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Live Feed Updates Friday 4/18/14 -Thursday 4/24/14

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Allison Sabrina Rachelle  think thee neda is with her sister

Allison i want to know what is going on

 Allison heads over to the war room to listen in

Allison is listening on the door and neda is on the other side listening to them :lol3:

Sabrina thinks that it's a question marathon this year so she wants them to study everything

everyone but Neda in the main bedroom

Neda says good night to us and takes off her mic pack, grabs her HOH letter and re reads it

everyone else trying to sleep in the main bedroom

Allison knows that Neda is in the war room

 Jon knows that Neda is in the war room  he was sitting out side the war room and neda was saying he was sketched out

 Rachelle tried to listen in on the war room

Allison got up and tried to get into the War room again :o she moved the slates but nothing happened

Neda didnt budge she was passed out :funny:


Jon up looking for neda he cant sleep  :'(


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