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Second season of the series starts tomorrow. Anybody else have seen the first one? It hook me up since the beginning; and Tatiana Maslany does an awesome work as the different clones.

About Tatiana's work here, take a look at her:


 :ascared Borrowed the neighbors DVD box set and binge-watched season 1 last week.  Better than I expected, in fact, down right scary at times.  As mentioned, Tatiana is quite accomplished in her multiple roles.  Looking forward to binge-watching season 2 when the neighbor gets around to buying it.  :funny:

Best part about watching it on DVD is the "extras".  I kinda knew she really didn't have a British accent, but what threw me was that the actor playing her brother really didn't have one either.  Until I heard him speak normally in the "extras", I thought for sure he was a Brit.  He really nailed the accent.   :groan:

Cordelia Crichton:
Best. show. ever.

Tatiana is perfect in every way. That is all.

True that. Tatiana is a true star <3


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