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Live Feed Updates Friday 4/25/14 - Thursday 5/1/14

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Rachelle evicted 3-0

Jon Won HOH On the Ropes

HG's in the HOH talking about the HG's

Jon is :hosed:

 Neda hid some vodka in one of the hasecks

Adel to Sabrina

 Adel I  want you to know that when i got my buzz worthy tweets one of them said not to trust you

 Sabrina ok. well Kyle and paul both told me that you called me a cow

 Jon hey we're all F5 and you both hate each other and are still here so  lets be nice

 Adel goes down to the kitchen

 Sabrain im trying to be civil

 Jon he wont be mean to you

 jon there wont be no adel/sabrina stuff..

 jon to Heather you agree?

 Heahter yeah

Adel Neda Jon heading outside

 Sabrina wants to listen to the music when Heather is done


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