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Who has played the better game? - Tony or Spencer

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Not even a question. Tony has pissed off a lot of the jury, but if he DOES make Final Tribal Council, he's going to try to use him finding idols as reasons to get people to vote for him. Spencer has been in an alliance that consistently lost members every week, remained the sole member of the alliance, and did good moves (manipulating Tony and Woo for Jefra vote). Spencer is going to win this thing.

Glamazon Racer:
Well I just cast the first vote for Tony in that poll. :lol:

He has played spectacularly - the closest thing we have had to Russell Hantz yet still very different. But I don't think he can win, similarly to Russell, although I do think he could come closer.

Spencer has played a great game too - the thing is that Spencer could be a brilliant strategic force, and I would love to see him play from a position that is not the minority at some point. :lol: Would love to see him play in the majority... but I'd prefer to see him win next week instead. :P

...because Russell cannot handle a jury...

When answering the question asked, I would have to say Tony has played the best game because he was basically running the show and controlled every boot, while Spencer continued to be part of the minority tribe, and basically has survived because of Tony.

I also think Spencer will not win the game because I feel like that LJ, Trish, and Jefra are not going to be bitter and will vote for Tony if it is Tony vs. Spencer vs. Woo/Kass. Leaving to either a 4-4 vote (and I don't know how this would be solved) or a 5-4 vote if it's final 2.

I might be wrong, but I feel like Tony will win this game.


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