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Live Feed Updates Friday 5/2/14 - Sunday 5/4/14

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Heather leaves to check if anyone was listening

 Jon gives the  side eye to us and shrugs his shoulders

 Sabrina reading her HOH letter

Sabrain leaves the HOH to check on why the lights are not off

 Jon and Heather are fake out the convo to  Sabrina saying they were talking about Janelle and Will

Heather they said that the F3 people wont  know what happened in the game till 3 days after that 's why the wrap party is 2 days after

HG get told not to talk about production

Neda out of DR

 JOn Sabs still trying to figure out how teh F4 Veto goes

 The HG's arent sure if the HOH was a cliff hanger.. (it was)


Sabrina thinks the F4 gets all sorts of stuff

 Neda is smelling pillows.. to see which is hers

Neda goes to wash an apple

 Sabrina farts and neda calls her out on it

 Sabrina tries to deny it

Sabrina did you read that when we win we'll get a lump sum of money


Sabrina in the kitchen getting water. blows a kiss in the air and heads up to HOH

 Then gets in bed  Thank you God and Jesus for making this happen im so grateful

Neda Heather and Jon all passed out already :lol:


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