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I'm done for the night! :waves:  :gnite:

OK Gang tons to catch up on for ya!

Jon and Neda have a great morning convo about how Sabrina is annoying and how Andrew is annoying  and that they both might be on the block

 Sabrina woke up with the runs and didn't get out of bed with all the rest of the HG's

 Andrew and Allison began then day with kissy face and Andrew playing it up to the camera's  with hopes he wont get nominated by Canada  today

 Sarah can not stand all the crap that Andrew talks about. She is tired of him always knowing everything

 Kenny agreed with her and said he talks so much he gets winded.

 Kenny and Sarah think that Andrew and Sabrina will be nominated by Canada because they can see all that Sabrina does.

 Sarah is worried about Allison as well.

  Sabrina went to the bathroom moaning about having the poops and Allison brought her  hot water with lemon by the request of Sabrina then Sabrina asked if she was missing anything

 Adel was cooking steaks and went to sick Sabrina to ask her if she wanted any :snicker:

Sarah finally checked in on Sabrina and Sabrina was good enough to talk game .

Sabrina doesn't think she will go up she thinks it will be Andrew/Allison cuz Canada doesnt like showmances :groan:

 Arlie  in  the bedroom and gives his view points on who would be nominated if one comes down

 Sabrina says that Rachelle goes to work out in the night time when no one is awake Arlie didn't know this

 Sabrina knows that Andrew is making sushi so she gets up and wants to eat some. She does not wash up at all and eats the sushi!    fake sick just to stay in bed late

this recap was done for you readers and fans of RFF. The server was being upgraded this morning :tup:

Pics  to support the above recap

Arlie gets Sarah in the pantry and says  he doesnt beleive anything that Sabrina says!  BB called her out for the whole lie thing about what happened  with Ika  and I know she is lying nown to her own Alliance.

 Sarah  they might nominate her

 Arlie we can do with with out getting blood on our hands

 Arlie wants Sabrina out

 Sarah cant deal with Andrew anymore

Adel tells Heather in the bedroom that Sabrina is so evil that she cant be fake she has to be like this in real life outside the house

Adel i got a tweet form when i won buzzworthy that said "we're so proud of you and we know you see right thru Sabrina" I knew from there that she was fake

 Heather that's so awesome.. I know Sabrina is fake  and she lies  she did to me in the HOH

Sabrina east Andrew's sushi and then makes a bagel. She's faking the sickness for attention!! :ugot



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