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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/21/14 -Thursday 3/27/14

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HG's are up for the day

 Allisona nd Ika talking

 Sabrina in the bedroom as well

 Ika i thought we'd have more dealings with the casting people like Robyn and Chris

BB HG's you are not allowed to talk about production :lol3:

Andrew cooking breakfasts

Kenny already eating

 Jon and Arlie at the kitchen counter

Arlie it was hot in the have not room

Arlie: Ika screamed so loud in the dr that it woke up Jon who ran downstairs saying who is fighting lmao!  :funny: :funny:

Sarah im prepping for the water works  thats why im not putting on any make up

Ika  you have a good morning face it's not ugly when you wake up :groan:

Allison do you have an idea of what rachelle is going to do

 Ika yeah

 Allison im sad

 Allison me?

 Ika i was  up really  late and i was telling them it's not smart.. and there was a girls thing that you know

 Rachelle in pause in  game convo

 Adel in the bedroom

Ika you look like a pedophile with that hair cut

 Adel it's just for today


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