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 :funny:  Not technically a TV show, but certainly a "reality video" from Scandinavia.   This viral video was created to sell a used Volvo.  ROFLMAO.  enjoy!         ;)

 :funny:  Yes.. Buy my Volvo!


 :funny:  "Buy My Volvo" UPDATE:   The Volvo has been SOLD! (according to the author).   :groan:

Fun Fact for TAR Fans:
Did you know that this video was filmed in a city to be visited in the upcoming season of The Amazing Race, Season 25.   :hoot:
It's the city of Malmo, Sweden.   :yess:   Notice the futuristic water tower built in the 70's.  Looks like something right out of The Jetsons.   :funny:  It's a local landmark, and sure to be seen during the episode (hopefully).


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