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Song list, performance coming up.

1   Dexter Roberts   "Aw Naw"   
2   Malaya Watson   "Runaway Baby"   
3   Kristen O'Connor   "Beautiful Disaster"   
4   Ben Briley   "Folsom Prison Blues"   
5   C.J. Harris   "Radio"   
6   M.K. Nobilette   "Satisfaction"   
7   Majesty Rose   "Tightrope"   
8   Jena Irene   "The Scientist"
9   Alex Preston   "A Beautiful Mess"   
10   Jessica Meuse   "The Crow & the Butterfly"   
11   Emily Piriz   "Glitter in the Air"   
12   Sam Woolf   "Unwell"   
13   Caleb Johnson   "Pressure and Time"   


"Aw Naw" baby, such a terrible song choice and at the start of the song... he was flat. He seems like he was chanting more than singing? Such a waste to a great voice!

Grade: C


Two performances so far and this show makes The Voice looks like a true great singing competition and this... a karaoke singoff.

WHY, OH WHY. I feel like running away after hearing this performance. These contestants need to know how to pick the right songs!

This is, obviously not Malaya.

Grade: C


I was gonna be skeptical about this song choice... In the end, I did think she pulled it off but it was not the greatest song choice. Why did she pick this song out of so many available Kelly Clarkson song choices? She couldn't hit 2 high notes and other than that, her tone still rings well in my ears.

Will she win? No.

Will she be eliminated tomorrow? Maybe.

Grade: B


He was on tune through out and he did sing his heart out. But I just didn't like the song choice. You can't just stand there with a guitar and sing such an upbeat song like this. :(

Did I like it? No.

Will he still be around tomorrow? Yes.

Grade: B


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