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Sabrian and rachelle out at the HT

 Sabrian  it's so much nicer now with out them here and you see  they were taking others out and now it's me and yo  and  we're the good ones

 Jon comes out back and says they can use his HOH bathroom and jsut sit on teh sofa

 sabrian thanks now we dont feel like  outcasts

 jon leaves

 sabrian you see jon was always the nice one

 rachelle i dont understand how Adel's power works that's a really long power

 sabrina  he lied about it

Jon is very happy that he got pics  of Janelle  in his hOH

 jon is drunk already he's got liquor

Jon if my dad wasnt proud of me he would be like you are such an idiot so that is a huge relief to me

 Adel wants to have an HOH slumber party

Neda why did you use the veto

 arlie i knew that allison counted things and i wanted people to  guess it was a 50/50

 alliosn  i was dumbfounded that kenny was out at that time and then arlie buzzed in

 jon i dropped a huge F bomb

 Neda yeah ****ing ned balls!

 Jon yeah?

 Arlie sabrian /rachelle should have put kenny up with one of us

jon neda you got it right?

 neda yeah

 jon you're so badass

 arlie  Sabrina cracks under pressure she said she didnt hear the question

Sabrian that number 1 i ahd no idea.. i cant talk about it here but they are out.. and i have no idea

 rachelle oh?

 rachelle he just does not seem like it.

 Sabrina is excited they made it to jury she keeps counting the money


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