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Jon and Neda in the bedroom

 neda i think i wnat sabrina gone

Jon if rachelle wins POV she will save sab first

 Neda and you wouldnt have been safe  if i didnt  win that  question

 Neda i knew that if Rachelle won she would have been disqualified she kept talking to me

Neda i hope it's an instant eviction that's why i threw it

Adel in the bedroom why didnt she pick Sabrina then Kenny would have been with teh 2 rug rats

 Jon we went from the slums to the top

 Neda no dont say that

 Adel and Jon jump and dance around

Neda I already told Heather to put up Rachelle and Kenny

JOn into the bathroom dont feel comfortable in the game when yo do that you are ****ed

Neda yeah i was saying that and what arlie is doing is good  this why they dont have definitive proof that he's with us


Jon up to talk to Arlie

 Jon Adel is saying that we can show them our allaince

 Alrie he wants to be all crazy

 Jon yeah he's name dropping and stuff.. he's all over the place

 Arlie you need to start explaining to him when i do it he thinks im being sneaky

 Jon he wants to put kenny straight up not BD him

 Arlie as long as he doenst **** it up  we need to have a real talk

 JOn we will and in here is the perfect spot

Heather out of the DR

 heather to kenny im sorry kenny

 Kenny it's ok not a problem :lies:

Sarah telling jon that sabrina wants jon out that he's a big reason  why andrew went home and if you blow this up i wont be able to get information  from them

 sarah are you still  up for us 4 working together

Jon yes we'll talk about it tomorrow and see what happens tomorrow

Sarah i feel like im being ****ed over cuz you said that we'd vote out andrew and then next Sabrina and now you guys aren't putting her up

 Jon you think i have say in this

 Sarah yeah i think you do have alot of say in it..   and i dont know maybe im just getting ****ed over by arlie as well jsut tell me i can rust you

Jon you can

 Sarah maybe im just getting  ****ed all around

 Sarah in to talk to Arlie if it's instant eviction  who's going up

Arlie kenny/Rachelle

 Sarah if that's the case do you think you will get out Rachelle

Arlie i dont know but i cant turn my back on that side

 Arlie it's good for him to stay cuz he's a bigger target

Sarah well Jon is lying to me cuz he just said that he would keep Kenny

 Arlie i havent talked to him about taht right now and maybe  he is lying right now

 Sarah i dont trust jon  right now

 Arlie you are asking me to  turn my back  openly on the other side of the house

 sarah but you are turning yoru back on this side of teh house

 arlie not openly.. hiddenly..

 Sarah  why cant you turn it around and blame one of them

 arlie they want  kenny out. i dont think they would believe me  and they know how close i am alliance wise to kenny

Sarah  i think no one has my back and this whole plan b alliance  no one has my back and  you are sending home somone that does have my back  and i thin it's ****ed up  and i know that it's happening anyway but i dont have to like it and i dont ahve to go along with it.

 arlie you thinnk they  dont have your back but they do and yo dont have to worry about it for a long time and then we can go far

arlie you dont have to like it but  it's  the best and it's a bumpy road but we can get there

 sarah i dont know why you can t figure out a way to get sabrina out youa re running that side

 arlie they wont do that  adel has been wanting to use that card  on kenny  ever since he got it.

Arlie they know im polaying the middle  jon haas neda adel has heather

Sarah is crying  i hate this ****ing game.. i hate to keep people  that are doing nothing but sabotaging things and  that are doing nothing and i feel like a horrible person.


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