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Live Feed Updates Friday 4/4/14 -Thursday 4/10/14

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Andrew Evicted 7-2

Heather won HOH Big Brother BlindSide 

Feeds are on Hush Hush

Half Nots were picked

 Sarah Rachelle Kenny are half nots

Sarah has a Slop pass  so she doesnt have to  do that part but she has to sleep in the room

Kenny you guys have to  be on me cuz i will eat.. im bad

 Sarah i need to  get some clarification with the pass..  it's 2 weeks  anytime separately

 Kenny oh really

Sarah im thinking i can try and save it for another time

 Arlie volunteering is a boss

 Kenny if i was you right now i yo would be like  why did you do that

 Sabrina  that's fine i volunteered and i was regretting ti 4 seconds latger.

 JOn did you put it all back on

 Sabreian i put 4lbs on 

 Kenny i need to learn how to make it

 Adel Heather knows how to make it

 Sarah yeah we need to get Heather to show me

Adel is jamming food    :lol:

Sarah is not sure she will use her slop pass

 Kenny in very  loud tonight :lala:

 Adel is making a nutella and ice cream pannini

JOn and Arlie up in HOH Arlie I cant believe mumsy is going to give up her slop pass

 Jon i think she's doing it because of kenny

 Alrie we just have to keep telling her F3

Arlie we ahve the sides stacked for us

 Jon yeah we're good for the next 3 weeks we can let adel win next week

Arlie i almost got a hard on if she picks Sabrina  to go up



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