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Friday 3/21/14

Paul Evicted 6-4

Rachelle won HOH Hang in There

Rachelle chose Arlie Heather and Sabrina as Have Nots

Jon can't stop touching himself

Arlie out back with Ika

Ika why are they coming after me when i didnt put any of you guys up

 Arlie i dont know there is a clear divide.. and  i just do what im told. you think im telling Andrew what to do

 Ika i would not turn my back on those girls especially Sarah and if she didnt want to do it she should ahve told Neda and Rachelle so they arent out there and now targets

Ika if Sarah told me before hand that andrew and kenny were coming for me i could have  use the POV and she knew it all along.. but she is saying that she tried to change my mind  but i wouldnt budge..

 Ika she said that she does everythign for everybody in real life.. this game is not real life you cant let people hang out to dry  and im so upset.. i didnt wnat taht to happen to the girls

Arlie i dont know what is going on.. well i do but

 Ika i told heather that it wasnt the other girls that did it to be mad at me,  i would never throw those girls under th bus. i would never  do that she's evil.

 Ika is :crybabe:

 Ika she acted like she was with us all along.. and the only way i could tell you were safe 100% cuz i  knew and  yor name didnt come up

 Adel out to get his plate asks ika if she is ok

 Ika yeah

 Arlie it's weird to hear you say that sarah is with ..  i ahvent had a stratigic talk at all with her

 Ika it sucks.. we are not weak..  im a strong competitor.. and rachelle is a beast.. and there is no way i would get with the girls that are weak

 Ika and if she would ahve toughed it out paul would ahve been her and we would have another week in the game

Ika i feel that andrew hijacked my HOH cuz he got what  he wanted.

 Ika sarah knew that they were coming after  me and she didtn tell me i would ahve used that POV. i would rather leave than to hang people out to dry adn paul staying it would ahve been benificial to  alot of people in the house.. but someoen that had information and they withheld it and  how stupid do i look

 Adel its a whole  new week

 Ika im not going to pressure rachelle she's not strong enough to make that decision

 Ika I dont want her here not because of her baby voice but she is a coaster and she's useless

I'm done for  the night! :waves: :gnite:

Ik at the :HT with Adel and Arlie

 Ika was balling  and heather came out to say hi

 Ika Can you leave i dont want you here we're talking

 Heather turns around and leaves but not without flipping Ika off! :lol3:


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