPA and HUNAHPU

If this seasons premiere is delayed, I would be VERY disappointed, I feel like this season can't come soon enough! Really excited

Burnett's company agreed to union recognition and contract talks overnight, so for now, the strike is over.

I'm very happy for a 90-minute premiere :<3


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