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Arlie evicted 5-0

Arlie is the 1st person in the Jury

Canada is the 7th Jury vote

Neda won HOH Pier 21

Neda gained access to the War Room

There is an INSTANT EVICTION this weekend

HG's are talking about their heritage items

 Neda can hear them thru the war room door

The HG's think that Neda is on a HERITAGE TRIP! :lol3:

Sabrina Rachelle Allison head out back

 Sabrina every time adel talks to me  he makes me feel like a piece of crap like my father. like who is he he's out second in every comp

 Allison you all wanted to keep him so we did..

 Sabrina yeah he lied and then ran right back to jon and neda and went up their ass

 Sabrina i believe neda will keep her word cuz she made a F5 w/us and i dont think she will do it

 rachelle i think they still have a F4

 Allison i dont think so that scares me

 Sabrina what they said that in case we won.

 Allison yeah

Neda this is so ridiculous.. i want to know what alliosn is saying to them

 :funny: :funny:

Neda knows what the gremlins are saying she keeps asking to see allion's lips.

Neda she already knows we promised them f5 so is with them or us

SDel /jon we're back in the running bro

 jon it would have been so smart for them to keep him

 adel yeah he said he would have went after you and alliosn

 heather they threw their game  out the window and Rachelle didnt cry till Allison lost

 adel i saw it

 heather that's why she hugged Allison before neda

Sabrain adel acts like he trusts you alot but he runs back and tells jon

 Allison he swore up and down

 Sabrina he swore on his Koran

 Sabrina he said he cant wait to **** him

Sabrina he swears up and down on his Koran and then does that.. :groan:

  who cares about swearing on things it's a game! :groan:


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