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This season went downhill ever since Rush Week and I'm so uninterested now I'll see if I want to take the effort to post the videos.

MK was awkward. Majesty was surprisingly off pitch and bad. Malaya was screechy and the judges gave her a standing ovation. Caleb was mediocre at best and the people adored him. Haven't heard the rest but if these were the songs that were sang if I went to a "Movie Night", I'll throw the popcorn at the performers.

What? Sam, Majesty and Ben in the Bottom 3?


Jena was by far the best of the night! :hoot:

To be honest, I love 'Let It Go' so much, but Majesty was just simply bad much to my surprise as she was one of the frontrunners early in the competition.

It wasn't her vocals. It was the arrangement. :funny:

Just one question. All the girls have been in the bottom 3 except Jessica. Can anyone tell me where did all her fans come from??? :oh :stare ???


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