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TAR Canada 2: SPECULATION and DISCUSSION of Spoilers

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--- Quote from: stunami on June 05, 2014, 11:00:47 AM ---I'm sure the missing leg is between Winnipeg and Paris... Maybe Cuba, or the DR?

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Cuba would be kinda cool as TARUS will never visit there


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--- Quote from: WindsorSue on May 24, 2014, 08:24:27 PM ---I came upon this interesting tweet:
Amanda ‏@amanacondaa May 21
they were filming a chevrolet commercial on major's hill park this evening. what are the stats for pick-up truck owners in ottawa?
3:32 PM - 21 May 2014

This was the night before the final leg was filmed. Major's Hill Park is on a bump out of land between the Parliament Buildings and the National Gallery. It is a very iconic spot to take pictures, especially when the tulips are in bloom (which they were), because the Parliament buildings serve as a back drop. Chevrolet is a sponsor again this year. The prizes have not been announced yet. I am not saying this could be the finish line, but it could make for a nice "money shot". I just thought it would be worth posting just in case.

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LOL. When TAR ended in Atlanta at the Swan House, production told me they were filming a "Ford Commercial" and it was a closed set.

Yeah, right. :lolmao:

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Yeah, Major's Hill Park could very well have been the finish line. Good point!

Just like last season's finish line on Olympic Island. The cars were right there, and they had a perfect view of the Toronto skyline in the background (they used that same shot to talk about the cars in every episode, too).

I was just looking  up what the place looks like, and I could totally picture Jon and the teams standing there.

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I was waiting impatiently for CTV to announce the prizes....YEP 2 Chevy Silverados!!!  :wohoo:

So...why does the TAR page at CTV say a HALF MILLION DOLLAR prize? Could it be increased to $250,000 EACH? ???

--- Quote ---'The Amazing Race Canada' gets pumped up with super premium half-a-million
dollar grand prize
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Or does CTV join CBS in worst proof reading ever?  :funny:

The prize's overall value is 500k. 250K cash + the extras = 500k

Seems odd wording...but okay!


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