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Live Feed Updates Friday 5/2/14 - Sunday 5/4/14

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Sunday 5-4-14


Finale Wednesday

Adel evicted 2-0

Sabrina won HOH Before or After

Gary Levin aka Glitter Gary  came inside the house to dress the HG's for an Awards Dinner

HG's had a Final 4 Awards dinner party

Sabrina nominated Jon and Heather  up on the block

Jon won POV MarshaLand

Jon is on Slop and Cold Showers  which he chose during the POV part of How bad do you want it till eviction day

Neda has to wear her costume till eviction day  as part of the POV How bad do you want it

Jon used POV on himself -Sunday

Heather was evicted 1-0

Arisa told the HG's that Canada is the  7th Jury Vote

HG's had to make a plea to Canada for their vote

Neda Jon and Sabrina are FINAL 3

Thursday  Finale Night 5/8/14

 Jon wins part 1 and part 3 HOH

 Neda wins Part 2 HOH

 Jon chose Sabrina  to go to the Final 2

Jon wins BBCAN2 :party:


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