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How was TAR24 overall?

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For me, this season isn't the best... and probably the worst. :(
Here're the things pulling TAR24 down. (IMO)
1.) Two-thirds of the race visited 4 countries only. :(
2.) Three continents for an all-star season.
3.) Even though I liked almost all of the teams towards their respective ends, the cast from the beginning wasn't very... :res: *sigh*
4.) The flights in legs 3 and 4. :res: (I don't like TAR doing the flights for them, but if they have to, I hope they wouldn't pull the teams too far apart.)
5.) Leg 1 task design. :res:
6.) Hybrid team downfall. (I'm not against all hybrid teams.)
7.) SLT without a little penalty or big time consumption. (at least the latter, like the one in TAR20)
8.) Lack of new countries. :(
9.) Some of the tasks are pretty boring. :(
10.) Shortened intro in all episodes save the first and the last.
11.) 3-peaters. (I like them all towards the end, but I would definitely want to see the "other" teams more, or their racing experiences wouldn't be equal at all.)

What made the season a little better (but still couldn't make up from the season's bad burns): (IMO)
1.) Drama, which is always lurking around in almost every season.
2.) Some new records in TAR history. (definitely there almost all the time)
3.) The great locations: Orvieto (not the leg drama please), Switzerland, Seville, Malaysia night leg, Finale night leg
4.) The close pit stop finishes.
5.) Leg 10 is the best. (IMO)
6.) Finale as night leg! :conf:
7.) Some tasks are good. (Unfortunately, most of them are bad or boring. :( )

What TAR should do:
1.) Make Leg 1 better!!! :hoot: :hoot: :hoot: (I hope a member from the task design team sees this, at least this.)
2.) Make new twists and bring back the great classic twists (midpoint elimination (even if it's not in leg 1), yield, intersection, etc...)
3.) New NEL penalty, (I'm tired of the speedbump, who isn't? They changed the ones from the earlier season, so I think they should change from time to time.)
4.) A better penultimate leg. (I got bored with that episode I wasn't able to write a commentary/review for it.)

There's a lot more and I can't remember all of them. I know most people here will add the winners which they don't like (and which I'm fine with) and Leg 6 (which is just an "okay" leg for me).

For me TAR24 is the worst season. :( But I hope TAR25 will be great! :hearts: How about you? How's the season overall?


I LOVED the tasks. The cast and the route could have been better, but in the end, it was a pretty good season, imo.

Don Task:
It was the 24th best season so far! I loved Las Vegas leg and I liked KL night leg and soccer task @ Liverpool.

But first 8 episodes and only 4 countries? Phil didnt even mentioned number of countries during the winners announcement. No new countries and 4 countries in the first 8 episodes totally disgusted me the whole season. :-(

I've been always excited to see a new episode. I've been counting down the hours to the next episode... but during this season I have been bored to watch it. :(

Anybody who complains about 3 continents on a returning racer season should consider that they have already raced before so I think that to be honest, they should be limited to which countries they go to


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