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MK, Emily and Jena (all female again? lol)

Emily... those song choices killed you. You're always singing songs which are not even mainstream. I can say your exit song is 100 times better than your song choices for the past 3 weeks.

I am shocked Jessica is not even in the BOTTOM 3. She has got those votes omg. :lala

I'm gonna make a bold prediction that because this season is just so mediocre. Unless MK picks up her game plan, Majesty will be the last girl standing with some of the other guys.

The other guys are so alike I don't even know how America's going to vote to differentiate them.

This is one of the worst seasons of AI in a long long time, thanks to the judges choices at the Top 30. I don't know what they were thinking to let some really good singers go during Rush Week and before Rush Week.


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