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It looks like we might have a new international TAR.

This is a news article from Ecuador's Ministry of Tourism page: dated December 18th, 2013.

--- Quote ---Minister of Tourism, Vinicio Alvarado through his twitter account @vinizeta informed about the meetings with the production team of Disney Miami so Ecuador would be the next stage of the known race "The Amazing Race".

Vinicio Alvarado @vinizeta
With production team of Disney Miami tweaking details for #TheAmazingRaceEcuador.

The Amazing Race is a reality show in which teams of two to four participants, depending of the format stablish by the production, travel unknown routes by the racers, overcoming obstacles and perform task, every member of the team must reach the stablished goals in the competition.

The Amazing Race, is one of the adventure reality shows most viewed at international level. In 2007 register a total of 11 millions viewers. Whereby this show will be an oportunity to show the world unparalleled tourist attractions of Ecuador

Vinicio Alvarado @vinizeta
#TheAmazingRaceEcuador would be transmited at world level Oportunity to promote #EcuadorPotenciaTuristica

The Ministry of Tourism performs various strategies and plans to promote our country as the best touristic destiny in Southamerica. In Ecuador we "Have Everything".
--- End quote ---

Also according to a youtube user, fan of the show, there is a TV Spot of new shows on "TC mi canal!", and "The Amazing Race Ecuador 2014" is featured on it, but I haven't been able to find an official with better quality... Alenaveda I sent you the link to it if you want to post it.

According to wikipedia:
TC mi canal! or TC Television is a public television network in Ecuador.

Their website seems to be broken so I don't really know much about it, and as far as I know, the applications process hasn't started yet.

--- Quote from: Original News Article ---

--- End quote ---

PS: This is NOT an official or professional translation.

Ok, this the vid announcing the race in Equador:

So is it  Ecuador-only? Odd, if i had to guess which latin-american country would get a TAR franchise i would had never guessed Ecuador..


There is also one more which is a commercial of the final leg (so I guess it contains spoilers)

Thanks for the effort! But all the material is from TARLA 3, what means that is probably a rerun of that season. You can also see Harris Whitbeck, who hosted the first three seasons, at the beginning of one of them :) .


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