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Thursday 3/13/14

Anick evicted 11-0

Scott Allison and Nate are Secret HG's

They will reside in the War Room for 1 week and get to watch the other HG's via spy screen with no audio

Only one of the Secret HG's will get voted into the house by Canada

Zero days left to vote

Andrew won HOH Fresh from the Farm

Have Nots  Heather, Rachelle, Sarah, Neda

Have Nots Special Food is Potatoes

Paul and Neda have been nominated and are on the block

Kenny won POV Divergent

Kenny used POV on Neda

Andrew nominated Kyle as the replacement

Kyle and Paul are on the Block and up for Eviction

TBD Evicted


TBD was voted into the the House by Canada

Sabrina telling everything that went on today to Andrew and Kenny

 The boys are playing her hard core

Ika and Rachelle are comparing notes in the pantry

I'm done for the night! :waves:


Arlie up in HOH  it's good that he  thinks he has something with us ...JON

 Kenny Im good with him thinking that..

 Arlie we'll come up with signs and hand signals

Arlie I think that Jon has Neda in his back pocket and im good with Jon winning

Kenny Neda is the wild card im not sure about  heather and ika are trying to  strategize and Sarah and Sabs we're good with

 Andrew how do you think this house diet has affected the girls especially the ones that we thought was  of the highest caliber  and that likes to eat  candy..

 kenny I haven't noticed anything

 Andrew I have this house is going to destroy some of them

In other words Andrew is saying he's noticing that the girls are getting fat (:;)

Adel Kyle and Paul in the bedroom talking about religion and converting to muslim

feeds flip to Heather and Ika  in the bathroom

heather I cant stand him like i would never associate myself with someone who treats people like that  not sure who he is


Neda in the bathroom cant  hear her cuz she doesnt have her mic up or her hair is covering it


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