Author Topic: TAR 24 East Coast EP 8 SHOW updates and commentary **Please read the rules**  (Read 15289 times)

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I can understand that the cowboys wanted to get beyond the w-turn ASAP, but it probably wouldn't have hurt for them to make an attempt at the donkey riding challenge first.  I mean, how difficult could that task be for two world-champion bull-riders?  If they got through that, and found they had been u-turned, they could still use the express pass to skip the building task.  If they were not u-turned, they could save it for the road-block.  I think they just assumed any team ahead of them was going to use the u-turn on them if possible, so they were locked in to the idea of using the express pass quickly. 

That was their strategy I think. They elected to do the building so if in case they had already gotten U-turned they would be able to go back to the donkeys, but best case scenario (which happened) they didn't have to do any of the detour tasks. I think if the Cowboys hadn't been with D/C at the u-turn board, they would've been u-turned.