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OK, so I was just thinking about past Seasons and all the great, popular teams that have rose to fame among the fans from running the race, and it got me thinking, what about all those unfortunate teams that have been forgotten over the years.

When I say Forgotten, I mean teams that are very rarely mentioned among us fans or within the threads on RFF or even on Sucks.
These may be teams that you loved and people just don't remember them, or teams that you feel deserve more recognition then they get.

For example -
Duke & Lauren from S10 were my favourite team from the whole Season, and did incredible on their first 2 Legs, coming 2nd & 3rd.  But with one minor mistake on Leg 3, (If I recall, choosing the wrong detour, its been a while since I watched the Season) it did them in and that was the end of them.
I honestly thought they could have went a really long way, and deserve much more recognition but it just wasn't to be.  :'(

So, my question is simply, which other teams do you feel fall into this category?  :)

Monique and Shawn. I really loved them for some weird reason on TAR16. :P

Anthony and Stephanie (if that's even their names...)

Avi & Joe, from TAR6.

John and Scott aka Stekay's fav team  :funny:


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