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Finale Wednesday

Adel evicted 2-0

Sabrina won HOH Before or After 

Jon finally out of DR he goes to HOH to listen to Sabs music

 Heather cant go into the HOH

 Neda still cant wear make up till Monday

Jon I love Michael Jackson!

Sabrina OH Yeah??  i love you Michael i went all the way to LA for your funeral

Neda to DR

Sabrina to heather you know that they would take each other

 Heather i know..  if i get off then im evicting jon

 Sabrina  i want to know if your final 2 is real with me..

 Heather i would want to know if you are true.. if you have a f2 with them  then
 sabs i have nothing with jon

Jon in

 Sabrain i would be the one who would lose in a f2 agasint any of you

 Jon me too

 Sabrain stop that..  youa re being cocky

 Jon no im not


 sabs i have one with neda

 heather i will promise you i dont have one with jon

 Sabrina right now  is not the time to lie FFS bossy much!

Sab/Heather so tomorrow if you have something you want to TELL ME you come and see me ok.

 Heather yeah

Heather and jon talking f2 in the main bedroom

 Sabrina goes into her empty HOH

Heather it's so much easier for sabrian to put up and take out Neda

 Jon i think our best chances is each other  and then tell her to **** off..

 Jon we made this day one adel and neda have no idea

Heather  i know

 Jon it's almost good how this works out..  it's emotional but it's good

 Jon we can stand there  on f2 we both can beat sabs in the comps



Jon Neda is not even nervous she thinks either you or i will take her.. i love her but it;'s what best for me it's not neda

 Heather it's whats best for you game.

 Jon i dont think so either


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