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Sarah evicted 4-3

Neda won HOH We're counting on this

Neda nominated Rachelle and Sabrina

POV Players Neda Sabrina Rachelle Arlie Heather Adel

Arlie won POV

Arlie used POV on Rachelle

Neda nominated Kenny

Kenny evicted 5-1

TBD  won HOH How We Roll

Allison i was going to see if i could use yoru shower but now i dont think i will

 JOn i wouoldnt

 Jon masturbates in the shower  he just said that he was 7 for 7

 Jon  so no one in this room took the  cigarettes?

 Arlie says no allison no heather no

 Jon I put the maple syrup down the drain :lies: Neda did

 Allison ruthless!

 Neda laughs

 Allison yo knew didnt you

 Jon and i did the  keptchup and mustard

 Adel  no way

Adel what did yo do  with it

 Jon i put it in the garbage

 Adel did you?

 Jon all of it.


Neda  admits it was her

 adel is shocked

 Neda i was going to tell you guys afte Kenny  and sarah left i didnt want him to get mad..  i wnated to make him weak

 allison ruthless.. i knew something was up when  you were laughing

 neda i was so  mad when sarah diddnt use her slop pass..

Jon dont let  Sabrina find out

I'm done for the night :waves:

Jon  i the main bedroom says he's not hung over

 Heather the backyard is closed

jon for what have not

 neda yeah and maybe a luxury

 jon can i do the luxury

 neda yeah

 Rachelle Sabrina in the bathroom

 Adel showering


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