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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 24, Episode 1, "Back in the saddle"
Film date: 16-18/11 2013

The episode starts with the UCLA marching band performing the TAR theme on the Cougar stadium. The teams, all consisting of former racers,  come running down from the stands and they are:

* Jet & Cord, brothers from Oklahoma (S16 & S18)
* Caroline & Jennifer, country singers from Nashville Tennessee (S22)
* Natalie & Nadiya, Twinnies born in New York and raised in Sri Lanka (S21)
* Brendon & Rachel, recently married from Los Angeles, California (S20)
* Jessica & John, recently engaged from Huntingdon beach, California (S22)
* Flight Time & Big Easy, teammates on the Harlem Globetrotters (S15 & S18)
* Dave & Connor, father & son from Salt Lake City, Utah (S22)
* Joey & Meghan, Youtube sensations from Los Angeles, California (S22)
* Leo & Jamal, cousins from southern California (S23)
* Margie & Luke, Mother & son from Colorado (S14 & S18)
* Bopper & Mark, Lifelong friends from Clay country Kentucky (S20)
As teams line up in front of Phil he has an important announcement. It turns out that Bopper had to see the race doctor last night and was diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas and not healthy enough to race around the world.
 "This is definitely devastating for me and my family", Bopper
 "Devastating is an understanding, I love this guy", Mark

Mark will still race but will receive a new partner, with Boppers blessing. The new partner turns out to be Mallory, also representing Kentucky.

There are some hearth wrenching moments on the starting line as this news sinks in with the other racers. Many hugs are exchanged and there are tears as they say goodbye to Bopper.

Phil now tells teams they are going to Guangzhou, China. And the winners of this first leg wins two express passes. One of which must be handed over to another team before the end of the fifth leg.

There is a starting line task as well. Some of the band members have Chinese characters on their hats, and some of them represent Guangzhou. teams can look at the conductors for a sample of what the signs should look like. Once they find a band member with such a symbol on thri hat they must bring the band member to Phil. The first teams which do so will end up on the first flight. One catch is that the band starts to play and perform a figurative routine as soon as Phil yells Go!

Teams find the signs in the following order:
 1. Leo & Jamal
 2. Jet & Cord
 3. Dave & Connor
 4. Natalie & Nadiya
 5. Jessica & John
 6. Caroline & Jennifer
The rest are not shown.

Once teams arrive in Guangzhou they must make their way to a district of wedding shops and find one of three specific shops to receive their next clue.

The additional information teams got was:

--- Quote ---Additional Information

Regarding Wedding Dress Shops:

The wedding shops are located at the following addresses:

Shop #1: Rich Forest & Beauty Fine Wedding Dress Shop (CHINESE)
  * Located at CHINESE (MengShengHeng Street)1 (#1)

Shop #2: Silver Gorgeous Wedding Dress Shop (CHINESE)
  * Located at CHINESE (MengShengHengHou Street)4-1 (#4-1)

Shop #3: The Precious One Wedding Dress Shop (CHINESE)
  * Located at CHINESE (NanHua East Road) CHINESE (Chao'AnLi)7 (#7)

This challenge only, once you find the wedding dress district, a local person may a...
or lead you to one of these addresses.

Regarding Travel to Guangzhou:

You must fly from Los Angeles to Guangzhou on one of the two following flights:

 * First flights (Teams with Cathay Pacific ticket jacket)
     o Cathay Pacific Flight CX883, departing 10:20pm November 16th,
       connecting to Dragonair Flight KA 782, departing Hong Kong at 8:00am
       November 18th.

 * Second Flight (Teams with EVA airline ticket jacket)
     o EVA Airlines Flight BR 15 departing 10:45pm November 16th, connecting

--- End quote ---

Teams must drive themselves to LAX
 "These are the teams I was a fan of and I'm super star struck right now", Rachel

The first flight is:

 CX883  LAX-HKG 22:35 - 06:26+2 (scheduled 22:20 - 06:00+2)
 KA782  HKG-CAN 08:06 - 08:57   (Scheduled 08:00 - 08:55)

And carries:
 Leo & Jamal
 Jet & Cord
 Dave & Connor
 Natalie & Nadiya

The second flight is:

 BR15   LAX-TPE 22:37 - 04:59+2 (scheduled 22:45 - 05:30+2)
 BR707  TPE-CAN 08:15 - 10:19   (scheduled 08:10 - 10:15)

And it carries:
 Caroline & Jennifer
 Brendon & Rachel
 Jessica & John
 Flight Time & Big Easy
 Joey & Meghan
 Margie & Luke
 Mark & Mallory

Once teams land they must make their way via taxi or metro to the street of wedding dresses and find one of the three shops. Each shop has a limited number of clues.

Teams make their way there like this:
 Dave & Connor, taxi
 Leo & Jamal, taxi
 Natalie & Nadiya, taxi
 Jet & Cord, metro
And an hour later
 Brendon & Rachel, metro
 Flight Time & Big Easy, metro
 Mark & Mallory, metro
 Margie & Luke, metro
 Caroline & Jennifer, metro, next train
 Jessica & John, metro, next train
 Joey & Meghan, metro, next train

The metro seems to be a bit faster but not very much. Once teams arrive they realize what an enormous amount of wedding dress shops there are in the area. And the ones they need to find are small shops located in the alleys. It helps a lot if you find a helpful guide.

 "There are four of us and we're on the early flight. How hard can this be", Nadiya
 "We're in the wrong street guys", Natalie & Nadiya convince Leo & Jamal that the shop they are looking at is wrong (it isn't)

Eventually teams from the second flight catch up with Leo & Jamal and Natalie & Nadiya. Which comes as a shock to them. Since a big group has less intelligence than its parts they all enter one store, which is not one of the correct ones, and start searching all the white wedding dresses.

Teams find their next clue in the following order:
  1. Jet & Cord
  2. Dave & Connor
  3. Brendon & Rachel
  4. Margie & Luke
  5. Mark & Mallory
  6. Flight Time & Big Easy
  7. Leo & Jamal
  8. Jessica & John
  9. Joey & Meghan
 10. Natalie & Nadiya
 11. Caroline & Jennifer, seconds after #10

Route info: "Travel by metro to find the building in Guangzhou with bubbles on top". Teams are also given a small plastic bubble.

With some local help teams quickly figure out they need to go to Canton Tower. They arrive here in the following order:
  1(+0) Jet & Cord
  2(+2) Margie & Luke
  3(+0) Brendon & Rachel
  4(-2) Dave & Connor
  5(+0) Mark & Mallory
  6(+1) Leo & Jamal
  7(-1) Flight Time & Big Easy
  8(+0) Jessica & John
  9(+0) Joey & Meghan
 10(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
 11(-1) Natalie & Nadiya, just after #10

On top of the tower is a ferris wheel. Teams must enter one of the bubbles. Then wait for the door to close. They will then see a clue on the inside of the door. This may either be a real clue or just read "try again". In either case they must complete the lap (~20 minutes) before they can leave or pick another bubble.

 "Holy cow, they were on the second flight", Jet when Margie & Luke arrive

Some teams keep such a sharp look out the windows for yellow and red markers so they almost miss the clue on the door.

Natalie & Nadiya have a big meltdown in their capsule when they find a 'try again' clue. 'nuff said.

Most teams are smart and keep tabs on the other teams to see which bubbles contain real clues and which do not. They quickly realize that all the even numbered bubbles have real clues and the odd-numbered ones do not.

Teams find correct clues in the following order:
  1(+0) Jet & Cord, on their second try
  2(+1) Brendon & Rachel, on their first try
  3(+3) Leo & Jamal, on their first try
  4(-2) Margie & Luke, on their second try
  5(-1) Dave & Connor, on their second try
  6(-1) Mark & Mallory, on their second try
  7(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy, on their first try
  8(+0) Jessica & John, on their first try
  9(+1) Caroline & Jennifer, on their first try
 10(-1) Joey & Meghan, on their second try
 11(+0) Natalie & Nadiya, on their second try

The clue reads:

--- Quote ---Search for your next clue
at the stadium on
the river below you.

--- End quote ---

Teams must now make their way to Haixinsha stadium just across the river and look for their next clue. Nobody seem to have problem with this.

Here they find a roadblock clue: "Who's feeling wired?".

In this roadblock contestants will be strapped into wires and must perform five flips as they are hoisted up to the top of a tower at 300 feet.

As these teams are all seasoned racers they have been in high places before so nobody have any problems with this.

 "Not for me man, I ride bulls", Cord did not enjoy this experience
 "Oh yeah, the world's biggest wedgie", Brendon as he is hoisted into the air
 "Mom doesn't like heights. She likes to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground", Luke
 "Flight looks like a sexy piece of spinning meat", Caroline to Big Easy

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Jet & Cord*            (0-1) 2(+0)Brendon* & Rachel      (1-0) 3(+0)Dave & Connor*         (0-1) 4(+0)Margie* & Luke         (1-0) 5(+0)Leo* & Jamal           (1-0) 6(+0)Mark & Mallory*        (0-1) 7(+0)Flight Time* & Big Easy(1-0) 8(+0)Jessica & John*        (0-1) 9(+0)Caroline & Jennifer*   (0-1)10(+0)Joey* & Meghan         (1-0)11(+0)Natalie* & Nadiya      (1-0)
Route info: "Make your way on foot to the first pit stop". Teams must now make their way on foot to the Guangzhou opera house. The opera house lies just behind the stadium and is hard to miss.

Teams reach the pit stop in the following order:
  1(+0) Jet & Cord, at 13:00, win two express passes
  2(+0) Brendon & Rachel
  3(+0) Dave & Connor
  4(+0) Margie & Luke
  5(+0) Leo & Jamal
  6(+0) Mark & Mallory
  7(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
  8(+0) Jessica & John
  9(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 10(+0) Joey & Meghan
 11(+0) Natalie & Nadiya, at 14:30, are eliminated

 "The worst day to have a bad day", Nadiya

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 24, Episode 2, "Baby bear soup"
Film date: 19/11-2013

The last pit stop was at the opera house in Guangzhou, and this is also where teams are released the next morning in the following order:

1.Jet & Cord            08:16 2.Brendon & Rachel      08:23(+0:07) 3.Margie & Luke         08:39(+0:23) 4.Dave & Connor         08:46(+0:30) 5.Leo & Jamal           08:53(+0:37) 6.Mark & Mallory        08:56(+0:40) 7.Flight Time & Big Easy08:57(+0:41) 8.Joey & Meghan         09:09(+0:53) 9.Jessica & John        09:13(+0:57)10.Caroline & Jennifer   09:19(+1:03)
Note that teams do not start in the same order as they finished. This probably means that some teams got time credits for production issues.

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
Chen Clan Academy
陈家祠 and stand still in
front of "The Master" to
receive your next clue.

You have $30 for this leg
of the race.

--- End quote ---

 "We're really glad to have the express pass for us. But the other one has really just been a kind of a headache", Jet

Jet & Cord get told by locals that it is really far to the Chen Clan Academy, but since they don't understand Chinese they miss that part and take off running.
 "15 minute jog, that's not bad", Jet & Cord misunderstood the local, who tried to convey 50 minutes

 "We though New York was bad, but this is insane", Rachel find the metro crowded
 "I'm not boy-crazy anymore, but we're gonna flirt", Caroline on their strategy

At the Chen Clan academy (11km) one team at a time have to stand in front of a bunch of adepts practicing Tai Chi. At the end of the ceremony the master will approach and stamp their next destination to their foreheads. Teams arrive and complete this task the following order:
  1(+1) Brendon & Rachel, metro
  2(+2) Dave & Connor, metro
  3(+0) Margie & Luke, taxi
  4(+1) Leo & Jamal, metro
  5(+1) Mark & Mallory, metro
  6(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy
  7(+1) Joey & Meghan
  8(+1) Jessica & John
  9(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
 10(-9) Jet & Cord, jogging & taxi, arrive just as #9 leave

Teams get their next destination stamped to their foreheads, in Chinese. They also get additional instructions. These among other things say "Watch out, there will be many children present. Be careful to not run into anybody".

All teams jump into taxis and show their forehead to the driver. They are then driven to 5th apron(8.5km) shopping mall. Here teams know they need to find the edaytown play park, where the next clue box can be found just inside the entrance. Teams arrive here in the following order:
  1(+1) Dave & Connor
  2(+1) Margie & Luke
  3(+1) Leo & Jamal
  4(-3) Brendon & Rachel
  5(+0) Mark & Mallory
  6(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
  7(+0) Joey & Meghan
  8(+0) Jessica & John
  9(+1) Jet & Cord
 10(-1) Caroline & Jennifer, arrive as the first team is leaving

Road block: "Who's the mechanic?"
In this road block contestants must assemble a big kiddy car. They each get a large box with all the parts and an instruction booklet, in Chinese. There are also lots of kids around which can be a little distracting.

 "I have five kids, seven grandchildren. I've put plenty of things together in my life and I thought I've got this down", Dave
 "I always wanted one of these for christmas, except it was pink and had Barbie on it", Meghan as she opens the box
 "The biggest distraction were the kids", Margie
 "You're sweating a lot", Cute little girl to Flight Time (in Chinese)

 "You wanna use the express pass?", Cord to Jet when they arrive next to last
 "I'm not gonna need it", But Jet has faith in his abilities

 "Just like baby bear's soup. baby", Mark gets the title
 "I hate putting stuff together", Caroline

Caroline, who arrived last, looks frazzled and is struggling mightily with assembling the toy car. Jennifer does her best to charm the second express pass away from Cord. When Jet completes the challenge Cord confers with him and they decide to hand over the second express pass.

This seems to be a win-win situation. Jet & Cord get rid of the second express pass to a team they think they can beat and they also know it will be used right away. And Caroline & Jennifer escape almost certain elimination.

The last two teams at the road block are Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John. Meghan is the first one of them to finish her car, but instead of rushing out she stops to help John. This can be explained by the fact that they are good friends and were in an alliance in their last race. But strategically it is a bad move.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+4)Mark* & Mallory        (1-1) 2(+0)Margie* & Luke         (2-0) 3(-2)Dave* & Connor         (1-1) 4(-1)Leo & Jamal*           (1-1) 5(-1)Brendon* & Rachel      (2-0) 6(+3)Jet* & Cord            (1-1) 7(+3)Caroline* & Jennifer   (1-1)Used an express pass 8(-2)Flight* Time & Big Easy(2-0) 9(-2)Joey & Meghan*         (1-1)10(-2)Jessica & John*        (0-2)
Route info: "Take a taxi to deliver your car, fully assembled, to the students at Guangzhou children's cultural center".

The additional information reads:

--- Quote ---        Additional Information

* Take a packing kit for transporting your toy car

* The Guangzhou Cultural Center is located at
  [Chinese characters]

* If you fail to deliver your fully assembled car, you may... [receive a penalty?]
  based on the condition of your car.

--- End quote ---

As they exit the area Mark carry the car and Mallory the backpacks. Outside they have to change taxis and in the general confusion they forget Mark's backpack. They realize this after a while but decide to continue on to their destination. The fact that their driver didn't speak English probably made this decision easier to make.

Once they have delivered the toy car and received the detour clue they have an argument about whether to go back for the pack or not. Mallory has their passports and Mark's medicine in her fanny pack so they can go on. But Mark feels that he must go back for the back. One of the reasons is that he has borrowed it (from a winning former racer). Mark doesn't budge so they go back.
 "I guess it just shows that some things matter more to some people", Mallory

Meanwhile the other racers arrive.
 "It's like coming out of a birth canal", Big easy as he extracts himself from the taxi

Teams deliver their toy cars (7km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Mark & Mallory
  2(+0) Margie & Luke
  3(+0) Dave & Connor
  4(+1) Brendon & Rachel
  5(+2) Caroline & Jennifer
  6(+0) Jet & Cord
  7(-3) Leo & Jamal
  8(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
  9(+0) Joey & Meghan
 10(+0) Jessica & John

Detour: "Feather ball ball or China cup"

In feather ball teams must join two locals and make ten continuous passes of a shuttlecock.

In China cup teams will receive a traditional Chinese therapy used to stimulate blood flow and remove toxins.

The china cup side looks painful from the footage shown, but we never get to know since all teams choose feather ball.

At this point Mark & Mallory are in trouble. They don't work well as a teams and they argue a lot as they search for the place where the feather ball challenge takes place. Mallory is all energy and wants to run everywhere while Mark takes it more slowly.
 "My opinion matter nothing to her', Mark feels ignored by his partner
 "People from Kentucky don't act this way", Mark delivers the coup de grace to Mallory

Teams arrive at the feather ball challenge in Liwanhu park (7km) in the following order:
  1(+1) Margie & Luke
  2(+1) Dave & Connor
  3(+1) Brendon & Rachel
  4(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
  5(+2) Leo & Jamal
  6(+0) Jet & Cord
  7(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy
  8(-7) Mark & Mallory
  9(+0) Joey & Meghan, after the first 7 teams have left
 10(+0) Jessica & John

The feather ball task is quite hard and teams struggle. Tension runs high as the last three teams battle it out. Nobody seems to struggle as much as Mark & Mallory who have a really hard time. It seems to be at least partly exacerbated by their frustration over earlier communication issues.

Teams manage to complete 10 passes in the following order:
  1(+1) Dave & Connor
  2(+2) Caroline & Jennifer
  3(-2) Margie & Luke
  4(+2) Jet & Cord
  5(+2) Brendon & Rachel
  6(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy
  7(-2) Leo & Jamal
  8(+1) Joey & Meghan
  9(+1) Jessica & John
 10(-2) Mark & Mallory

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
Shamian Promenade
[Chinese characters] and search for your
next Pit Stop.

Warning: The last team
to check in may be

--- End quote ---

Teams travel by taxi to Shamian island (4km).

There is a footrace for first place and then a logjam on the mat as the first seven teams arrive very close to each other.
 "Brendon it's okay, we're not running for last", Rachel as Brendon starts running after Margie & Luke
 "I know, but what if it's first?", But Brendon has a reason to run

Teams arrive at the pit stop in the following order:
  1(+4) Brendon & Rachel, win $2500 each
  2(+1) Margie & Luke
  3(-1) Caroline & Jennifer
  4(-3) Dave & Connor
  5(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy
  6(-2) Jet & Cord
  7(+0) Leo & Jamal, very close to #1
  8(+1) Jessica & John
  9(-1) Joey & Meghan, after having lost a footrace against #8
 10(+0) Mark & Mallory, about 10 minutes later, are eliminated

A fine gesture is that Phil signs the placements to all teams as long as Luke stands on the mat.

 "Assembling a car is a guys thing", Caroline has old-fashioned views
 "Dave & Connor, you are team number five", Phil is off in his counting (they are #4)

Joey & Meghan loose a footrace against Jessica & John. They loose the race but fortunately for them Mark & Mallory are still out on the course. But this causes Meghan to realize that perhaps she shouldn't have helped John earlier in the gave.
 "This was a really interesting lesson to have to learn", Meghan

All teams stand behind Phil when Mark & Mallory arrive about 10 minutes after #9. Mark & Mallory are not happy to be eliminated
 "Thank you sir, I appreciated the opportunity", Mark makes a very classy exit

Mark & Mallory get an applause from the other teams as they leave the mat.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 24, Episode 3, "Welcome to the jungle"
Film date: 20-21/11-2013

The last pit stop was at Shimian park in Guangzhou. This is also where teams are released the next day in the following order:
1.Brendon & Rachel      18:222.Margie & Luke         18:23(+0:01)3.Caroline & Jennifer   18:24(+0:02)4.Dave & Connor         18:26(+0:04)5.Flight Time & Big Easy18:27(+0:05)6.Jet & Cord            18:28(+0:06)7.Leo & Jamal           18:36(+0:14)8.Jessica & John        18:49(+0:27)9.Joey & Meghan         18:50(+0:28)
Route info: "Fly to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo". Once they land teams must make their way to Kionsom waterfall. The clue also points out that teams must travel on one of two flights, and that only the first flight has room for six teams. The second flight lands 3 hours behind the first.

The first teams all realize that the first 7 teams will start very close, but there are only six spots on the first flight. Time to hustle and get to the airport as fast as possible.

 "It's really a relief to be on leg 3 and be on two legs", Dave remembers his torn achilles tendon from his last season

Teams arrive at the check in counter at the airport in the following order:
 1(+3) Dave & Connor
 2(+0) Margie & Luke
 3(+3) Jet & Cord
 4(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy
 5(-2) Caroline & Jennifer
 6(+1) Leo & Jamal
 7(-6) Brendon & Rachel, very close behind #6
 ?(+?) Jessica & John
 ?(+?) Joey & Meghan

The last three teams have a bonding moment as they wait for their flight. They all want to work together to catch up with the first six teams.

The first flight was probably
   AK1531 CAN-BKI 02:44 - 06:02 (scheduled 02:55 - 06:05)
This carries:
 Dave & Connor
 Margie & Luke
 Jet & Cord
 Flight Time & Big Easy
 Caroline & Jennifer
 Leo & Jamal

The second flight was probably
   AK1017 CAN-KUL 21:08 - 01:18+1 (scheduled 21:05 - 01:15+1)
   AK5110 KUL-BKI 06:45 - 09:35   (scheduled 06:45 - 09:20)
This carries:
 Brendon & Rachel
 Jessica & John
 Joey & Meghan

As they arrive in Kota Kinabalu there is the usual mad dash for the taxis. Teams jump into their taxis and head for the waterfall.

 "He's good, full tank of gas", Rachel checks their taxi

Teams arrive at the clue box by the waterfall (22km 0:32) in the following order:
 1. Dave & Connor
 2. Leo & Jamal
 3. Jet & Cord
 4. Margie & Luke
 5. Flight Time & Big Easy
 6. Caroline & Jennifer
 7. Jessica & John
 8. Brendon & Rachel
 9. Joey & Meghan, about 10 minutes after #8 due to taxi breakdowns

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who will fall for this one?

--- End quote ---

In this road block teams must pick up a sponsor gnome, which they have to bring with them to the pit stop, and rappel down the waterfall. Along the way they must find and pick up their next clue.

The task is pretty straightforward and only one person can do it at a time. The only one managing to loose a placement is Cord who doesn't see the clue when the rappels down so he has to redo the task.

 "I realize I don't have a clue", Cord about when he hit the pool at the bottom
 "Don't have a clue or the clue?", Jet

 "I didn't want to get my green sequins wet so I did the roadblock in my underwear", Rachel
 "I'll massage your butt tonight", Brendon shouts encouragement as Rachel slips over some rocks

Big Easy wants to do this task but is told that he is too big so Flight time have to do it instead.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Dave* & Connor         (2-1)2(+0)Leo & Jamal*           (1-2)3(+1)Margie & Luke*         (2-1)4(-1)Jet & Cord*            (1-2)5(+0)Flight Time* & Big Easy(3-0)6(+0)Caroline & Jennifer*   (1-2)7(+0)Jessica* & John        (1-2)8(+0)Brendon & Rachel*      (2-1)9(+0)Joey* & Meghan         (2-1)

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to
Kampung Tompinahaton
and follow the marked
path to the river.

Note: You should hold
your taxi when you arrive
at the next location.

--- End quote ---

Joey & Meghan were not satisfied with their taxi so they paid him off as they reached the road block. Only too late do they realize that there are no other taxis to be found here. They end up having to walk to the main road where they finally find somebody who can call a taxi for them. But they are way behind the other teams.
 "Dammity damn damn", Joey

Teams arrive at the river (45km 0:56) and find the next clue in the following
 1(+0) Dave & Connor
 2(+0) Leo & Jamal
 3(+0) Margie & Luke
 4(+0) Jet & Cord
 5(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
 6(-1) Flight Time & Big Easy
 7(+0) Jessica & John
 8(+0) Brendon & Rachel
 9(+0) Joey & Meghan

Detour: River delivery or Run through the jungle

In river deliver teams must build a raft of bamboo. Then load a crate with supplies and transport themselves and the crate downriver, on their raft, to Kampung Tombung where they must deliver the crate to the village chief.

In run through the jungle teams must build a raft of bamboo. Then travel this downstream to a place where a number of locals await on the beach. They must then follow a guide on a hunting safari where, each member must hit a fake bird with a dart from a blowpipe.

In both cases, once they have completed their detour, they will receive a piece of wood which simply says 'Continue downriver' After they have passed a set of rapids they will encounter a local river guide who will give them their next clue.

Both detours starts with teams building a bamboo raft.  Some of the rafts look sturdier than others. There are some locals playing music and dancing next to the building site.

 "This is fun, we're like Huck Finn and Oliver Twist", Caroline & Jennifer have dubious literary knowledge
 "It doesn't look like their raft is gonna hold up", Rachel whispers to the camera as Jessica & John puts finishing touches on their raft in the water
 "Carrying ours down to the water, ours fell apart", Margie describes their no so sturdy raft

For safety everybody is equipped with a life jacket and a helmet. The gnome also gets a small life jacket.

 "The experience of being there was incredible", Dave enjoyed the river tour

Margie & Luke have a hard time communicating on the raft since they can't see each other. So their trip downstream is decidedly bumpy.

Dave & Connor reach the sign for the village where they are supposed to drop off their supplies. But they remember that their clue said they had to go under 6 bridges so they keep going. They did not bring up their clue to check.

Not long after Leo & Jamal arrive. They check their clue and stop and do the delivery. As they return to the river Jet & Cord arrive. The cowboys are unsure if this is the right place so they ask Leo & Jamal. Had this been last season Leo & Jamal would have lied, but this time they tell the truth.
 "We don't want to be double U-turned again", Leo

Eventually Dave & Connor reach the jungle run detour. They realize their mistake but continue downriver a bit more, probably to the final clue giver. When they stop they their way back to the village on foot over land.

Some contestants have an easier time with the blowpipe than others. Jessica seems to hit the target on her first try and then she has a more and more resigned look on her face for each time John misses.

According to the editing the second flight lands when the first teams are about to finish the detour.

Some teams have lots of problems in the rapids. They run into things and their rafts start to disintegrate. A lot of this seems to depend on how well teams steer their rafts since some teams seem to have no problem at all.
 "This is smooth sailing. This ain't whitewater rafting, this is lazywater rafting", Jamal is soon about to change his mind
 "My finger almost got cut off", Jennifer as they try to get their raft free in the rapids
 "We actually used my shirt to tie the back", Margie & Luke had to do some impromptu repairs of their raft
 "I want to know how the country singers did this", Rachel doubts the other teams
 "I just don't want to die", Rachel in the rapids

The delivery detour seems to be easy if you stop at the right spot on the river. The jungle run is a bit harder. But eventually all teams hit their targets.
 "We saw this beautiful bad ass girl warrior", Jennifer about how they selected their guide
 "Welcome to the jungle", Big easy gets the title
 "After we got our bird we had a party with the locals", Flight time couldn't resist some dancing

Even though they missed the village and had to backtrack, Dave & Connor finish the detour first. This is very strange and it seems as if something has been left out.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) Dave & Connor, delivery
 2(+2) Jet & Cord, delivery
 3(-1) Leo & Jamal, delivery
 4(-1) Margie & Luke, delivery
 5(+1) Flight Time & Big Easy, jungle run
 6(-1) Caroline & Jennifer, jungle run
 7(+0) Jessica & John, jungle run
 8(+0) Brendon & Rachel, jungle run
 9(+0) Joey & Meghan, jungle run

Route info: "Make your way to your next pit stop, Tanjung Aru water village". Teams now jump into their taxis for the trip to the pit stop. They reach Phil at the water village (50km 0:56) in the following order:
 1(+0) Dave & Connor, win a trip to Budapest
 2(+0) Jet & Cord
 3(+0) Leo & Jamal
 4(+0) Margie & Luke
 5(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
 6(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 7(+0) Jessica & John
 8(+0) Brendon & Rachel
 9(+0) Joey & Meghan, are eliminated

 "We still had a fun time", Joey

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 24, Episode 4, "Smarter, not harder"
Film date: 22-23/11 - 2013

The last pit stop was in Tanjung Aru water village. And this is where teams are released the next morning in the following order:

1.Dave & Connor         09:062.Jet & Cord            09:08(+0:02)3.Leo & Jamal           09:14(+0:08)4.Margie & Luke         09:58(+0:52)5.Flight Time & Big Easy11:04(+1:58)6.Caroline & Jennifer   11:17(+2:11)7.Jessica & John        12:13(+3:07)8.Brendon & Rachel      12:45(+3:39)
There is a bunch of kids around at the starting line and Flight Time & Big Easy and Caroline & Jennifer are seen playing around a bit with them before the start.

Route info: "Make your way to the Prince Philip park and search for the Murut longhouse. You have $98 for this leg of the race"

 "I came out when I was nineteen", Luke finally gets to let us know that he's gay
 "Nothing changed with those words", Margie had no problem with it
 "Brendon promised that if we win I can have babies", Rachel wants a family

Teams jump into taxis for the ride to the park (2km 0:04). Here they find the next clue box in the following order:
 1(+1) Jet & Cord
 2(-1) Dave & Connor
 3(+0) Leo & Jamal
 4(+0) Margie & Luke
 5(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
 6(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 7(+0) Jessica & John
 8(+0) Brendon & Rachel

Road block: "Who's got a spring in their step?". In this road block contestants must jump on a bamboo trampoline and grab a flag hanging above them. The height of the flag is adjusted depending on the length of the player jumping. They get three jumps each before they have to go to the end of the line.

The task has to be done barefoot and is not trivial.

 "We're pretty clear that my dad doesn't have a spring in his step", Connor about his older dad

Jessica gets big ugly blisters on her feet from the bamboo. She has to get some medical attention but after that and some band aids she's on it again.

 "Hey Rache, smarter not harder", Brendon gets the title

Rachel struggle since her pantyhose are very slippery against the bamboo. After removing them things go better.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+1)Dave & Connor*         (2-2)on his first shown attempt2(+1)Leo* & Jamal           (2-2)3(-2)Jet & Cord*            (1-3)on his 47th jump4(+0)Margie & Luke*         (2-2)5(+0)Flight Time & Big Easy*(3-1)6(+0)Caroline* & Jennifer   (2-2)7(+0)Jessica* & John        (2-2)After more than 15 tries8(+0)Brendon & Rachel*      (2-2)
Route info "Fly to Kuala Lumpur. Warning, there are only three flights available for this leg of the race and seating is limited." Teams travel by taxi to the airport (400m) where they pick up their tickets. Nobody seems to get lost :)

Flight #1 is:
  AK5117 BKI-KUL 19:13 - 21:50 (scheduled 18:35 - 21:05)
This carries:
 Dave & Connor
 Leo & Jamal
 Jet & Cord

Flight #2 is:
  AK5119 BKI-KUL 20:23 - 23:07  (scheduled 19:35 - 22:05)
This carries:
 Margie & Luke
 Flight Time & Big Easy

Flight #3 is:
  AK5121 BKI-KUL 20:26 - 23:09  (scheduled 20:15 - 22:45)
This carries:
 Caroline & Jennifer
 Jessica & John
 Brendon & Rachel

The teams on flight #3 are happy that flight #2 is delayed.

Once teams arrive they travel by train to KL Sentral and here they jump into taxis to the Petrona Twin Towers (12km 0:15). The next clue box is located by an intersection with Jala Ampang close to the towers. Teams reach this in the following order:
 1. Leo & Jamal
 2. Dave & Connor
 3. Jet & Cord
 4. Brendon & Rachel
 5. Jessica & John
 6. Caroline & Jennifer
 7. Margie & Luke
 8. Flight Time & Big Easy

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: "Mix master" or
"Master mix"

Mix master: Keep the
crowd dancing while you
play "Follow the Leader"
with a master DJ to
receive your next clue.

Master mix: Mix 7 drinks
and pour them
simultaneously into a
pyramid of glasses.
Then deliver a tray of
cocktails to receive your
next clue.

--- End quote ---

Both detours take place in the Sky bar of the nearby Traders hotel. The place is packed with people and the party is on.

In mix master both team members must successfully repeat seven scratches they hear. This is far from trivial, which the teams soon realize. There are four practice stations they may use on a first come, first served basis.

In master mix the hard part is pouring the drinks. The drinks are pre-mixed but are alternating red and yellow and the trick is to not mix the colors. This turns out to be very hard. The deliver a tray of cocktails part of the task is completely edited out.

 "I bartend for a living", Leo has confidence going into the detour
 "We're two Mormon boys from Salt Lake city, we don't spend a lot of time hanging our in bars", Dave
 "It's like a made for me detour like I can do this detour. No problem", Rachel feels sure of herself after having served cocktails in Vegas

The first three teams arrive very close to each other so the race is on. But they quickly learn that this form of drink pouring is hard. And two of them are still there when the rest of the teams walk in a little more than an hour later.

 "Between what we broke and spilled, we would owe them", Jet think they sucked as bartenders

 "This sucks, we've been here for two hours", Connor to Brendon
 "There's a lot more pressure now that everyone has showed up", Jamal

 "You know, you know, you know you're bad", The DJ sings to Flight Time & Big easy after flunking them for the third time

Luke is having a hard time dealing with the frustration from failing the drink pouring all the time
 "Oh, God. It was so hard and frustrating", Luke
Eventually he loses it and just drops a set of glasses on the floor.
 "That is not acceptable behavior. You clean that up", But his mother has issues with that kind of behavior

Towards the end only Margie & Luke and Brendon & Rachel are left. Luke suggests they all take the time penalty together. But Rachel doesn't want to.
 "We can do this, we need to race it out. I want to be here more than anything in the world", we get to see a completely new Rachel

Maybe it was the shock from, correctly, being told to calm down by the person they have previously considered to be the biggest crybaby on the race. But after having had the chat with Rachel Margie & Luke succeed on their next attempt.
 "Rachel turned it around for us", Margie gives credit

Brendon & Rachel seems to be at the bar for quite a while after Margie & Luke have left.
 "We're not quitters Brendon, we're Brenchel", Rachel refuses to quit

Eventually, after 40 attempts, Rachel calls for a prayer and then they
are on it again.
 "If we go home we go home, but at least we finish", The new Rachel refuses to give up

Teams complete this detour in the following order:
 1(+2) Jet & Cord, completed drinks on their 10th attempt
 2(+0) Dave & Connor, completed drinks on their 12th attempt
 3(-2) Leo & Jamal, start drinks but switch after 11 attempts to DJ, which they seem to get at once
 4(+2) Caroline & Jennifer, completed DJ on their first shown attempt
 5(+0) Jessica & John, completed DJ on their third shown attempt
 6(+2) Flight Time & Big Easy, completed DJ on their fourth shown attempt
 7(+0) Margie & Luke, completed drinks on their 26th attempt
 8(-4) Brendon & Rachel, completes drinks after 3 hours and 12 minutes

Route info: "Look for your next pit stop at Batu caves." Teams must now jump into taxis and head for the Batu caves (17km 0:24). They arrive here and find Phil in the following order:
 1(+0) Jet & Cord, win a trip to London
 2(+0) Dave & Connor
 3(+0) Leo & Jamal
 4(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 5(+0) Jessica & John, just after #4
 6(+0) Flight Time & Big Easy
 7(+0) Margie & Luke
 8(+0) Brendon & Rachel, are saved by a non-elimination

Phil seems cranky on the mat this time. Perhaps it is the late time? He starts by acting surprised when Caroline & Jessica arrive fourth and then he disses Flight Time's pretend scratching.

 "You know, I think I have matured since the last race", Rachel states the obvious


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